Possible RP? Choice of Romance


Hey there people^^

I recently bought the game, Choice of Romance, and have since fallen in love with…pretty much everything in it; The characters, the meaningful choices, the world itself…as I said, everything.

I have searched high and low for an RP of this, yet I have found nothing. Therefor I thought “Why not ask among my fellow fans”?..the question is:Would anyone be interested in doing some RP based in this wonderful game?

I do apologize if this is posted in the wrong section or such - feel free to move/delete it its the case.


Do you plan on making a CoG? What game is it? What kind of RP? I need more information, please :slight_smile:


Hey there, welcome to the forums!
It’s great to have you, but I’m sorry to say that we don’t actually allow roleplaying on these forums due to the nature of layout, it tends to cause clutter and ends up burying game threads. By all means, you can recruit people here, and I’m sure many would be interested but the actual roleplaying is better done off site (or in private messages).

I know there *was* a thread related to CoR on the RPG at one point, so you might have some luck there: http://roleplayerguild.com/showthread.php?155311-Choice-of-Romance-OoC&p=9715413

Best of luck with that! :slight_smile:


It was my intention to recruit other people, sorry if I was vague on that part.

And I did look over that topic, but upon investigating, it was dead. So I decided to make this topic.


I’m cool with something like that as I have some freetime ahead of me. It’s fine by the way, being vague and all, added to the suspense of the reveal.


What’s an RPG
Sorry for not knowing


role playing game


Oh so just like choice of games- hosted games ’ games


There are plenty of roleplaying websites online where you might be able to start a roleplay for CoR if you’d like. (I started an RP of Heroes Rise some time ago on one such site, and it was a big hit until some complications came up IRL and I had to close it down.)

If you do start such an RP, let me know! I’d love to join.


I would definitely be interested in an RP, so please do let me know if you start one!


*raises hand* Me too!


Same here!