The Great Tournament Sequel



So…um in my game i ended up with Hannah and had 12 children…so is there going to be a line saying “Small pox killed 10 of your children” or a sentence explaining anything?


Amazing! I really loved the first one…:sparkling_heart:

Good Luck! :+1:t2:


Quick question, would having a Progress Bar be something you want on the stats page. Essentially telling you how close you are to completing the game.

Reason I ask:

  1. Upside - Gives you an idea of how far you have progressed and how much of the game you have completed.

  2. Downside - It would involve a lot of dev work to have this be updated correctly, especially if you unlock extra scenes. Also for some people it could be a spoiler.


I think the game would be fine without a progress bar (whatever gets it out faster I support)


Man really wat the its the best news i have heard all day really love you a lot ,To me atleast The Great Tournament was a really big suprise and the best Cog game wow just wow (man it sounds like im kissing ur boots) but its true really looking forward to it


While progress bar sounds a good thing but it’s a very tricky business and quite hard to implement and it’s not worth it as when playing a game/ reading a story people know when its going to end and a progress bar would end the naturalness and the uniqueness because it’s like a constant reminder that it’s going to end or you are reaching the boss stage and that’s what I want to know by story not a bar in the stats menu.


Pretty much this ^

Adubile books are great because you can’t phyiscally see how much you have left when you’re holding a book, whereas that’s impossible for non eBooks.


Can we play as female?


(sees the post)

(Ignores it at first)

(Reads the post)

Oh my goodness thank you for continuing the great tournament!!!


Hey everyone, the game is is 99 percent done now. I actually added an extra scene last night in a burst of coding momentum. All that is left now is to work on bug fixes.

I figured since everyone has been patient, I will share a few screenshots:

Me right now


Oh my gossshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I’ve been waiting for this for soooooo long! Thank you for the amazing update. (You write fast) I finished the game as winner of the tournament and found Lady Melinda’s love interest (I forgot the knight’s name) in the end

If you need a beta tester, I’m willing to test it. Been a fan since swamp castle. If you also need to fix some stuff in swamp castle, I’ll volunteer to test it.


I like the progress bar idea coz I end up playing for hours instead of reading my lessons. :sweat_smile:


I asked for princess hannah’s hand in marriage in my first playthrough


I asked to be king since…

Power is Everything insert evil laugh



but i would eventually become the king ( sort of ) without having to do all the paperwork that the king has to do. Because my wife’s gonna be the queen

TBH i liked princess hannah and all of this are just afterthoughts


Wow! great news,please post a demo


Ohhh yeah baby! IM EXCITED FOR THIS!


I finished the great tourney multiple ways. I would love to be a beta tester but, idk how to spoiler block my text, if u would like me to beta test id love to do it and id probably finish it in a night. If you’d like me to do it email me.


I won the game by fighting in the tourney and once i won i asked for princess hannah