The City of Dis (And the Stats Dilemma!)

Hail, and well met! Like so many of you, I have begun my game writing career using the wonders of ChoiceScript! I’ve just finished the character creation process, but now I’m faced with two undesirable options. I’ve determined that my stats are somewhat long winded and dull to look at, so I wonder: Do I keep a list of opposed stats that aren’t terribly interesting to read, or do I go back and change everything to accommodate a stat system more akin to Apex Patrol (textual witticisms)? Or do I do something else entirely?

I implore you, my peers; advise me!

you can divide the stats in to section…

I’m not sure i understand what you mean. Could you please explain?

so you are saying that you have too many stats right?

Half yes, half no. They’re all opposed, so it looks like a lot, but the real problem is that they make the stats screen very dull.

let me try something… if it works it will make your stats look better

How do you mean?

Hi Julian welcome to choicescripting :slight_smile:
In regards to your question, at the end of the day it comes down to nothing but personal opinion.

What I think you’re asking is whether there is any alternative way to set out stats or make them look less boring and more pretty - and the short answer to that is no, there isn’t.

You can really only be as creative as native choicescript let’s you be, using the bar charts, bold/italic text - pictures and line breaks.

How you choose to do it, i.e. Apex Patrol style vs Opposed Bar Charts would be dependent on your personal preference and perhaps the structure of your game - what would actually make more sense for YOUR game?

i am gonna pm you.

@Julian928 Could you post a screenshot or something so we can see what you mean?

julian did you get my message ?

Indeed, we’d be better suited to offering advice if we were somewhat informed as to the nature of what it is we’re discussing. If we could see the problematic stats, then maybe a solution could be proposed.

i got one but i will need cjw help to fix it it works perfectly just needs some improvements…@CJW are you willing to help?

even though its simple and not what Julian meant this might be helpful to some people:

Sorry, figuring out how to do a dropbox link without including my account.

Honestly, I think they’re rather good stats as they are.

Finally realized that it was showing my account because I was just signed in. Feel a bit silly now.

…Although brutality and wit aren’t antithetical. Since you’ve already accounted for brutality-qua-thuggishness elsewhere, perhaps vulgarity would be a better term?

Ooh yes, I like that. I think I’ll also change Thuggishness to Brutality. Thanks for the suggestion!

it seems fine to me…