The Great Tournament Sequel Thoughts


First of all, thank you for the game, I was really looking forward it. Please, don’t take it so offensively, I just need to clear out my mind. It will be more criticism, but I think it in good way. Sry for my English, still learning.

Need to fix coding. For example, I wanted to negotiate with Valran Prince about the way of peace, but instead I got transmited to the preparing for the Barbarians attack which is kinda contradicting because yoh can say, how the heck have I went through Barbarians?.. Next thing is… I am not Englishmen, but I couldn’t miss that you refer about my (mc’s) daughter as a “him”. THERE ARE more similliiar gender fails… This sequel can be played under one hour, which is ok, but I would expect some more, if I have played a Princes’s Hannah route (Becoming a Prince, finding Sir Robert, btw. the scene about the tournament with Black knight was very interesting, but after that game loose its potential and you find out that this is already The End). What also cannot be unnoticed is that we are not able to choose our background if we want to play a new game, we have to play the whole first game again and whatmore, it often results to be a similliar storyline which would be allright, but consider that we can play the whole The Great Tournament 1 with no problem for about more than 5 hours. So it would be more that pleased to have this option, when there is only some major change if you start a new game and don’t have a ******* idea which choices the game took, finding conversations with which you are unfamiliar and you didn’t want to do, it’s not pleasent even if you can play another 4 hours or more.
Now I was kinda confused about these ‘mini-stories’. I will start with the “Staff” one. We play as a Rolin who is student of the Veritas (or the other city, now dunno) Fire Academy. Choices are there absolutely useless, there is only a one way how to win this “game” and I got pretty anoyed at the night-playing marrathon, because I had to repeat this Staff thing too often. There is no way of saving the game in the main choices, the main villian totally pissed me of while I was constantly dying and dying. Every choice which is not under his approvance results in death, idk how Rolin can consider him as a friend, I felt almost like bullied by him. When I look back at it, it was interesting in some way, even the true ending, but it was way too much short and simple-minded I think. If you would write more longer story where you can really do something, it would be better. I think that there were enough plot twists, but they were too much quick after another one. What I wanted to ask is, if The Staff story has something to do with the Swamp Castle, it would be fitting in it, mainly because of a possibility of having a dark magic staff, about which you would be warned from the magician in the Swamp Castle story. Even the Hannah mentioned about how her Grandfather become a King and you have to choose from the Swamp Castle Endings. But I am confused about the fact that Rolin SPOILER gave the staff to the witch, yeah it is a good choice but players/readers don’t want to have uncomplete/unfinished story… but this is maybe only my problem… Now, this would be maybe everything I had on mind, just a personal though about this ending, the MC shouldn’t be Rolin but Ben (if we “forget” about the Swamp Castle thing I just wrote, otherwise Ben would have to be as old as Hannah’s grandfather or even older), it would be more fitting and we would finally know more about his background story, just look at it, Ben totally fits here…
Now, about the Valvarian Glory story line. That annoyed me even more than the Staff thing at all. I am pretty sure that many people here knows, you can change a random outcome of things which will happen. For example, in the Survival, there would be a fog which was used by the Barbarians to attack, but if you show the stats and then go back, outcome changes and you can get almost whatever you want, only already canon outcomes such as getting a 5 knights and some more are unchangeable. I found it by random when I was at the end of the The Great Tournament 1, I just wanted to see my stats with thought of choosing anothet girl, when I suddenly had a 12 children with Hannah instead of 2.
Now, little more about the Ending of ValarianGlory Survival storyline. SPOILER If you defeat the Barbarian leader, which can happen on every possible wawe (tried from the tenth to 14th, is at least interesting because when I repeled all the previous attacks, he will still be here at your defeat) and if you’ll save his live, you’ll return to the Valra and every choice you make will result to a few lines about yours peacefully rest of live or if you re-join the army, you are the most feared/famous warrior and NOTHING MORE. Imagine you playing 4+ hours to find this? You should somehow connect it with the Main Story, for example with the upcoming Valarian defense, it would be great to mention this, partly as the reason of demanding help from the Maginicia (recommend to double the forces in the survival mode for that), after all The mighty Valarian solidiers looks there like absolute idiots, when you can repell a large Barbarian attack consisted of 4500 men in arms with 700 men, between them are 500 your solidiers… and whatmore they lost thousands of solidiers (I know, surprise is powerfull, but it looks really strange.) Also the thing when you are waiting for the reinforcements… 100 days… speechless… To not be so critic, that plot twist with the Fire Tribe was good.

I think that this sequel should be in one app with The Great Tournament (even if you would have to pay), it would be more natural if you don’t choose path in which you will get the most plot twists and words in totall.
What do you think about this sequel?


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