The Cain Foundation WIP updated 08/13/21

Hello again aaaaannnnnddddd…demo

My name is still Taran and this is my second WIP though I have not abandoned the first. I intend to alternate between the two but that… is neither here nor there… On with the show!


In this game you play as a stuffed animal crafted to be the companion to a child. Many years later you are reintroduced into a world which seems to no longer care for you. Soon however you find yourself in the company of three creatures like which you’ve never seen and begin traveling with them to a city on the shore full of creatures who only wish to avoid the ire of the merciless Coalition of Wolves. In order to find lodging in this new place you soon begin working for a do-gooder group named The Cain Foundation.

Characters (Romancable & Otherwise)

Brook - Romance Option #1 - An Automaton who talks fast and acts faster. Brook has a habit of running into danger in seek of the next big thrill, as a result they will often think of everyone’s safety before their own. Whats more Brook is most inclined towards like minded thrill seekers, while disliking anyone overly cautious or those concerned with their well being in particular.

Rollor - Brook’s elder brother, he like Brook is a Automaton though seemingly of a different breed or build given his inability to speak outright. Even so Rollor is a feeling machine who is emphatically protective of Brook whom he idolizes & adores.

Mama Rute - An Encantado originally from Brazil who has only recently left her home for the first time where she was ousted after years of serving as a mystic when the Coalition threatened violence on her village. Now she travels towards Hippothyne a city supposedly welcoming of all kinds. Despite her more tragic circumstances Mama Rute is an energetic old woman who always seems to be smiling as if knowing something you don’t.

Devin Gunn - A human man who lives in Hippothyne as a baker, along with his wife. What’s more he is the founder of the Cain Foundation an organization he started after years of belonging to the Coalition of Wolves. The thought is plenty unnerving now given his uncanny resemblance to a fluffy harmless bear as well as his typically cheerful disposition.

Kelly Gunn - A Fairy whom is married to Devin, she can often be found running the shop with her husband, as well as without him when he is off on Cain Foundation business. Kelly is kind above all else though frugal with a mind for business.

Briar Ronan - Romance Option #2 - Briar is a Selkie living under the thumb of a manipulative man who holds their second skin hostage thus keeping Briar tied to him. Briar is the first job you’re given when you begin working with The Cain Foundation and you’re tasked with freeing them, in doing so you come to find Briar incredibly closed off and hard, in fact the only thing Briar does seem to like is privacy, and independence. What’s more Briar will outright bolt if they feel their freedom is at risk.


Choose between eleven different stuffed animals, multiple colors and patterns, as well as four stylish accessories.

There are also two planned romances.

Choose to either embrace blossoming emotions or shun them entirely.


Currently sitting at 40k again I do intend to update though I don’t know how long the finished product will be


Well as for feedback I am not looking for anything major, spelling errors, grammer errors, thoughts on the story, hopes for future updates


04/07/21 - The demo now works… truly the biggest change of all

08/13/21 - Chapter 1 is now done at nearly double the length of the game previously, don’t get too excited though its mostly world building/introduction.

Also there is now a save system.

08/16/21 - Chapter 1 is still done but now the save system SHOULD work, what’s more there is a Glossary of terms and creatures which you can look at when you get far enough in the story there will be additions as new terms and creatures are met. Also changes to Brook’s pronouns special thanks to @Konoi for this one.

In The Next Update

In the next update you will be able to change your name if you so choose as well as change your gender again if you so choose. I would have included it in this update but it seemed to be a heavy inclusion given it’s literally your first day alive so to speak so yes later… Also in the next update Hippothyne?.. Probably not I hoped so but at this rate… woof.

Notes I guess?

@Francisco_Mendez - Gracias me gustó la idea también, perdón si mal español puedes agradecer a google porque no lo hablo


I have changed the pronunciation per your input, and it shall be reflected in the next update, as for the why… see above.

@Draconifors - Fixed & fixed. The changes will be reflected in the next update of the game thank you kindly for pointing them out.

@Empress_Nightmare - The error has been fixed, sorry I usually play as a cow because ‘Moo’ so the error slipped right on by.

Also I will have to look into save systems because the last one I implemented prevented me from adding any new variables which I am constantly doing so… I promise to look into it.

Also also if Tommy/Betty called the MC a boy it was only slightly unintentional. The logic was that kids attribute different genders to toys at different times so it could just have easily been she. In fact I’ll probably slip that pronoun into the prologue as well, But no your gender is NOT set to male. It will be covered in the story eventually but I thought it best to assuage any fears… post haste.

@Konoi - I am working on a save system so fingers crossed it should be implemented upon the next update.

Thank you for complimenting my stat screen and the game for that matter, I worked hard on both but the stat screen is sorta my pride & joy.

The accessory was separated when the MC got dropped into the garbage bin and was not retrieved by Brook due to no fault of their own it was merely separated and thus a different piece of junk in the garbage truck but will you be reunited in the future? Possibly.

Yes I included this bit intentionally because there is another section in the show-and-tell mini story in which Betty/Tommy refers to the MC as male. All this was to say that children impart different genders to their stuffed animals at different times which I was going to include in the story when it came time to decide the MC’s gender for yourself which was going to be in this update but which had been pushed back to the next update in either case I thought it necessary to include this bit of information here to dissuade any fears that you might have a gender locked MC which I assure you is not the case.

Also also thank you so much for all the pronoun error fixtures I assure you Brook is not a female in my mind there are probably just as many male born errors. I kept telling myself to make a cheat sheet that I could look at for pronouns (since I am hopeless in this area) but I didn’t and now I’m paying the price so again thank you, the feedback in invaluable.

@fisheye I honestly had not thought of bunny, it never even crossed my mind. I am of course open to adding more animals to the pantheon so to speak, but I’ll have to think on it. I mean initially Lamb was Horse and then Pig was in the running for a time and even Fish so any thing is possible. As for the rest… no. I feel if birds can fly that gives them a bit of an unfair advantage barking as well, I figure there might be a gag thing in there at some point like your character pretending to be dog to distract someone but my logic at least was that your burgeoning soul was just A soul, not the soul of a dog nor even the body of a dog much like the bird. Birds may be aerodynamic and able to fly but stuffed animals which look like birds… not so much.

Bunny is now one of eleven playable animals

At everybody else who complimented my game - Thank you, I worked hard on it and I hope the next update doesn’t take forever because I have a lot more to show you… y’all sorry couldn’t help my self.


I like the idea it sounds kind of interesting. I’m curious to see what tone you’re planning for this as I could see it going in several different directions. However I wasn’t able to play the demo. Not sure if this problem is just on my end


Yeah I had that problem too.

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Welcome back :grinning: !

I’ve had the same issue

The demo is so cool! :smiley: Blob can’t wait for more!

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M e gusta la idea de ser un muñeco sintético que descubre su propio espíritu en el proceso

I loved the game. From the idea to the storytelling, everything is great and I hope you keep working on it. I’d love to see more of it

I’m happy to see you got the demo working and especially because it’s quite good. I’m eager to see progress on this one in the future. I do have one rather nitpicky bit of feedback for you though. On the first page the pronunciation you probide for tsukumogami is incorrect. In Japanese vowels are pronounced the same way at all times with the sound only really changing when multiple vowels are next to each other. Therefore the “mo” would be pronounced like the name Moe and not “muh” as you put it. Additionally the tsuku is pronounced as it appears with a hard k, not a soft one as you wrote. I consider this nitpicky as you probably aren’t going to be writing much more Japanese throughout but if it helps I can provide you a link to a website that explains this stuff more clearly and succinctly then I can.


This is a really interesting premise, I haven’t seen this before! I can’t wait to see where this goes, and the characters seem to be really intriguing. I’m really looking forward to see how we’ll develop and be able to interact with the rest of the cast - especially when it comes to romance.

I picked up a couple of typos while reading, but nothing major :slight_smile:


In Japanese folklore Tsukumogami are inanimate objects which upon serving their owner/s for 100 years are rewarded with a kami or soul, therefor becoming living beings.

therefor → therefore


a man dressed in a cowboy hat and overalls wondering the streets of Brooklyn looking lost


I really enjoyed the demo! The premise was super unique and I love the amount of customization we can give our character. The idea of playing as a stuffed toy (at least at first it seems??) is something I haven’t seen done before iirc.

Also, I don’t know how I missed it before since it was literally mentioned in the summary, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to see the ‘99 years later’ to happen so I was caught of guard haha. (In a good way I mean :sweat_smile:)

Very much looking forward to see where this goes!


Not bad, it’s a very interesting demo.

Cat toy got hoof?

Is there gonna be a save system?

Not on my watch, I’ll get to the bottom of this

Oi @Redway_bull the toy’ kid refers to the toy as he/him, we get to olay as male toy only?

Well, this has to be one of the most original things I’ve read in a long while… or ever, really?
I’m surprised it’s going to have romance and all!

I’ve always had a soft spot for living toys and for tsukumogamis, so really, this story is right up my alley.

I didn’t notice any major issues while playing - maybe I’ll do so when I replay at some point.
I would suggest to add saves though - after all the game has a lot of customization, and being able to save would be convenient for playtesting.

I love the stat screen you did for this game, with it updating all the time. A changing stat screen is ALWAYS welcome as far as I’m concerned!

Honestly, I can’t say much more. I liked it a lot, and I’m excited for what’s to come.


I really love the story so far. It is definitely a stand out for sure. Can’t wait to see the rest of the trip. If we are going to be reunited the family?

Can I just say that this story is amazing and amazingly hurtful. Also John Henry I think his name was deserves dad of the year, searching through a bunch of trees for a stuffed bird, as well as sewing up a broken wing, etc.


This was amazing! I can’t wait for more.

I’m going to second this! Your premise is intriguing and novel, author, and I will certainly be keeping this one on my radar for future updates.


Glad to hear you trust my advice lol. I apologize again for being nitpicky but I’m studying the language currently so I like to let others know about stuff. I’m excited to see what will be in the new update and for what it’s worth this is definitely one of the more promising wip’s I’ve seen in a while, and the concept is wonderfully original, keep up the good work!