Place to roleplay COG other than the forums here?


If I wanted to throw together an online RPG set in the world of one of the COG/HG (just a small thing for fellow fans) does anyone have a suggestion about where I might host it? I used to post to roleplaying forums ages ago, but it seems that most of those sites have shut down.

Also, what would be the appropriate way to advertise such a game - could we send PMs to friends about it? Is there any way to let other people know about a game you’re starting?

If this is totally verboten because even mentioning roleplaying is causing too much work for the mods, I understand. Modding is hard. :hushed:

Edit: So, here are some options I found for offline RP -
Lord Irish’s RP forums
RPGChat - also has forums - social networking with profiles for fictional characters/roleplayers
Guilty Pleasures Roleplay - 18+ forum for more explicit RPs (if approved by the world’s creator)

Choiceofgames based RPs NOW READY FOR PLAY! (link found within have fun! Lotsa room)



That’s where some people from the forum use to rp but I haven’t been on in a while cause of lack of wifi


I haven’t done a lot of pbp rp, but I’m on Mythweaver myself recently. Seems like a decent community already there open to some new things, with a good system in place, and a site that as old as some of forum goers here.

Asking your friends via PM would be perfectly fine. Unless you’re doing something really weird or bad, we’re generally not filtering PMs.

(Personally I’m not against leaving one thread open to talk about RPing or some such. Unless Jason still wants flip a desk because of the Great RP Flood or 2012.)


The roleplay thread issues were before my time. I think they had a tendency to flood the forum and people were focusing more on those threads and not on discussing Choice of Games and providing feedback for WIPs. That’s the reason that they’re not allowed. (I think).

I’ve never been much of one for forum roleplay so other than LordIrish’s site I don’t know. If you’re using any worlds other than those Choice of Games own the rights for, I’d suggest asking for permission first. Actually probably best to check and make sure it’s okay even for those they do own the rights for.

Since I missed the great roleplay flood, I can’t actually see much of a problem with having roleplay threads, if they’re specifically dedicated to choice of games, and if there’s a limit on how many of them we have going. But it’s probably going to be easier on us mods if there’s just the one master thread here, where you can recruit for players, post your links, talk in general about things, and a link at the top pointing to the offsite hosting. We don’t want the sea of rp to return again and drown out everything else.

Hey @LordIrish what’s the current state of the rp forums you have? Are they active?


Turning this thread into a directory of links to forums and/or games would be great, if that’s allowed. I’ll check out the two sites suggested.

What do you mean by “using any worlds”? Do you mean that I should ask, e.g., @HornHeadFan if I want to start a fan RPG game set at CCH’s Speck Community College? By “owns the rights”, are you saying that it might be okay to start a game without asking the creator if it’s an official COG title, and only then?

If I wanted to start a Firefly RP I wouldn’t have thought of asking Joss Whedon’s permission, so it didn’t occur to me - but if that’s what would be polite, of course I would.


Hey if you get one started, shoot me a PM about it would ya? I’d friggen love to (at least) check it out. Never actually done a forum RP before (have done other text-based RPing before, however.)


If you start one up I’d be interested in joining. Only ever tried roleplaying a couple of times but it seemed pretty fun. :slight_smile:


Yep. It’s a copyright and politeness thing. I can’t see too many people saying no though, especially if you include a disclaimer and a link to their works at the top of the thread.

If you check on a game’s About page it’ll tell you there who owns the copyright. If it’s Choice of Games then I suspect if you ask them, “hey can we do some roleplay based in all these games” they won’t have an issue with it, as long as you stick up a link to Choice of Games at the top.


I, too, would be interested! I’ve role played a bit on other forums sites still I’m a bit of a novice.


So thats 2 for being interested for joining! One with heavy experience in private text-based Rps, and in RPs in other mediums (particularly Starcraft 2’s Rping ability), and one who has tried Rping only a couple of times (No offense @Razgriz) Thats more than I expected TBH.

Edit: And a 3rd while i was typing this! Who has identified themselves as a novice.
Edit 2: By “More than I expected” I mean I didn’t expect more people than me to be interested XD


I wouldn’t mind playing too its been a while tho.


Count me in to, never really done text base role playing but have done some LARPing.


I couldn’t understand why someone from CoG would turn down a roleplaying forum. Content marketing at its finest. I would be interested in something like this. The other forums seemed too clunky for my liking.


Well if you can’t contact Joss Whedon to get a Firefly RP started, CCH would naturally be the next next next next next next next next deep breath next next next best thing.


Content marketing but people would get more interested in this than the games themselves.


Well you see Theo, sometime back in 2012 there where RP topics poping up left, right and center, and they were being commended on so much that they buried, the topics about Gog’s that where being made. Not sure if it the way that Jason feels about rping is different now seeing as we have changed forum software since, and the current one is much better.


My opinion is unchanged: No RP threads here.

However, you are free to RP with any IP that COG owns the rights to. As long as you do it elsewhere.

If you want to know if COG owns the rights, go to the “Credits” tab of the game, and look and see who owns the “Copyright.” If it’s a person, that person owns it. If COG owns it…


So @jasonstevanhill , is it okay to link to off-site RPs in this thread? Or should I stick to PMs to people on the forums I already know and who might be interested?


I think it would be ok to post them here but to be on the safe side you should pm them.