The City of Dis (And the Stats Dilemma!)


Also, this might seem a little foolish of me, but since I didn’t find it in the CS guides nor on here, I have to ask: How do I change my game’s title?


open up index.html with notepad and there will be 2 places places which say title the change them both. the first one is for the head and the second is the real title


Simple. You search for the html file named ‘index’ in the mygame folder, open it with your text editor and search for this line- “Multiple Choice Example Game | My First ChoiceScript Game” Change the title into whichever you want.


Thank you both, that had been bothering me something fierce.




The stats screen you posted seems fine to also.


lol it was easy to make, it just popped up in my head i thought of experimenting it.


Actually I was talking about @Julian928’s stat screen, but yours is pretty good as well.


:frowning: lol :smiley: its alright it was lame idea :stuck_out_tongue: that was embarrassing :L


Why not add descriptions underneath each stat bar to show which stage the characters at? Like Apex except with a kind of number indicator


It’s not the full thing (that’s playtesters only until release) but you can still get the first chapter with an overhauled intro and a fairly large extra scene, which both add more depth. That is of course assuming that the last time you had a run at it was before all of the “Billy” stuff got added.

EDIT: Isn’t a full-length katana pretty damn intimidating? Also I usually like to be the heroic good guy in games, but even I wouldn’t go for a taser; so may I suggest a tranq gun I-) instead so we can go all Solid Snake on this bitch?


Also, is the full Vendetta beta still available, or has Ven pulled it?


To the first, I’m doing +% for most of the increases, so mastery is a bitch, but you won’t have anything you’re inherently bad at. An early decision whilst reminiscing about your childhood with your subconscious adds a specific flaw that will severely impede you every now and again, but will also help you. (IE: No matter how mighty -might being your general level of fitness- you are, being Frail means that you feel that shot to the jaw in a big way. On the same note, people don’t see you as physically intimidating, so they don’t see that skull-cracking punch coming.)

To the second, a major decision chain gives you a role on your team, which in turn opens up various fighting styles and weapon masteries specific to your “class”. Choosing to rock a sawn-off and a lead pipe is pretty damn brutal and intimidating. By contrast, the same job could be accomplished with a katana and a taser, both more graceful and more heroic.


@Ajax Brilliant sir! I hadn’t thought of a best of both approach.


No problem, it’s actually been in the back of my mind for a while; but it seemed like everybody else had some preset idea of the kind of stats they wanted so I didn’t think it could really be useful to anybody… until now that is :smiley:

EDIT: Just do me a favour for the highest possible Charisma-type stat could you use the description “As cunning as fox that lectures on cunning at the Caesar-Machiavelli Institute of Cunning”


@Ajax I would, believe me I would, but there isn’t an official charisma stat and I don’t think I’ll be making one. :frowning: Instead, Charisma is a blend of most of your other stats, and is less “I’m a charming bastard, aren’t I?” and more of an analog for your entire disposition.


Ah, interesting! Are you going to have any indicator of how much of a “charming bastard” the PC is or will it be obvious from the other stats?


@Ajax After a certain point, your stats stay pretty stagnant for several chapters. There’s a great deal of “if blah =” from that point, and people who are graceful or witty will enjoy a verbal dance from the MC, whilst vulgar and brutish or villainous folk will tend to be more biting and hostile. It takes some liberties with how the player wants the MC’s personality, but I hope that it does the job if showing that they have one.


Sounds good, but when you say “stagnant” does that mean no movement at all or will there be small stat increases for some choices like “Vendetta” to reflect how the player tends to approach things.


@Ajax Small increases, and some more substantial increases to stats that didn’t come up a lot while you mold your character. Then you get a few training options to up your more physical stats again.