RP Idea

I’ve had an idea that’s been floating around in my mind for a while. I assume that most people who play CoG’s have RP’ed ( Roleplayed ) before. If not a brief explanation of roleplaying on the internet is constructing a character based on a certain setting I.E. force/magic potential in s Star Wars or Harry Potter RP or equipment depending if you’re a soldier in an army. Once you construct this character and there are sufficient other characters and people controlling them you begin to interact with the other people’s world and that setting your in. A lot like CoG except here you do it alone.

I was thinking that with the permission of the CoG and WIP’s creators we could RP as characters that would most likely come about from their games when we create characters and then RP with them in an official RP for it. This would serve as a fun way for us all to interact with each other and give the game creator new ideas based off our RP’ing. What do you think CoG people? And if it’s a good idea should it be a separate section or on a separate site entirely that we do this.

RP on the forum is not allowed as it clogs up the the site. There are a few places that the CoG writers gather to RP.
Is one I have hosteded for some time. If you search the threads there are a few otherrs. Hope this helps.

Ok cool. I think I tried that before but it didn’t work out very well. My email is clogged with spam. :confused:

You can pm me the info and I can set you up.

Alright I’ll do that.

Is it just me or did the site just crash?

I don’t think so thought I haven’t been on for a while.

It says ‘Requested URL can not be retrieved’

Now it just says bad gateway

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Just got up, went to the site it seems to be working for me. Is there still a problem for yo all?

It works now, just buggy

Now it just shows bad gateway every 4 pages or so, but we can use it.

Sorry folks the was a Network Issue at Boston Data Center. They are working to resolve the problem. Until then it maybe a bit spotty.

It’s back to normal now, it seems

I talked with them. The servers are back up and running
If you spot any glitchs I have them work on it.

There’s a place called Nation States that have forums for RP’s. If the one your using currently doesn’t work out maybe we can try to do it there.

I really wish to advance the features for roleplay for us. BUT! phpBB is just not working out. I find it lacks when it comes to features geared towards RPG. Therefore I am looking at other forum software to use. For one I would like a dice roler. I have tried every mod under the sun for phpBB with little to no success.

Wordpress, there is a plugin that might have potential but, it is still in early development. Maybe one day may switch over to it, for now not enough to work with.

Any ideas on what forum software I should be looking at that I can host from my server and does not require me to spend days trying to understand the program language to add a mod.

After a lot of looking most of the good RPG sites use XenForo. A little pricey for something I run for free, but still may invest in it after the contest. So a few months down the road. I will keep the old forum up and running but will start drafting for new forum.

Alright PM me the details when they’re finalized.

I am interested in RP but I forgot my password and username to lordirish’s site so I’m on this one:https://www.rpgcrossing.com/index.php but if I could remember my username and password for the other site I would be fine with using that also.

If you could remember the user name I could reset the password.