The Great Tournament Sequel

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I posted an update on the progress of The Great Tournament sequel, so I want to post some quick words regarding it. The story and game is about 90% done. I am not sure if I am going to release a beta test in its current state, but if I do, it will more than likely be a closed beta test. If you are at all interested feel free to post with comments on how you completed the previous game (with spoiler tags please). I have mostly been doing most of the testing by myself. Technically, there are still some time for me to make changes or add extra features to the story, so if there is anything from the previous game you want to make sure gets included or you have suggestions of features you would like to see in the sequel, feel free to post them. I can’t guarantee I will be able to implement everything, but I will try my best. It would be nice to get the game released sooner rather than later. Even after I finish the game, it will still need to go through choice of games vigorous testing procedures before being published.

If anyone has any questions, I will try my best to answer them, but I won’t give away too many spoilers. I can tell you that the sequel takes place after the Great Tournament and your choices from the previous game will greatly affect the story.

Thank you all for your support and kind messages during the development process. The reason for this sequel is very much based on comments and messages you all sent to choice of games as feedback.


Will we get to see the fire mages more? I felt they deserved more screen time in the last game and I could barley find out how to become one so I’m hoping I could finally become archwizard this time


Yay! Those are amazing news! I greatly enjoy the Great Tournament! I really thought that it was just about an tournament and nothing more but i am so glad to ne mistaken! The game had depth, comedy, dark scenes! Eveeyhing i enjoy! Even romance! Though, to be honest, even if i playes it way more than one or two times, i cant remember everything. So to answer to you would be difficult, but i do have question.

How deep romance will run this time?

Will we be able to chose gender?

Will magic be included again? Like firemage?

Is it again going to be from child age, and building stat? I liked that shit :sweat_smile:

And are you gonna post demo, or just chapters?


I was just searching if there was any news about a sequel, great timing!

The Great Tournament was nice, it was my first time playing an android text adventure game - which led me to just recently play Swamp Castle. I hope the seuqel will contain some of the old characters and be an even longer story with a better pay off for the build up.

  • Are we going to play as the same character or as one of his children?
  • Also, how can you save the choices from the previous game for the sequel if we don’t have game profiles?
  • Do we need to keep to game installed for this to work?

I cant wait to see how this will be. To be honest I was let down by some of the sequel’s that have been made (not going to say which or why). I have high hopes and cant wait. I do want to know is if we will have a choice in who our parents are and how far ahead in time or the past are we going to be. Will it be after the events of the tournament or after the mc has children or will it be the mcs like grandchildren or great grandchildren? Or go back to the mc we made and then go to war? And I would not mind if a little more of the game was based around a war and romance was all threw it. The first one was a bit light on it at times. And @Natman1025 i for one wouldn’t mind having a fire mage companion like one of old bens great grand kids or something like that.

wow this is great news! I can’t wait to see more of this game but I have some questions:

1 if we have many sons that could be profiting ( if we end like a prince ) and we could play/talk with thems?

2 in the sequels we can put our olds friends in some powerful positions? ( if we are a prince or we are in a high position )

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I’m assuming that you’ll need to update the first game and add save function to it? Or it already has save function and I forgot about it?

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I know this is probably a stupid question but, can I have hope for Robert to be a RO ? Or can we see him more in this sequel? Because I miss him :frowning:

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Hey. I really enjoyed playing the first game (it was the game that got me into COG) and I wanted to ask how one could become a beta tester for the closed beta ( if you make it a closed one that is).


There will be fire mages, can’t say anything more (spoilers) :relaxed:

  1. Can’t answer (Spoilers!)
  2. There will be multiple methods, so don’t worry!
  3. No
  1. Spoilers can’t answer!
  2. …Yes.

Don’t worry about this, there will be multiple methods; even if you don’t have the previous game installed anymore.


Can’t really answer without giving away spoilers, but I think you will be happy.

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Can’t answer all of this due to spoilers, but as for romance vs war…there will be obvious ways to delve more into one and stay away from the other…or delve into both. Lots of choices concerning all that.


Thanks for the reply! Sounds good to me.

Thank you for the reply and ok. Would be abe to give us the start point of the game? Or is that spoiler?

You and Goshman are my favorite authors, its feels like a dream since both are going to release a game soon, kek, Good luck! A lot of luck! Lily Chan 2


eh I don’t know if this is the place to ask this but…someone call tell me what are the names of the villages/citys where I can buy the news items? (like the armor,sword,cape etc etc )