The Corp (WIP- Demo Live)

“Zenxthians, people of the Zenxa galaxy. It is my great pleasure to announce a permeant peace treaty between the Outer Galatical Confederate Alliance (OGCA), and The International Zenxa Alliance (TIZA). Both sides have gained casualties in this tiresome war and many families have been lost in its wrath. I pray this will be a sour forewarning, amplifying that we do need to excel together and not strive for Galatical dominance. May this peace last for eternity! “
You remember the announcement as if it was yesterday. The announcement of permanent peace between the two super heavy weights of the Zenxa Galaxy. Thousands of people swarmed into open conference rooms within their home districts to watch the all-important announcement be made. To the naked eye it seemed an inevitability that this was the start of a beautiful anti-war galaxy, and the end of 15 years of high technology warfare. Or so people thought…

“People of Zenxa it is my greatest regret, to inform you that the Zenxa World Alliance (ZWA), has been abolished, may God protect your vulnerable souls. For Freedom and Equality!”

It only took 5 years to break the ZWA, five years of happiness. Five years of peace. Now for the second time in your life, your galaxy. Your home. Was once again brought into a god-like war tearing the galaxy of Zenxa into two.


Hello Writers!

Me and my team of artists and writers are currently in the process of writing a sci-fi story. With the possibility of 14 different stories all with the their own personal story. However all personsl stories leading into one main story. The main story involves the main character being recruited for the TIZA war-frame but because of his/her’a exceling qualities is promoted into their brand new scheme all EACs (Elite Amred Corps). There will be 6 classes the reader can chose to be train into. There assignment is to conquer a planet situated in the outer planets of the solar system. Which belongs to the OGCA. Throughout the journey, the MC will be given the dilemmas of the true reasoning the peace treaty was broken. Which side is at blame. And which side the MC wants to finally serve for.

Thank you for all your time!

JL and Team


Can we be heartless and kill enemies with a smile on our face?


Well, I might turn a blind eye.

Yes. Your Actions will shape latter scenarios or MC/SC (SC = Sub character) will interact differently… Fingers crossed.


Sounds interesting I’m curious to see what role the MC plays and how many possible ways it can end.

Aha patience will reveal all.


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Well, seeing as he is a ninja patience shouldn’t be a problem. Also, this does look rather interesting. Any info on the six classes or will all of us non-ninjas have to learn patience?

I’m at least betting on 1 tank and a medic.

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Hahaha that is true.

The 6 classes will be (To form a corp);




2 of these classes shall be unplayed by me
(Commander and demolition)
Assassin spy medic and such sound cool though.

Each class has it’s pros and cons ;).


True patience is a virtue. So I can wait. On the game though shouldn’t there also be a hacker or combat engineer since the setting sounds futuristic. As there should be a more tech oriented class.

Like I said each class has it’s specialities. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, as I feel you will enjoy It more following the game through each update rather than me telling you so I will hold back on that. But, the end product will be huge with so many settings and re-playability.


Hello all,

A heads up to you all;

You can all expect a demo by Wednesday the latest. Currently the choicescripts is around 13k words and goes from the prologue all the way to the end of chapter 3. The chapters will vary in size accordingly.

Any questions post it.
Thanks for being patient.

JL and Team.

@faewkless You must have liked Asadi in Mecha Ace.

Sounds interesting! So, this story will be a bunch of pre-stories that become one main story? I’m intrigued by the idea.

I can’t wait for the demo it looks amazing

I am also intrigued by this nonstandard way of playing a game. To me it seems a bit catch 22 it will either be a resounding success or a tragic failure. If just because of the uniqueness of the way the story is told, now so you don’t think me Against your game I do look forward to it becoming a grand success that might start a new trend in the way some games are played.

P.S “damn it man I’m a man of action not of patience, what do you expect me to do wait till the world no longer remembers our names and the dust is gone from our bones!!!”. Patience is overrated.


A bit Like that. So for an example. Of you chose to be trained into the role of a commander. Then all your choices in war will only be for the role of a commander. For example. As a commander you get the decision on how you want to tackle certain tasks, how you retain your teams moral and other tasks you will face as a leader.


That’s great! Hopefully it won’t disappoint!


Yes I hope it is a great success.

No it is played in the present day. Apart from chapter 1. However as you progress certain options will only be specific for certain classes as a sense of realism. Ineffect each class has it’s own sub story. But each story/class will all feed into the grand finale.

@JLBH I love the idea of different choices for different classes.I’m going by name here,so I assume the commander is a tank-ish class,but can it do a lot of damage or is that reserved for classes such as assassins?


I am glad you do. The commander is like your perfect team leader. So he/she commands the group acts on tactics and when called to do act he/she will. They will carry enhanced weapons, grenades extc. Able to drive all futuristic vehicles extc the ‘perfect’ commander effectively. However the idea is that you will be sent to a barren planet occupied by the OGCA and another aggressor which you will find out in the demo, or get an idea ;). So the chances of resources will be up to the commanders decision to you trust the black market or wait and survive from weekly supplies the decision is yours.

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If i was looking for a tank out of the choices given, i’d have to go with demolitions. Also if you pick one type of soldier, could you choose to make it a hybrid class later on? Example: assassin+demolition=sabatuer. Cause if you could that would be freakin awesome.