Is there going to be a choice of romance part 3 (like affairs at court)






When us it coming out


I was left on a cliffhanger so I’d assume so.


i really hope that you can overthrow even the KING /QUEEN in part 3 and become really power hungry.


Yeah I with you! B-)


Work has not yet begun on the third part of AotC.


i want my son to be a powerful mage and u should be able to pick your kids name


I really hope so I can’t wait for a Third part of this series. Romance along with Vampire is one of the best site created games!!!


Any news on Romance 3?


Progress on the game has not yet started as of late, but it is assumed to be begun after the newer titles (series prehaps) come out, such as Choice Of The Ninja, and Choice Of The Alien, if any progress of AotC 3 has been made, it has not been announced, and is being kept under wraps.


Actually, it was announced not too long ago that work had begun on part 3.


Really? Guessed I missed that, thanks Tigras.


@Daisuke Yep, and you’re welcome. It was a thread much like this, and Jason, in his usual understated way, simply said that work had begun on it.


GUYS! Be sure to read the rules thread before you make threads, I just read that threads asking “when will it come out” etc. are frowed upon by the CoG staff, not sure if they’ll take action on those threads though, just make sure to read the rules.


This wasn’t a “when will it come out”. It was more of a “will it be made in the first place”.


I know, i’m just trying to warn you in case an admin sees this as a breach in the rules, and to warn you from making a “when-will-it-be-done?” thread.


I don’t think they would take this thread as so serious a threat as to take it down, but thanks for the heads up. Never to careful, right? :smiley: