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I’m part of this newly started roleplay based off Choice of Romance, sans the magical element’s of the story. Some of the characters have changed a bit, some new characters were added in, and in some newly planned developements…some characters might end up getting killed. We’re trying to keep the original tone and feel of the story…which is romance?

Check out the Character Profiles here in the Out of Character Forum:

Here is the In Character Forum:

What you think so far? Be fair, we’re fairly new.

It’s an “intriguing” idea for an RPG and looks like fun. :slight_smile:

BTW, a royal consort is not the ruler, but the ruler’s spouse. “King Consort” is thus a powerless title for the husband of a ruling queen, not the proper title for a ruling king.

RE: King Consort Title.
It was overlooked, and we tend to ignore it. 8->

Of course, the King Consort has an enormous amount of personal power. If youre nice to him and present to him an idea, he could then tell the queen about it.

@revanrulesrussia The “King Consort” in the RPG -openly- cheats on the queen and acts like he’s in charge. Contrast that with CoR, where Queen Augustina doesn’t hesitate to have her king consort executed if you can make an infidelity charge stick.

Like I mentioned, the king consort/king thing is overlooked and often ignored, when the RP grows a bit/reaches a certain length we’re probably going to do some editing. The mistake is calling him King Consort when he is actually King. I’m constantly doing editing for my character’s parts, since I’m a perfectionist. If it’s really bothering you guys that much, I can mention it to them for editing.

BTW: What do you think of the characters so far?



Fiona is pretty much the protagonist from the game, and is clearly the anchor character in the RPG. Aside from her younger sister Maggie, the rest of the active characters appear to be new creations. I’m not surprised nobody wanted to play de Torres, a character described as “exceedingly boring”. The only reason he was ever in the running was because he had money, and that’s not so important once the protagonist realizes the King, who also has plenty of money, is also seriously interested in her.

Cecilio’s coming interactions with Maggie sound like fun. I am quite curious regarding Maggie’s reaction upon eventually discovering that he is a Cortejo. That was a rather interesting choice of occupations you made. :wink:

Two characters I’m surprised not to see mentioned at all in the RPG are Vega and Juanita. Does the King only have one child in the RPG? Tomas?

It’s interesting that the death/life mage stuff was removed from the RPG. I suppose it was pretty easy to play CoR without it. In CoI, magic was more important since the only way to acquire a life mage child without murdering your brother-in-law was to beat that fugitive life mage into submission and threaten to kill him with some hefty death magic.

Wow. That…that was extensive. I’m not too sure it we’re going to add the secondary characters in our RP, we haven’t even got a full cast of central characters. We’re still hoping and praying for more to join, but at the moment we are going to take a break since our leader (person behind our RP and the character Dona Fiona de Rivera) is going to be occupied for the week.

Glad someone thought the intereactions between my character and Maggie were interesting, I had fun writing for Cecilio.

Anyway…while there won’t be magic, there might be mystery and espionage…if we last long enough to start into that stuff.


Honestly, your Cecilio/Maggie RP has quite a bit of promise. IMHO, it’s the most intriguing of the current interactions. And I don’t see the Dona Maria de Blanco you’ve painted so far as being the type to willingly share her toy with another woman.

I understand your line of argument on secondary characters, it just seemed noteworthy that Tomas, a small illegitimate child, is explicitly mentioned and even named, while the older Juanita isn’t even mentioned. I was wondering if there was a reason for that differential treatment.

There is no reason why jousts and duels can’t be done with lances and swords instead of wands and staves, although the English Captain’s introduction of firearms into the RPG makes jousts, but not duels, obsolete. And as long as the ruler is a straight male, the spell of life isn’t really needed to explain Tomas’s status as a “bastard”. The spell of life, and the negative affects of not being able to produce a life mage heir without it, don’t become a central story element until CoI.

WARNING: Blatant Spoilers Ahead. Skip if you hate spoilers.

Yeah…we were discussing pairing up Magdalena with Cecilio earlier in our OoC forum (we delete our old comments to lessen the amount of pages), she got married to a widower (Felix something, has a small child) in the sequel so we vowed to never mention the dude, and if we did he would still have his wife (blatantly/shamelessly altering the original storyline). Things may change in the future. When the forum was started, it was decided (unmentioned sort of decision) that whomever chose what character would decide how they’d navigate through the storyline, and if they wanted to change the storyline it would be fine so long as the ‘main plot’ remained the same.

The King himself does not even bare his original name, his marriage with the queen consort is empty and lost meaning when they fell out of love, while the original was more of a political marriage. So we aren’t going to nag him if he drops one of his children, she might pop up as a secret character/or other illegitimate child in the future instead, depends on the direction the RP takes. So this really is more of an ‘adaptation’ than an ‘exactly the same’ sort of RP, somethings will occur that didn’t happen in the original story. Yeah, at this point we doubt that Carlos de Torres is going to be RPed, so we plan to have him murdered later as a plot developement.

And about the jousting…its more of an entertainment thing, so it would probably still be used later in the plot. Duels ‘could’ still be done in the storyline, and are probably going to be held with both guns and swords…only if we last that long.

If you have any further suggestions, questions, please let me know. ;:wink:

Our leader is back, so we will be resuming the RP early this week. 8->

If you need anyone to Be an Assassin/Murderer, I’m avalible.
I’m not Joking, I’m dead serious…hehe “Dead” Serious…
C’mon, Don’t I Deserve a Reply at least… :-((

Dude, we have a man whore, an assassin wouldn’t be too crazy. Plus, we plan to have some murder mystery/espionage…maybe. You’d have to clear it with our leader julia first.

A Man whore…Now I’ve heard it all
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Any ?Sahrans? (Is that right?) Yet?

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Uh…I might have mentioned the removal of magic in a post earlier in this forum…it was part of our leader’s decision. The profiles seem interesting, though I haven’t finished reading them just yet. I think with the introduction to assassins we will have to start introducing more NPC, you know, to kill.

I Posted my Char Profs.
What do you think? And I just Found out that the Magic’s been Removed…Shit!
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Yeah, I had just read it