The CoG TVTropes Page

I don’t know about any of you, but I spend way too much time on TVTropes for my own good.

I’ve been looking at the CoG page recently, and noticed that while the older CoG official games are represented rather well, the newer ones seem to have less entries, and the hosted games seem to have none at all.

Has anyone here considered rectifying that?

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@RupertDragoul Hey! I’ve noticed that you’ve been extremely helpful on the Oblique thread and you’ve come up with so many tropes there. Is there any chance that you could give us a hand with the Cog TVTropes Project?

I noticed that too (as I’m always reading stuff on TvTropes) but never found the confidence to edit any pages. I would love to help if anyone wants to do it.

I am an editor on Tv Tropes, butttttttttttt nah. Confidence issues, y’know?

Yeah, that page needs some love, but I’ve never edited before so I’m not sure what to do.

I think that page is only for official CoG, so the hosted games may need separate pages; I believe Zombie Exodus has it’s own page which could also use some work.

@Bagelthief Lol. I see where your coming from, but I meant that I just read tropes. I don’t edit or anything because I just don’t think I could edit, but I do want to help. Y’know?

I suppose we could all work together and figure out what would go on that page, honeys.

I’m looking at the page right now. It’s been updated from my last look at it. It still need some work though.

I think we need more tropes for the last four games on the list and probably links to the games that don’t have them yet.

what’s the link

I, for one, would love to pitch in for a page on any hosted game save Sabres of Infinity (authorial bias and all that).

Does TV Tropes have a rule against authorial bias?

I think we do need to update the page. I’d like to see a better reference to the Hosted Games on that page too since “The website also hosts some user-contributed games, which are generally much shorter.” Isn’t quite true anymore. Zombie Exodus, Waywalker’s, Life of a Wizard and Sabres of Infinity are all huge. If they’re not on that page I think a separated Choice of Games Hosted Games page should be created and prominently linked.

I’d also like to see the various choice games divided up into sub-headings as opposed to tropes from all games mushed together. As it stands it’s more confusing to me than making me want to click a link and play any game.

I don’t have the time to start editing tv tropes stuff though. I know once I start I won’t be able to stop and I’ve so many of my own personal projects to work on.

TVTropes doesn’t have too many rules in the way of anything, but an author putting down tropes because “that’s what the story’s SUPPOSED to be like” just smacks of pretension to me.

Subheadings is a good idea, or just leaving the basic CoG page as a list of tropes common to every game, and then a list of links to independent pages.


You do have a point. I’d just see it as some smart self-advertising but then I don’t contribute to tv tropes, I just get sucked in there every so often and lose hours to reading.

I think you’re right, a list of common tropes near the top. I’m not sure if they should go onto their own separate pages or not though. I’m trying to remember what page I was on recently that had sub-headings on the page and I can’t remember. However if we do include the Hosted games on a page that’s going to get messy. The hosted games have little in common with each other, other than they’re all written using the same language. The Choice of Games are at least all subject to similiar standards.

Maybe we can make seperate trope pages for the hosted games that are popular or atleast have enough tropes to get a page. Zombie Exodus have one, why not the others. It’s just an idea.

Should we start with re-organizing the CoG games first, or set up links to the Hosted Games?

Also, which Hosted Games qualify as “popular enough” to get a page?

Welp, I just sorted the main page into game-specific folders.

There Is No Such Thing As Notability. If we want to split off subpages, and if someone thinks there’s enough tropes for an individual game to make a worthy page (or just likes the game enough!), then by Ceiling Cat make a page for the game. (Hell, nobody needs permission to do that at all.)

Personally, I’d go for making Hosted Games pages first; generating new content is more important than reorganizing old content.

Among the Hosted Games, the Holy Trinity that just about everyone’s played seem to be Zombie Exodus, Life of a Wizard and (of course) Sabres of Infinity.

I wish I could afford to get sucked into helping out. I’d just put the Hosted games beneath the Choice of Games. An explanation at the top what the difference is and if any entries get particularly long create their own separate page.


Way Walker’s University as well.

I thought Apex Patrol was good too.


Fantastic work. That’s looking good.

Marine Raider too. Maybe Sons of the Cherry and Mobile Armored Marine as well.