The Drag Queens and the wallflower (Interest check)

I have been lurking around for months in this forum, toying with the idea of making a game but i still haven’t decided if i should.

You the m.c was born to a pair of religious parents. You know, the type of parents who always go to church on Sundays. The ones who told you to stay pure until your wedding night. The ones who made you pray 50 hail marys when you lied. The ones who told you that any person who is gay and loved the same sex will never inherent the kingdom of god etc…

Growing up, you engraved all of their teachings into your brain. Soon after reaching 25, you enlisted in the navy. You spent years in your job protecting the nation. Later you met a woman and married her and soon kids followed. Everything was great until just about your 30ths something birthday. Your wife got into drugs and became an alcoholic and with that, she ended cheating on you and steeling everything you had in your bank account, leaving you with nothing but your kids and house to your name.

Unable to find work in your town after being dismissed for an injury from the navy, things start to get serious very fast. Buying food starts becoming a problem and utilities like gas start being cute off. Things don’t seem to go your way especially when your youngest son comes out as transsexual. Needless to say your not very supportive.

Your relationship with your kids starts going to shit. Wanting to let it all out, you go out one night with the decision to get hammered. What happened that night will for ever change your life. While walking down a dark side walk, you hear someone screaming for help. Its your civic duty to help your country’s citizens in need, so you go out to help. What you find is the exquisite and gorgeous Kitty Taboo. A drag queen who has more secrets than the Taliban army combined.

She is also the person who implicates you in an assassination attempt against her, that also puts your life in danger. After fighting some gangsters, you get hurt and Kitty takes you to the only safe place she knows. The (bar name I don’t have yet), where you get your wounds treated and meet the old and legendary Stella Canyons, a drag queen with over 40 years experience.

She offers you a job at her bar as a newbie drag queen and protection for your children which according to her you will need.

Not liking it, but forced to accept, your journey of self discovery will begin under the tutelage of some of the most beautiful, eccentric and quirkiest drag queens in town.

Leave your insults, religious believes and tantrums at the door.

None of the three will serve you in a world full of shade, tea, cat fights, full of wigs, make up so thick that it serves as a shield, bright and tight sequence dresses that illuminate the darkest of nights, and heels so high that you think your about to touch the stars.

So what do you guys think? Will you like to play this or something like this?

Ps: It would be gender lock because i don’t really see this working if the m.c were female.

So what do you get to do in this game:

1.Built your own drag queen? Is she nice? Is she shady? Is she a no no nonsense type of girl? Perhaps she’s a singer or the best dancer in the bar? Who knows you decided. (Experiment with fashion, makeup, anything you want.) Rise to the top or stay in the ground.

2.Trying to solve the mystery behind Kitty Taboo, also in the process try to safe her and yourself from being killed.

3.Three? There is no three lol I’ve never gotten past this point.


I find your idea not only repellent against women, trans people non binary and kids

Also this is A CHOICE game and you present a totally gender loker game with story all fixed and terrible sexist


Start writing the story - get about 20,000 words down on paper and see where you are at that point.

There are things that might or might not work for the audience you are seeking to write to but before any of this could be worked out, you need to write.

Can you elaborate more on that please?

First fixed male character
Second portrait women as shit and all bad in the world in a very sexist way…
DRAG QUEEN ARE NOT PEOPLE DISGUISED AND FORCED . IT IS A WAY OF BE AND LIFE. you are presented them as a bunch of deviant disguise people .
It is a CHOICE OF GAME you are presenting a very set of stone character with all fixed in a mature situation moking about trans people

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Where are you getting that from cause i never said all women.

Again i never said that drag queens are PEOPLE DISGUISED AND FORCED. What i meant was that the man M.C is force to do something because of the situation.

Ok were in all of that am i mocking them? From all that i have read, that’s why i asked you to elaborate. It seems like your reading to much into it and putting words into my mouth i have not said.


You are FORCING PC to be disguise as one without reason. Drag queen people are very tolerant and accept men working on their bars lol. Forcing rhat you are presented trans like a choice trivial Oh I will be fake being one this morning tomorrow I will be a torero. It is not a choice be what they are.

I am trans, why would I not be supportive?

Playing as a drag queen - a game about a drag queen, I’d be okay with that. But you have to be respectful. Else it’s just a gimmicky bigoted bad influence.

Mara’s right. By presenting the MC as someone who does it because they are forced to you’re immediately painting the entire experience through a negative view. It’s going to be misunderstood by dumb players that being a drag queen is as much a “choice” as “I was told to so I am”.

…I just watched Kinky Boots for the first time last night, can you tell? Boy, I loved it.


I have being dying to watch that one :slight_smile:

Yeah so, are you actually going to look at your work and realise what parts are offensive or not?

Kinky Boots was a bit stereotypical for a British film, but it was respectful and even idealised (not as much abuse on the drag queen character as there would be in real life). It is a bit outdated by modern standards - use of hermaphrodite to refer to intersex people for one - but altogether I felt it a really nice film.

@poison_mara recommended some stuff to me which had me thinking. If i do decide to proceed and make it than ill change a few things.

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Allo, I’ll start by stating that I’m not 100% sure about your idea. I hate some of them and some of them I like too. I think it just need some elaboration to make it clear.

Now parents do not really need to be religious to be an arse pat in-regards to as you say

Hey, my parents were both atheist and they both hate LGBT+ too bad for them I turned out to be BI lols sucks for them also I turn to religion as in I follow the Eastern Orthodox teaching of Christianity lols again.

So, when you say religious do you meaning the catholic religion? Cuz I tell you right now if you’ll lump it all into one you’re one of those who are very mistaken. Not ALL CATHOLIC BELIEF FOLLOW SAME THINGS… So, are you talking about Roman Catholics? Orthodoxias? Lutherans? Anglicans? Baptists? Born again? Protestantism? Evangelicalism (Take note there are two of them on is Evangelical Christianity and other Evangelical Protestantism which are both different.) There are more… so which is it? Cuz if you misrepresent one and if its someone’s…well…fudge cakes….

Okay I like where this is going, but elaboration on why would a woman do those things? The mc can practically do that too. Heck a male could do that too. Don’t just make it because wife was bad, Really? MC married the woman without getting a clue? Wow…… In-game explanation is in order. The wife must having reasons to do those. Addiction to alcohol and drugs takes time, it won’t be a bam wam thing. The cheating part… meh… not going into that cuz I have a biased opinion on it. So skipping on…

What type of discharge was bestowed upon the MC? Getting an injury does not automatically get dismissed… Was it HD, GD, OTH, or ELS? Also, why mc can’t get job? That has to be connected to their discharge and their qualifications to finding job. Aren’t the navy or military like giving support to those who they discharge depending on the case cores.

Technically the MC is on hiding since the woman implicates mc into a crime. Lols the drama and to think the MC was implied to have at least some civic duty which I think contradicts this plot hole thingy. Meh…

Forced… yeah… considering the MC was implicated they do no have choice. Self discovery…. Does this imply the MC would become a bona fide drag queen or is this self discovery about showing what a really drag queens are. And just to note not all drag queen are trans people OKAY?! Some are just men who like to dress as a woman at night. Why the hell do I know this? Cuz I do this sometimes. WHY? Cuz I like it period…

I hoping you won’t cliché the trans folks and make it seem like they forced to be there…cuz that like big fudge cakes… If you have trouble on how to make a trans folks there is a tread here somewhere about it. Just ask there…

That all I have to say, 50% not interested and 50% interested for now. I’ll confess I get a little pissed with the wording on

Build…really? It just leaves a bad taste for me. I feel disjoint to the MC becoming a drag queen. I feel like it going to be a joke and then at same time I feel MC is already set to be a bona fide drag queen which is good yet I don’t see the choice in self-discovery as an-understanding to drag queens as opposed to someone self-discovering that they are going to be a drag queen.

I also expect resistance from the MC cuz they’re hammered from birth to be a bigot. Lols. For MC to readily say okie I be drag queen is like a “what the fudge!” moment to be honest…Okay my post long so I leave it as is.


I didn’t think of that, ill research it more but id start with the one i had to study in school which i think is called seventh day Adventist.

How about the desperation of being lonely, with the m.c being months and month away and having to raise the kids alone.( some people just snap)

Good point with that. I’ll see what i can find. Don’t soldiers get dismissed for ptsd?

A bona fide drag queen? i don’t know about that. The player would decide that at the end. “self discovery about showing what a really drag queens are” is about that and more.

I did not know what word to use other then built :frowning: sorry about that.

Like i said before to Mara,

This is not meant to be something that’s its suppose to be trivial or a joke even if it comes out like that. With this “wip” what i wanted to touch were on topics that are dark.

Not everyone that is part of the LGBT has had a pg 13 experience were everything is fun.

Shit happens in this world and even if a lot of people get mad or upset at it and try to hide it,

What i’m trying to show in this “wip” even if it sounds dark, is that there are people like the man M.C who because the way they were raise are close to anything that society doesn’t say is normal, but that even they with the help of other people can open up and even change and not be as “evil” or set in their ways.

.I dont know how to explain it without people getting mad. Just know that i’m not trying to be mean or disrespectful.

Drag queens are not trans. They are men who enjoy a female “persona”.

Crossdressers who are closeted trans folk are different, but should not be assumed as such. Crossdressers have historically been part of the LGBTQA+ culture, but do not confuse them with trans people.

Is part of Protestant Christian…There are many Protestant Christians…

That could work but cliché. It could also be argued that some marriage make work with long distance. I was hoping for a more dramatic reason because loneliness can be result of cheat. But drugs and alcohol?..meh… not so much of a reason… it needs something more than lonelinez.

No, we do not get discharged because of PTSD. That depends on the Level of PTSD the individual has.

What i mean when i say bona fide (do excuse my english I try to explain it better sorry) I mean will the MC embrace being a drag queen as opposed to someone who will have an understanding of what drag queens are. At beginning it seems more like the choice is already made. The MC becomes a drag queen is a given, but I feel like the MC is forced to endure it. I also note that the MC was hammered down at birth to be a bigot in regards to gender… so it really is hard to imagine the MC accepting to be a drag queen.

No, worry it just seem weirdly used.

You cannot please everyone. It a touchy subject so to speak.

I’ll post this as last post. I’m not liking something at the thread…sorry, but i do wish you besty of lucky and hopefully you’ll get a more plausible reason for the MC’s discharge, a better reason for the wife, lastly write what you feel is right. :thumbsup:

Your idea is different from the usual COG where people get to design their own character’s personality and gender. That’s going to limit your audience.

The plot has some weaknesses that have already been mentioned. Are the parents still alive? If they are, wouldn’t it make more sense for MC and his children to just move back in with them if MC agrees with his parents’ ideals? Why is the MC wasting money on alcohol when he barely had enough money to feed and house the kids? I don’t like the whole Stockholm drag queen angle where the MC is forced to work and then somehow comes to respect the kidnappers at the end.

The game would have to begin when MC helps Kitty and then flashback to MC’s history since you don’t even give the MC an option on how to feel about the events.

It might work better as a visual novel, regular story, or other platform since the MC is so defined.

People might respond better if the MC was more maleable and chose (maybe because they were in debt and that was the only job available) to be a drag queen. Another important NPC like a child or old boss could be anti drag that could possibly change.

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Kinky Boots major flaw, for me, was really the romance should have been with the protagonist and Lola.

Some drag queens are transwomen. They might use drag as a first step.

There’s also some gender-queerness about the nature of drag.

Of course not all drag artists are trans.

And there are huge issues with drag queens being seen as offensive and transphobic. Also sexist.

As for the game being suggested. It feels like a novel and not a choice game. Everything already seems set in stone, where our entire background, and gender is decided for us. There’s nothing about that protagonist I can identify with, and so the game doesn’t appeal to me at all.


I think there’s a cool idea in here but you’ll need to be really careful. Gender is a really sensitive topic and you wanna treat everyone with respect. I think a game where you play as a drag queen could be a lot of fun but it needs to be done tastefully and, yeah, I’m not a huge fan of being gender locked or having my entire backstory written for me.

I think I do like the idea of someone from a super reglious background being introduced into this life and learning to be a better person from that, but that would work much better as a novel. However, I think you should keep thinking on it. I, for one, love the idea of playing as a drag queen, getting to create your persona. Maybe take out the being forced into it part? And, again, be careful and respectful.


You should probably go out and meet some drag queens before trying to write a story about them.
I’m currently dating one.
The idea of a drag queen game is really interesting, but you will need to know what you’re talking about.
Also remember this is a choice game.
Try not to have such a linier story.
There is so much potential here if it’s handled correctly.
If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask x


Since you are asking for feedback and trying to gauge interest in this story, here is my opinion. Save yourself the trouble and come up with something else. Personally, the story sounds absurd and I would likely never be interested in a story like this. Also, you are just begging for people to be all kinds of offended. You could write the best transgender/drag queen whatever story in the history of ever and people would still find reasons to be butt hurt about it because you didn’t get the details right, you weren’t respectful enough or some other nonsense. That being said, it is your project and more power to you if you can get it done and survive the criticisms.