The Eye of Eikshal (WIP)


In the time of impending peril. The time where two neighboring Kingdoms; The Kingdom of Umbrael and the Kingdom of Eikshal, are turning their already worsening relationship into one of pure hostility. The time where every citizen sees the potential reality of war as they try to keep it in the back of their heads, something that must be done so that they can continue to live their normal lives without the feeling of anxiety.

It is up to you, and those around you, to make sure it does not happen.

You play as the adopted child of Richard Brighton, a Marquess of the Kingdom of Umbrael. As your mission is to make sure that no one dares to light up the match that would ultimately escalate the conflict between the two kingdoms. So you’ll be doing the dirty work, such as making sure you don’t allow leaked information to come through to Umbrael, while also gathering Intel for Eikshal. To try and lessen the ongoing war propaganda going around. By any means necessary. Even if such thing is against your will.

For that is your duty, and a duty that you are forced to obey. For you are an Eye of Eikshal.

Introduced Characters:

Character profiles

Grand Duke Grey Avaron

Heir of the previous and deceased Grand Duke Elias Avaron. Known as a promising noble who possesses gifts in both intellect and swordsmanship. The future ruler of the duchy of Avaron and known as the man with the perfect smile, always maintaning a polite personality to the public. Though he seems to be keeping a distance among other nobles. To the public, he looks like the perfect person…however is someone truly that nice?

He sports black hair that he obtained from his mother and the fair skin in which he got from both of his parents. Aswell as the most captivating part of the Avaron family, something he got from his father, their golden eyes that looks like molten lava.

Lady Stella Avaron

The late Duke Elias Avaron’s daughter, ten months younger than the future Grand duke, is one of the if not the most intelligent person in the Kingdom of Umbrael. She’s blunt, and way too honest most of the time. Giving her some sort of cold aura that makes her hard to approach.

She has long black hair that falls down to her waist, and the signature molten lava eyes of the Avaron family, she also obtained her light skin from both of her parents that looks smooth. She looks like the perfect picture of an intelligent noble.

Katrina Santorin

One of your if not closest friends. She’s known for her outgoing, cheerful, energetic, and maybe extreme desire to explore things. She’s got a knack for catching people unawares, which showcases how dangerous this individual can be, if one where to cross paths with her.

She likes to keep her long hair in a pony tail, she views the world with her emerald green eyes. You note that this person is really friendly and likes to compliment people whenever they do something correctly or when they dress up for an event. When you do the same thing to her, her skin immediately becomes rosy.

Emilia Redford

With brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders and light blue eues that just about symbolizes her purity and genuineness. A long time close friend. She’s extremely shy, and panics whenever someone unfamiliar talks to her, taking comfort by hiding behind the people she knows. She has a knack for memorizing things, whether it be areas, or books, once she sees it, it is unlikely that she actually forgets about it. It works well in the kind of things you tackle. Aside from that, there’s one more skill that she posseses that you deem make her a valuable asset.

Icarus Santorin

Is a stoic individual. He’s someone skilled in diplomacy, possessing a silver tounge that can make even some of the best of politicians give up information. However, he isn’t really that good at conversing casually. So much so that you can’t tell when he’s being sarcastic or just expressing his honesty, which can lead into a bit of trouble.

As for appearances, it is immediately of note that he’s really tall. With intense blue eyes that suits his strategic and calm demeanor and chocolate like brown skin.

Altair Redford

He has red eyes that has the same color of his hair. His skin is fair. The person you’ve known the longest. He is friendly, and social, like Katrina. He’s known as the frontliner of your group, as he’s adept at combat. Using his athleticism and agility as his biggest weapon. It is evident that he is shy and doesn’t really know how to talk to the opposite sex, most of the time looking as red as a tomato when talking to one. Something that a lot of people tease him for.

Please take of note.

The conclusion of chapter 1 has been reached. However, there are still things I need to add and polish before I can honestly say that I’ve fully completed chapter 1. Like the practice facility I have yet to add for example, and some other dialogues.

The stats haven’t actually been implemented yet. I really wanted to post a demo when making this post, but I ended up procrastinating evry time I found something even slightly interesting. Although, I still wanted to post the demo no matter what. So I apologize for that.

It is also important to note that English, isn’t actually my first language. So it’s a safe bet to think that there will be grammatical errors here and there. This is also my first time actually writing a story, as well my first try at actually coding (which what I wanted to try).
In other words, don’t roast me too hard-

Demo Link:


Why did I get massive deja vu the moment I saw this? Did you abandon and remake this or something?

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Nope, it’s my first time writing one haha. I guess the name is probably similar if that’s the case?

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Brown skin option

It wasn’t the name, actually… The entire premise seems very familiar to me. In fact, I definitely recall a Choicescript game with a scene at the start extremely similar to the conversation about rain.

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now!

P.S I’m sorry I suck at coding

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Woah, then that’s one hell of a coincidence. Do you still remember its title?

No idea.

EDIT: Wait, this game was not a recent addition to dashingdon. Maybe it was accidentally public before you intended to release it?

I released this on dashingdon on public yesterday, though I only made the forum post today. So I don’t really know?

This would have been a while ago. When did you initially upload it to dashingdon?

It was also yesterday actually…

Huh… I was sure they were sorted chronologically by last update. This game is very far down the list.

@Atlas7 found this: prologue line 425: invalid indent, expected at least one ‘choice’

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Oh thanks! I edited it, so it should probably be fine now

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I look forward to this

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No offense to you in any possible way but I disagree with your comments majority of the time but I do agree that this is giving me a major déjà vu too.

@Atlas7 it feels like I read parts of this somewhere.

Unfortunately, I don’t know which story it is. I’m actually starting to feel curious now.

So what are the Ro’s sexuality?

line 368: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "black

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