The Fog Knows Your Name Achievements Help *Spoilers Inside*

I saw that there are currently no topics about it, so I made one! I’ve been playing this game for about 5 days now, and I have been stuck on my last two achievements - Goodbye Friend and The Weight of Grief. I was just wondering how other people have done it since I’m on my 10th replay trying to clear the achievements, but so far, no luck.

We could also make a discussion about the other achievements and the specifics of it, since there has been no discussion about it! I wanna start off by discussing some of my favorite achievements:

  • Party Time: Successfully stand together with the people of Arbor Isle
    The Town Security should be at least 70% in order to do this. The Team Morale should also be pretty high since this route is the epitome of defeating evil thru the love of power and friendship. When Anuja gets caught, tell her she’s not a bad person. Then shove it in the fog’s face that your friends are willing to stand by your side. The fog lets go of Anuja, but catches you instead. The townspeople rush over, but instead of lying to them, you have to be honest and say that it’s The Fog Beast you’re dealing with. The fog then lets you go so you can prove your point. Once you stood your ground, other people will join in and stand their ground against the fog by also enjoying the party despite the fog watching. Thru the townspeople’s belief, the fog is officially eradicated.

  • And They All Lived: Have everyone survive the curse of the fog and resume their lives.
    I got this after successfully pulling off Party Time and resurrecting Rex, but idk if resurrecting Rex should be done in order to do this tho.

  • A Resurrection: Bring someone back from the dead.
    Obviously, revive Rex. I think that in order to do this, your relationship with Rex should be at least 60%. This would be easier if you romance Rex, and when Rex calls for help when you and the gang are in the car, forget about Ennis. Help Rex instead, or else he’ll get caught by the fog again. That crossroad is very important, I think, because (on one run) even when I romanced Rex, but went to the shack… well, he got revived, alright. But he’s hollow and lifeless, which leads me to the next achievement.

  • Oops: Make a horrifying mistake.
    Rex gets to be revived; however, he’s hollow and lifeless. To ensure this, just ignore his pleas for help and follow Ennis to the shack.

  • Courting the Kellers: Start something new with Rex and Ennis Keller.In order to get Ashley talking, you have 4 options (blackmail, fake evidence, etc.), and I think that in all of those options, you have a chance to tell your friends that you have a crush on Rex. Pick that. At every chance you get where you can romance Rex, do it. When the boat sequence happens, pick either one of the last two options, then kiss Rex. Fast-forward, when Diego asks you who you like, pick Ennis as your other one. In order to romance Ennis, you need to follow her to the shack, and after the ordeal, agree to look around for any other danger. There, you will see Ennis, and you can angle your head to kiss her. Don’t do this while trying to resurrect Rex. It wouldn’t end well. Or maybe it would. I only tried it once so maybe give it a go.

  • A Loyal Companion: Become the companion of a terrible being.
    Be a wholesome person throughout the game and negotiate with The Fog Beast. Offer it your companionship, and when it smells that you are sincere about this, it will agree to your offer. 5 years have passed, and The Fog Beast will let you go because you have been so nice. Not a terrible end - just a bittersweet one.

TL;DR: Most of the achievements in the game couldn’t be achieved if you’re not a good person. Not to mention, the intimidation stat is hard to maintain if you want to be edgy. You can be manipulative tho, since it’s easier to maintain.


I think you also need to pass the stat checks in the cave with Rex to bring him back. I ignored Ennis during that crossroads and my relationship with Rex was really high, but during the final confrontation, I couldn’t bring him back. I failed the stat checks in the cave because lol I had no clue what I was doing half the time.


How did you get the A Grave Matter achievement? I’ve been wondering about that one for a while, and originally I thought I was going along the right path, but stats might’ve played a role in why it didn’t work out.

I’m also trying to get those 2 achievements you mentioned and have been experimenting! :sweat_smile:

How do you complete the Flirting with Danger acheivement? I’ve been trying to complete it for a while but haven’t succeeded.

How do you solve all three issues in one go?

I did! And here’s my stats!

Though the details are… It’s been a long time since I last played. From what I can remember, you must keep your Otherworldly and Knowledge of the Occult high enough, and probably Perception too, and I’ve only tried Beautiful Cinnamon Roll route, so be generally nice would be helpful too, and these three cases are entangled somehow, I noticed that when I was trying to increase one certain case point, but the other cases are also have some progress iirc.

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Thank you! My stats are all high but I only manage solve the murder case and exorcise Ennis. Is there a particular order of events I need to follow?

When you make plans with friends to do something to draw the fog towards you, just choose the option of damaging Rex’s Grave. It gives you a very high Rotten Apple rating though so if you are going that way you might as well punch the ghost and push Rex off the boat in the same run

I romanced the one need to be resurrected in my playthrough, so maybe you also need to be friends with him and have high relationship with both him and his sister since I seemed like didn’t follow any pattern but just tell him like how life is beautiful and whatever, oh I’ve seen somewhere someone said you need to make him feel to be living again?

I manage to get all three. If you’re just missing Resurrectionist, I managed that by having 59% relationship with Rex (which I managed by choosing romantic options), and choosing to go try to interact with his corpse after exorcising Ennis. I chose the option to withstand the pain, since I had 77% toughness at the time and felt it was the safest bet. That saved him, and I believe that’s when the achievement popped up for solving all three. Hope this helps at least a bit!

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I got it finally! I went the romance route and got resurrectionist.

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how on earth do you get the town security up to 70% for the party time achievement? the highest i can get it is 64%.

It is so annoying xD if I’m remembering right don’t do anything that makes you look bad. I ended getting it mostly by becoming friends with the teacher after visiting her the 1st and 2nd time. And talking and being nice to Rexs sister. And getting mom to believe that Rexs sister is being weird.

How does one get the ‘Weight of Grief’ achievement been trying for a while and can’t seem to get it

How the hell do I get “An Unlikely Pair”?! No matter what I do I can’t seem to get Diego and Ashley to be together, highest I got for Diego and Ashley romance is 59%.

I’m trying to get the achievement ‘Dating Your Friends.’ How do I go about that? I know you have to be into poly relationship, but how exactly do I do that? Can it be done with Caleb and Rex? I have a very high relationship status with both of them.

This game is too hard, it’s very frustrating. I kept failing all the “skill checks” even though I had 81% charisma and 88% honesty. I tried to do everything possible for the relationship with Rex but I could only get it to 65%. Got a really bad ending where my friends burned down the town. Very frustrating!

I’ll agree to a extent some of the checks are silly but nothing beyond impossible. Some of the checks you failed might have been a different stat.

How on earth do u get a ending like that

I think is possible but you have to not bring back rex or else Ashley will run back to being his girlfriend