The Great Tournament Step by Step Guide by Xoro

Guys i make a COMPLETE GUIDE on how you will beat the game by winning the Great Tournament with high light stat, unlock 13+ achievement, save Sir Robert and Nadine, romance with 4 girls ( Hanna. Ashera, Nadine and Abeline ), win at least 3 tournament and get to buy the horse, shield, armor and bow, learn Fire magic to use in the battle, and finally unlock certain secrets scenes Don’t worry you still can marry the princess at the end of the game as long as you are not engaged to anyone else. So feel free to make out with the other girls

The Great Tournament Step by Step Guide by Xoro

If you follow up just fine your stats and achievement will look like this


do you mean that we cant finally marry the princess, or that we will end married to her?

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You can only marry the princess through hand in marriage in the end of the game. The king will give like 6 options as a reward and one of them is to marry princess hanna :slight_smile:

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I know I’ve played the game before, I was just asking if your guide said that we will marry the princess or we can’t. Thanks for clearing that up though. (Another question I had was isn’t this game pretty RNG based,so how does creating a guide help with the RNG parts?)

ouh i see, yep i know it’s RNG based and i made that after i tried twice with my own guide. I already fix couple of parts which can let you achieve all of the things that i’ved mention above.If u follow it step by step that is. I also provide couple of free times in the game so that u can fill what is missing during your gameplay :slight_smile: try it out

Thanks man, also I really appreciate you posting a guide for what is one of my favorite games in a while and probably one of the most choice filled ones.


You are welcome. Tbh this is my 1st game guide that i’ve ever made. When i played it weeks ago and stuck at some point i can’t manage to find the full guide… so i decided to make one myself. Hope this guide is useful to everyone.


when it says “pick all” for who to excuse from the levy, do you mean excuse everyone or excuse no one?

ouh sorry for not making that clear, i mean excuse everybody since you need a high light stats. Thanks for let me know. i will re edit that part

No problem.
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wow great guide men thanks for that you have guide like this for others games?

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Thanks man. This is the only guide i made so far but I’ve been thinking to work on Magium. Another choice game that is on par with The great tournament. Check it out. Im sure you will love it.


hey dude did you know in what villages/citys are each item we can buy? ( like the horse,armor,shield etc etc)

Hi! Fiou i just ended following the guide (i made some deviances thoug) and… I dont know how, i made 13 beautiful children with hannah Thanks!


I havent played the full game yet but can u tell me if we can save robert? thanks.

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Yes, I think as long you choose “Go after Sir Robert”, Robert can be saved. You going to meet him again later near the end of the game, I not sure if you have to win the Great Tournament or not though for you to be able search for him. You can follow this walkthrough if you want to be sure.

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Yes you can save Sir Robirt via true ending. Just follow the guide :slight_smile:

Hey sorry i just check my notification. i think someone already post that somehwere

Hey Xoro, thanks for the guide! I’ve tried following it, but it gets stuck always at the same point.
After going to Pendle (but make sure on day 236 go to Pendle since u are likely to get delayed on long journey) I enter the competition. Usually (I have restarted quite a lot of times) I will have won some tournament by now, therefore I have the gold to buy the horse. Then you say: * then quickly move to Sutton > capital > fireband
And here lies the problem: Even with uneventful journeys all through these towns I just cant seem to reach Fireband on time to take part in the tournament (I arrive at least 1 day later).
Pendle tournament (Day 224) --> Fireband (Day 210)
Travel time Pendle --> Sutton (5 Days) --> Capital (2 Days) --> Fireband (8 Days) if I am correct.
I’d be grateful if you (or someone else could share some insight on this.

hey there sorry for not replying asap. This is just my opinion, perhaps u played on hard mode? if it’s not the case, just follow the guide till the end. Its okay to skip one of the tournament since u will have enough money to buy all the equipment at the end of the game before entering the final battle. Hope this will help you :slight_smile:

  • if u arrive early, kill time by explore the ancient ruins, u will get 500g easily ( not available if u got it earlier )

  • participate in the tournament, try to figure, grab all except 4th sacks. You will earn 1000 gold

  • head for pendle > Sutton > capital

  • you can then go to redwood to make buildings or open area trade/ keep the gold/ your 3rd chances to buy the bow or other equipment.

  • on the 20th day u can start to register in the King’s tournament in the capital (its ok if you are a bit late)