The Drifter (Western WIP)

Hey guys u may happen to remember that I am currently working on a huge gigantic project called The American Front which I want to b the very best it possibly can and in order to do that I need experience which is y I’m putting it on hold and starting a smaller project a western called The Drifter
The American Southwest of 1869 is a very hard and rugged place and the local wildlife and climate are the least of your worries. From the warring Apache to the roaming bands of desperados danger awaits at every turn and now mix it up with tensions from two wars; the ACW and the Mexican War. In the middle of it all is u a lonely Drifter.
Are you a former Reb, Yank, or a veteran of the Mexican war?
Join a cattle drive or become a rustler instead
Become a good hearted outlaw or a ruthless bounty hunter among other possibilities
Can u survive the tenacious but deadly Apache?

Major NPCs and ROs:
Clint Cassidy: rugged outlaw

John Favor: cow hand and former Confederate soldier

Pedro Garcia: Former Mexican soldier turned gambler after a year as a partisan

Amanda Hynes: Kind and beautiful saloon girl that is Emma’ss twin

Emily or Emma Hynes: The rugged more caliced twin to Amanda that thanks to an “agreement” with the saloon owner keeps her sister from performing a certain aspect of her job most of the time

Scarlett O’Hare: Single mother and widow

Will O’Hare: 12 year old son to Scarlett

Rose Peters: Missionary woman who runs a local church and has a corgi

Hondo McCain: Former Union soldier turned scout with a tricked out rifle.

Moses Johnson: gigantic former slave turned black smith

Maria Flores: educated Mexican migrant who is the local teacher

Yellow Lab: While loyal and smart this dog is sometimes too friendly.
Wolf: Raised as a pup this canine is loyal to the MC and very aggressive to strangers.
Blue Tick: Strong and durable this dog is oafish, clumsy, and loud
Border Collie: Averaged size this dog is smart, loyal to the end, and friendly but cautious, the only draw back is it’s lack of strength.

American Quarter Horse
Blue Roan
Kentucky Thurghobred

Spencer Repeating rifle
Sharps Buffalo gun
Henry 1866 lever action rifle
Double Barrel Shotgun (Coach Gun)
Springfield and Enfield rifled musket
Colt Walker
1860 Colt Army revolvers
Smith and Wesson model 3
Sawn off shotgun
Bowie Knife


You can always write about a newly arisen guardian angel that travels thru the American Southwest during/after the American Civil War period … then you won’t be stuck between the two choices :slight_smile:

It would be a unique take on things as well.


So, after just reading this then I lean more towards The Guardian, yet I’m really interested in how you would do The Drifter. What would the MC be like, because I can kinda see a storyline after the civil war go south (hehe, I didn’t mean to do that but I’m going to keep that pun), depending on how you write it and such.


True infact the character creation for The Drifter will be so much deeper with 7 character options (2 North, 2 South, 1 neutral, and I’m thinking French Foreign Legionnaire, and Mexican Guerrilla each having their own unique stats
@Eiwynn that does sound pretty cool but I know of a wip about a supernatural Western, Dead Man’s Tale and I don’t want to steal their thunder


@DevilDog_1999 the guardian one sounds awesome

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As long as you write original material with your own take on things, you can’t really be “stealing another’s thunder.”

Lucid began Life as a Mobster at the same time as Vendetta was started - both dealing with the mob but both are so different that you can appreciate and love them both.


Here is a interesting idea @DevilDog_1999 what if you could become a demon if your evil stat is high enough that would be even cooler !!!

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Though I still do like The Guardian idea because I’m a supernatural lover, I cannot say that you haven’t caught my attention with The Drifter, it sounds like it could have tons of potential.

I’d be interested in either one you go after really.


Yeah I was actually thinking of fallen angel myself

True and I did like those games to and I might have to go with that but it’ll be an epic rehaul of two slightly thought out story lines


The Drifter perks my interest alittle more than the guardian. Especially with the civil war aspect.

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My influence for Drifter comes mostly from the Rebel starring Nick Adams and I’ll probably put reference from several Western TV shows and movies
The influence for Guardian comes from a mix of Highway to Heaven starring Michael Landon and Supernatural

As much as I dig some Highway to Heaven (Good Lord, I am old…), I would rather play “The Drifter.” We haven’t had a good Western since Tin Star, imo. We are overdue for another.


In the Guardian u’ll be able to choose ur own mystical vehicle and have a dog sidekick (all dogs go to heaven right?) and there’ll be missions about supernatural patrol, mysterious good Samaritan missions, and possibly a mission where ur an imaginary friend to a child (the dog will be a big part)
In the Drifter it’ll be mostly gender blocked besides if you choose neutral but u can choose if you favored a side. Each faction u choose has certain specific stats, weapons, and mode of transport. Oh and u might be able to have a canine companion
Lol @IronRaptor my mom watches it on Netflix and it perked my interest

I watched it on broadcast television with my parents on a large, wooden framed CRT TV with knobs that I had to turn as a human remote…

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Question @DevilDog_1999 have you made a game before ?

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No I’m currently working on a major one called The American Front: Invasion; whichever is chosen will probably be my first

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Ah I have seen that thread before cool !!!

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Yeah the first 3 chapters are mostly done and I’ve messed with the occupations a bit on there

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I’d love to play all three of your games as all sound really awesome but imo the drifter sounds cooler than the other one as it’s Western and there hasn’t been any since “TinStar” which perks interest

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I’m really liking The Drifter.

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