The Great Tournament Step by Step Guide by Xoro



If you keep climbing the mountain, you will fall and die. Game over. Thanks for making this!!! I could never save Nadine.


LOL i never saw that coming


Looks like your climbing success depends on luck and agility. Yes, you can die (or not)


Need lots of luck in traveling (i.e. arrive early both times) to get to firebend on time after pendle’s tournament.


You never mentioned what you put the last 2 points for your stats you just said 2-strength 2-agility and 1-leadership you’re leaving out 2 points


That’s because it was a build for Normal difficulty. They get 5 points, not 7 like the Easy difficulty.


Can someone pls explain to me how to romance nadine because there was never an option to gift her the fox or rabbit. Im playing on android


Why i can,t give a pet gift to nadine even though i already use your walktrough?


Did u kill it or catch it to make a pet?


I also get the same problem can anyone help me


I make it my pet but i can,t give it to nadine


I see, i will look into it :slight_smile:


@Arif_Faisal So, uh, you planning on doing a guide for Great Tournament 2 anytime soon?


wait what… there is the 2nd ?


Yes… the 2nd already being published since last week :slight_smile:

But regarding the Nadine Romance, currently it is perceived that there is a bug after the recent update, and the author had start look into it :slight_smile:


ahh i see. Thanks for the info. You are a great help ^-^


Uhhh quick question might be silly but given I’ve only read the game’s description why does this thread have gender choice in the tag?


Hi, I was wondering how do you save Sir Robert? I’ve tried 3 times and failed


yes i did. Did you follow the guides?


Saved him, thank you