The Fernweh Saga (Scheduled Release: 5 January!) [Book One is 600k]

An in-depth analysis of the plot has led me to believe, after careful investigation, deduction and observation, that, it is/can be …literally anyone


Oh, reading your theories about the code teaser are neat. :eyes:

@Paradox1 @Cat-Toes @Aleksa100

S giving a long handshake could happen, and R trying to get a rise out of the MC by purposefully extending a handshake is also quite probable depending on some of your choices. Ms. Verner doing that would be interesting; she would have to be giving the handshake to someone that the MC feels some degree of protectiveness (?) over. Ms. Verner can be a little cold (we will learn more about her throughout the series), not too touchy feely; however, she also knows how to get under peoples skins.

Y’all are right that it could be anyone, but @Konoi is closest to the answer, since the code teaser is about the MC (potentially) reacting to a side character.

^ :green_heart: Thank you! I do try to allow you all freedom (as best I can) with MC reactions and thoughts with the choices.

Also, back at @Cat-Toes, thank you for the assurances too about irl and my slower pace with things. :sunflower: I plan to take some breaks when I can.

Hmm, great question! It will impact your interactions with A for quite sometime; however, it is also something that you yourself set with a choice. (The in-person A scene in Chapter 6 is pretty lengthy due to how I wrote it; there is a lot of replay value within the one interaction). I would be more so excited than nervous about it because it can tailor your playthroughs that much more. I’m tempted to explain more, but will hold off for now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best wishes to you all!


I really enjoying this so far, i like the ambient horror and general spookiness of it

Also i am very much liking that J and R is shaping up to be a poly option maybe? :eyes:

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Yes, it was confirmed to be a poly route. I’m loving their dynamic as well. Maybe a little sympathetic for J having to deal with possibly having two chaotic loves and trying to keep them somewhat grounded.


Lmao while on my end R has to deal with two lovers who barely talk at all


I don’t think R would be one to mind to do all the talking and shameless flirting…



Weekly Update: 25 September 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I finished Chapter 8 and will have started working on Chapter 9 by the time this publishes. I’m pleased at the writing progress. :blush:

- I ended up moving the conversation with Ms. Verner to Chapter 9 since the nightmare and aftermath of it in Chapter 8 ended up being long with more choices than I initially planned.

- Readers may want some ‘stopping points’ with the chapters, so ‘X’ Chapter is about this and then ‘Y’ Chapter pivots and is about something else, which will allow you to set down the game with an idea of what to look forward to next. A nightmare + dealing with Ms. Verner + some revelations would probably be too much in one go…

- I’ll probably fine tune this more during the beta testing stage. Rn, the order seems logical to me, but beta readers will be invaluable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

- I did edit and add to the Long Form Character Description document and post. I checked and the GoogleDoc is already linked in the main post when expanding the details of the ROs. I would recommend artists/readers use it over the Tumblr post since it’s updated more quickly. You will see that I added a page to keep track of changes for transparency’s sake.

- The most obvious changes are that: 1. I adjusted R’s skin tone slightly (made the base a degree more fair than pale; the undertone is more rosy.) 2. Added a new picture or two to Reese’s references. 3. Added one new picture to James’s section. 4. Included an: ‘if I had to pick one faceclaim…’ line to each RO, since I didn’t want all the names to be overwhelming to readers.

- - -

Here is what I plan to work on:

- I will be working on Chapter 9!

- I’ve received asks and read tags/comments about how various MCs may view or feel about Ms. Verner, so I am going to do my best to represent that in the choices and outcomes in the interaction with her.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:

(Okay, so I lowkey thought I posted last week’s update on here and then realized I thought about it and drafted it, but never actually did it…>.> Apologies for that! I am posting it first here and then have it queued on Tumblr for later on tonight.)

@Leodaire I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the game so far! :smiley:

The conversation about JR made me smile when I read it, especially that readers are thinking about how the dynamics with them will differ and progress with your various MCs. It makes me happy that you’re looking forward to it, so thank you.

@Radiantbliss J can be a bit of a mother hen with two chaotic loves; their protective streak may kick up a notch, especially if your MC and R enable each other’s more wild/reckless/dangerous ideas. I relate to you feeling sympathetic for them. :laughing: @Aleksa100 is 110% right that R will fill the quiet for J and a more reserved MC, possibly even viewing it as a challenge to get the MC or J to outwardly react to something more outlandishly flirtatious or quippy. Some of R’s one liners on the JR route have been really fun to write; I am excited for you to eventually read them in the future.


Weekly Update: 8 October 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- Writing, writing, and more writing! I am concentrating more on that aspect than the editing, social, or finalizing some graphic edits.

- I finished Chapter 9 late last night. :tada::sunglasses:

- Finishing that chapter relatively speedily was a personal goal rather than a writing one because I wanted to see if I could manage to do it. I focused on it intensely the last couple of weeks. As I mentioned last update, there are quite a few possible revelations and ‘aha moments’ based on what you have learned or been personally theorizing as you play. My outline for it was pretty extensive, allowing me to fill it relatively smoothly, though I added some choices. :smiley:

- I went back over my Chapter 10 outline, adding a few things that I think will be fun and ensuring it accomplishes what it needs to with how the mysteries in Fernweh tend to nest. I used the word ‘unraveling’ in the game’s brief description and that is very accurate with how you can theorize about how things relate (or possibly don’t relate). I’m excited!

- You will not learn everything in one book, but perhaps get hints or foreshadowing about future things to uncover as we move through the series. :eyes:

- I have thought about it and moving forward, weekly updates may become every other week as opposed to once a week.

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I will be working on Chapter 10!
- We are at the point where I can’t tease too much about what I am writing about for the sake of spoilers. Hmm, you do get to check on your car in this chapter…? :red_car:

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:



Weekly Update: 22 October 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- As I mentioned last update, I will likely be releasing a progress update every other week as opposed to weekly, depending on what I have to report.

- I’ve been going full steam with writing! Any hour I can spare from irl obligations, I’m either writing or making notes for future choices/arcs/etc. Great progress has been made on Chapter 10, including a few references to earlier choices you may have selected in the cabin or elsewhere. Those always make me smile, especially since I know many of you are observant and will see the relation or cause-and-effect. :blush:

- I changed the header picture for progress updates to be more ~spooky~ for this time of year, but I like the purple vibe of the other one too that matches my masterpost. I may alternate them. Idk.

- I have altered how stats display a tiny bit…I’m still working on how and when I want things to appear within the pages/screens. You all will not see these changes for a while, possibly once I overhaul the existing demo sometime in the distant future, but they are meant to increase readability.

- I am used to playing on my tablet and then all the coding/playtesting/etc. is on my computer, so I’m trying to be more aware of how mobile users will see the game. I will be adding quite a few page/line breaks when editing. I haven’t started the in-depth editing process yet in favor of writing, so Chapter 5 and future chapters haven’t been rigorously picked over yet .

- (I outlined the Book 2 introduction the other day because thinking about it got me excited. :relieved::eyes:)

- - -

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I will continue to be working on Chapter 10! :sparkles:

- Writing is taking the priority for me atm. I sincerely appreciate the interest and understanding while you all wait; it’s very motivating.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:


Increased mobile friendliness you say? Now my dear autor that is what i love hearing (personally find it hard reading on PC)


thanks on making it mobile-friendly in the future.


Weekly Update: 6 November 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- Another quick reminder that I’ll be doing progress updates every two weeks , so you haven’t missed anything and please dw. :heart_eyes:

- I have been writing up a storm! It is partially why I have been quieter on here, so I appreciate you all sticking with me and being supportive. I set a chapter writing deadline by my birthday (which may have been dense :woozy_face:), so I’m trying to meet it because ~goals~ .

- I finished Chapter 10 and almost made a post about it, but then realized that would be a very short post, which is why I decided to save it for now. :tada:

- I have made good progress with Chapter 11 writing-wise. I’m tempted to give y’all a word count for it, but that won’t really help you understand where I am story-wise because this one has a lot of variation based on prior choices (mainly those in Chapter 10 which builds the anticipation for 11 alongside choices from prior chapters). This will increase replayability.

- What I enjoy even more than replayability is potentially surprising readers on a 2nd, 3rd, ehm, n th playthrough. :sunglasses: Especially with scenes that you all may compare or try to seek out whilst playing.

- - -

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I will continue to be working on Chapter 11! :sparkles:

- Writing is taking the priority for me atm. I sincerely appreciate the interest and understanding while you all wait; it’s very motivating.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:


Weekly Update: 19 November 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- Hopefully you all aren’t getting tired of the first bullet point, but: Guess what I’ve been doing…? Writing. :blush:

- I finished Chapter 11 (66k words without code) just a couple of days ago, which means I met my birthday writing goal (or rather word count goal) with days to spare, which I am proud about. :smiley:

- There are a lot of choices you may or may not see in that chapter, so it took me more time than I anticipated carving out paths through that part of the plot. I think it was worth it! There will be changes and discoveries that will keep it fresh/interesting on repeat playthroughs.

- I also did some slight restructuring that should make the writing of Chapter 12 flow easier, since I was questioning including something or not.

- I added a few songs to the playlists. I found some that I need to add after the game has been out and closer to Book 2.

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I am going to be working on Chapter 12! :sparkles:

- Writing is taking the priority for me atm. I sincerely appreciate the interest and understanding while you all wait; it’s very motivating.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:


You’re working on chapter 12 already? That’s awesome! I think it’s perfectly fine to focus on writing for the time being. You should work at your own pace in whatever way works best for you. I, for one, and willing to wait as long as necessary, and I think most everyone else on the thread is too.


Hi @Cat-Toes!

Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Focusing on writing right now is likely what is allowing me to move through the plot/outline of the book to get it closer to completion with each passing day. I tend to work better going all or nothing at something rather than doing it incrementally. I eventually plan to be more social and work on edits (as in text edits and possibly some gifs/visual things) when I reach a certain point.

Thank you and others for your patience and being willing to wait! It means so much. :green_heart:


Normally when I comment, I either give a review or I just keep to myself but seeing the warnings on the very first page made a meme idea popping in my head and I had to create it then share it:



Lol, I love your meme! :laughing: Thank you for making it.

It could lowkey apply to one of the characters in the book…:wink:


I found this book by chance and gave it a read. I didn’t expect it to be this good. The characters are unique and have their own quirks. They are also lifelike instead of talking like robots.

The genre of this book isn’t one I normally read but I gave it chance because of the origin story of the mc and the world it’s set in. It really draws me in. Classic cliffhanger on chapter 4 but that just means the next one will be just as good and enjoyable.

Only one question: when can we start the romances with the characters? I really liked Ruby but I couldn’t do anything. I understand if u haven’t implanted them yet. Just don’t rush it and make it a good one

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@Christopher_Bull Hello!

First, thank you so much for giving the book a try and I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Trying to make the characters as three dimensional as possible is a goal of mine, so thank you for saying they feel life-like. :slightly_smiling_face: The MC’s origin story will be explained more as we move through the series and the chapters since there is more to it than meets the eye, which may be something you look forward to.

It’s good to hear that you like Ruby! The romances are integrated into the plot of the story, but they do tend to be slower build or paced. The first few chapters are kind of meant to introduce readers to the town and the past dynamics between the characters. There will be more chances/choices to flirt, have more emotional intimacy, a few glancing touches, etc. in future chapters. For instance, Chapter 5 is all about the MC and their chosen RO(s). :heart_eyes: You will be able to do more things with them romantically deeper in the book and the series.

Best wishes!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate the holiday and see this post. :smiley_cat:


Weekly Update: 10 December 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

Those of you who have been following this thread for a while know what goes in this bullet point slot. I’ve been doing something that rhymes with: delighting, alighting, knighting, fighting, etc. :relieved: I have been writing.

- I am currently working on a single page (or maybe two), but a very important scene because it has high variability based on past choices.

- I did finish Chapter 12! :sparkles:Chapter 13 isn’t conclusively done because I am tinkering with a few sequences and that page I mentioned.

I actually pivoted to begin the editing process on Wednesday. :grin:

- I am currently editing Chapter 2 and just polished R re-meeting the MC on the sidewalk last night. (I added a bit more to their interaction.)

- Editing is very different than writing. I’m naturally a slow reader, but a faster writer once I have a scene planned or a solid idea in mind I need to put into words. Making edits is undoubtedly important, so I am shifting my focus to begin putting more time into that than the writing aspect. There are places in the Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 where I have gone in and polished/smoothed the writing, though it has relatively good bones.

- Some of you may recall that I halted heavily (as in re-reading everything a few times) editing around Chapter 5 to devote more time to writing. That practice will now be reversed. I plan to set aside hours to simply read, edit, polish, and then repeat so I can work through the entire story because requesting awesome betas is something looming on the horizon…Like a speckle or a dot, but I can still see it! :eyes: We will get there with time.

- - -

> Here is what I plan to work on:

  • Editing will continue to be my primary task, since there are tens of thousands of words to go through. :mag:

  • There is a short teaser below that hints at the S&R friendship dynamic, plus the Ms. V meeting!

“Five people traipsing around her office would end badly,” R counters, glancing to S to see if they will agree with them. “She barely tolerates when I come…”

“Which is why you probably should not go alone,” S calmly replies, ignoring the quiet look of betrayal from R because siding with J is actually for R ’s benefit. Conversations behind closed doors can be different than when there is an audience present. Ms. Verner will still need to keep up appearances. “It’s for the best…”

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! Also, happy holidays. :heart_eyes: