The Fernweh Saga (Scheduled Release: 5 January!) [Book One is 600k]

When I was a lot younger I used to do self incerts but for me it has to due with me being an author (Well aspiring author) so I use ocs. Or well one favoured oc. I only ever use the one. And honestly it’s more so I can get a true feel on how my character would react in a situation because you really have to put yourself in their shoes. It helps me write my books so I can figure out what said character would do. But also it’s just for fun too. But this is just me

I completely get this veiwpoint. I also tend to prefer first person, but that’s the narration type I tend to use in my own work, so I’m a bit biased.

When you mentioned that you almost always only romance one character a game, I was like this is why I make a different character for each RO. Since I play with OCs it feels really awkward to me for my character to have feeling for someone else in a different play through. I’m not as bothered by ROs hooking up with others when not playing their routes though. I find it just as awkward if everyone stays single forever, especially if the game takes place over a long course of time.

Also I find the thought of MC cooking for J who obviously can’t be trusted to take care of themself absolutely adorable. My J-mancing would probably do this too.


First, I have to say I love this WIP. A friend of mine told me about it and was entirely correct about how great it is! Good job!

I’m a writer at heart (emphasis on characters), so it comes natural for me to make at least one new character for each game I play (be it video game, IF, or whatever). Typically, I play through once with my “go-to” MC, who is easy to get along with, mature but fun, and blah blah blah. She hearkens back to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic I wrote oh-so-long-ago, and is the epitome of “fits in anywhere” (she was an orphan, tossed from foster home to foster home, so she’s used to staying invisible or being a chameleon) so she’s great to do a trial run of a game with, then figure out what type of character I want to make for the game if I choose to play it (I’m already in the process of developing four OCs for your game: one each for R, J, JR, and S).

I typically start with one OC that I create with a specific RO in mind and then, once I start playing, they do whatever they want and tell me to screw off so I have to make another OC for the original RO (if I decide I want to see their path). I don’t always create an OC for each RO (some paths don’t interest me), but once I have an OC that works with a RO, that’s that. Making a second OC for the same RO seems wrong, and my OCs throw hissy fits if I even think about it. My OCs are pains in the ass.

I can’t play self inserts. I just don’t find it appealing to do and don’t think it’d be fun. Plus, in most games, there aren’t options that cover the choices I’d make (like telling the NPCs to go eff themselves when they started copping an attitude at me or cutting bait and running when I had enough). “I’m too old for this shit,” would likely be my last line, about a quarter of the way into any story, lol.

I also prefer first person narrative–I find it to be far more immersive than second person. I notice most people seem to prefer second-person, though. Maybe it’s a D&D holdover?

I do the opposite–since I’m female, I tend to want to play female MCs. Nothing against dudes, but unless I’m trying to flesh out a male character I’m trying to develop and think a particular game is a close enough setting to his life that it will help me figure out who he is, I play almost exclusively female characters. And they typically romance males (a couple have surprised me and gone for the female ROs, but it wasn’t planned that way).

I wish my OCs were that consistent. I don’t do ‘canon’ playthroughs for the whole game, but I do have a canon for a specific RO. The problem I run into is that, as they develop, I’ll go back and play through again and they make a different choice because something hit them differently. Not often, mind you, but sometimes. There are certain choices they’d always make no matter what, but there are some where, depending on their mood, they could go one way or the other or don’t particularly give a crap which one they do because they just want to be done with it and move on to something interesting (“I told this story already, why the hell are you asking me again??”).

Exactly! Only, unlike you, it bugs me (and my OCs) when ROs hook up with someone else when I’m not playing their routes. It always feels like the author had a specific mate in mind for the RO and the OC I made is just getting in the damned way. Granted, if it was done in a certain way (like made clear that they’re settling for something less than what they want, mean as it sounds) then it probably wouldn’t grate, but I’ve never seen it done that way.

I think part of the reason that I prefer they not hook up with anyone else is because, in my head, they don’t stay single forever: instead, at some point, they meet and hook up with the OC I made for them, so everyone’s happy. For the paths I don’t play, then they hook up with someone too. It’s not like we see their whole lives, after all, just some moments in time.

Back on topic… the MC I made for the poly will definitely cook for them. And she’s an okayish cook, but a bit scatterbrained about it!


I’ve had this happen a couple times, but only after I really develop an MC.

This is such a cute idea. I love it.

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So gave this one a try a while ago and couldn’t quite get into it for whatever reason…
Gave it another try last night and sheesh… I been missing out on something…

My loveable bastard of OC is mildly hard crushing on Becca and Jane, also wants to get heck out of town asap… Reasoning being you are equally chanced to be mauled by werewolves or groundhog day reboot in city and town. City having an advantage of atleast having better reception

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Weekly Update: 28 August 2021 (a day later than usual)

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

~Important Announcement~ : The September 1st update will be delayed. I apologize if you have been looking forward to the update; I have tried to anticipate questions you may have below…

Why is there no update? Because irl (2 family funerals and virus cases spiking in my area) dragged me down. Making final edits, stat balancing, and performing at least two more read-throughs did not happen. I don’t want to release something that isn’t reasonably polished for y’all to enjoy.

Aelsa, you are legit writing Chapter 7. How is there no update?? As I’ve mentioned, writing is an outlet for me and something that helps me deal/cope with other things. Editing takes a different sort of laser focus and time that I’ve not had versus adding more to the story when I’m able to do so.

When will the update happen? Hmm, I don’t want to name a date since I’m not sure.

>:[ ? That’s not a question, but same with a lil’ apostrophe like: >:’[ .

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- Writing, writing, and more writing when I can! I also keep adding variations which is adding more writing time; however, it will lead to fun experiences with replays or certain paths.

- Slowly answering and queuing asks on Tumblr and the occasional question on here, so your patience and interest are appreciated.

- …I made a header for weekly updates. :upside_down_face:

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I want to write until I’m in the proper headspace to be still and edit, which means I am continuing to fill in my outline for Chapter 7.

> Total Word Count excluding code:

about 251,000 words

-Current public demo since June 1st: 119k words excluding code.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:

@Aleksa100 Hi! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying the ROs. I feel like B would agree with you about wanting to leave the town, while J may be more committed to staying, so that will be interesting to see unfold.


take care of yourself. Don’t worry so much about editing or anything like that right now. Especially with what has happened. Just do what makes you feel better at the moment. I’m so, so sorry that this has happened to you. I wish there was something I could do for you but there’s not. So instead I’m sending all the virtual hugs.


Hey, don’t worry! As Sheaon said, take care of yourself first. I think it’s perfectly understandable a different kind of focus and/or mood is necessary to edit than to write. I really hope things will go upwards for you from now on :hugs:


Hey, no need to rush on the update, private life comes first. Good things come to those who wait or something like that. So no need to push yourself unnecessarily if you don’t have the spoons for it.


Take as much time as you need for (in order), yourself, your family and friends, your life, then your writing. If people can’t understand those priorities, too bad for them. Hope you come through everything going on in your life and come through thriving. Thank you for providing your talents to all of us.


@Sheaon13, @Konoi, @Aleksa100 , @swilson50125 , and everyone else who has been supportive.

Thank you all so much! :hugs: :green_heart: I was very nervous about posting that and dreaded it, so to receive such support and kindness truly means the world to me. My passion for Fernweh Saga still burns bright and I’ll continue to work on it when I feel up to it; I’m lucky to have such understanding readers.

I’m wishing you all the best. Please stay safe.


Just checking in to see if you’re doing okay?



Weekly Update: 4 September 2021 (…Let’s pretend it’s Friday. >.>)

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! :green_heart:

Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- Slowly answering asks, queuing inspo posts, and responding to questions on here, so I appreciate your patience and understanding.
- I’ve been spending my free time writing.
> I’m still working on Chapter 7 because that one prison break mission in Dragon Age: Origins inspired me, which means I made one section really long with different styles of play and ways you can get through the scene…(No, the MC does not go to jail; don’t worry.)
- I added some coding things that y’all won’t be able to see just yet with how I’m trying to keep the saves from breaking.
- I think most of the RO playlists are now double their initial length with what songs I’ve been adding here and there. :notes:

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- I still plan to write, but have not forgotten the update or the need to edit Chapter 5. I did play through the rough version of it to get a time estimate and I can say it has the most variation of any Chapter thus far, so hopefully you enjoy replaying it and discovering new things.

> Total Word Count excluding code:

about 267,000 words of story (+16,186)

One other thing I wanted to mention is the ‘Fernweh Saga Art’ tag that I linked in the first post on this thread. It leads back to my Tumblr blog where you can see artist’s interpretations of the characters or their MCs. I’ve recently been very honored to receive more art for the game, so I just wanted to let you know in case you’re curious. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:


@Cat-Toes Hi! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you so much for checking in. I am just trying to take things slow, which is hard for me personality-wise, but yeah…I’ve pulled back a little in some areas to try and conserve my energy and minimize stress, but luckily writing helps me process things so I’m happy to have this series to work on. Seeing the plot moving ahead and progressing is soothing. I’ve not been as talkative on Tumblr (I hope they understand) and you all on here have been supportive. So thanks again! :sunflower:


Its friday somewhere in the world, that’s how timezones work

(No, the MC does not go to jail; don’t worry.)

I still want prison escape montage tho…



Weekly Update: 11 September 2021

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe! Hello to new and old followers/readers. :green_heart:

> Here is a more specific update regarding what I have been doing:

- I have not been keeping up with asks or the queue as much this week, instead focusing on irl arrangements and writing. It’s been a little hectic.
- That being said, I have been writing when I can. :blush: I just coded the final choice of Chapter 7 before typing up this weekly update; it became longer than I expected because I added more character interaction.
- I created a few coding trackers to better tailor how you react to a potential development with A in Chapter 6 that has ramifications for…For the rest of the series, so that was fun and will make replays vary even more! :eyes:

> Here is what I plan to work on:

- Work on Chapter 8 will start very, very soon. I have been waiting, hoping, and (heh…) dreaming about the next set of scenes that comprise it. Lowkey been missing Ms. Verner (…shh); she will make an appearance in that chapter, which may be fun (…or not) for some of your MCs.

Wishing you the very best and please stay safe! :green_heart:

Here is a code teaser from Chapter 6:

Code Teaser

…I wonder who has the MC reacting like this^?


My money’s on S, this line stinks of an intellectual stalwart.

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It’s alright. Real life can get crazy sometimes. Just keep taking care of yourself.

Should this make me nervous?

That’s interesting although, I suspect this is R intentionally trying to get a reaction out of the MC. That’s my gut reaction anyway.

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Oh …that can be quite probable as well.

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I have a hard time imagining it would be any of the ROs though, since up until now we had general freedom to determine what the MC thinks about each of them and how they react to them… Well, unless this is only one possible reaction of many, of course, but it didn’t feel that way to me? :thinking:
For example, if I was to base my opinion on everything that happened up until now, that reaction would be pretty OOC for my MC if it was in regards to a RO.
If the person making the handshake last so long is doing it TO one of the ROs though, that would make sense!


… I kinda tought it was about R’s mom…