The Bridge - beta test

Looking for beta testers for a post-apocalyptic interactive novel - blah blah, you all know the drill.

I’d ideally like two types of feedback: little stuff like typos, misgenderings, and grammatical errors; and big stuff like plot holes character inconsistencies, or major glitches (ie a character returns from the dead)

I’m also interested in social issues that I may have mishandled, such as a gender neutral character being treated in a respectful way, as far as the writing goes.

Hope I did this right? If not let me know please.

Edit 1: due to popular demand, dashingdon link -

Edit 2: A summary - The world has ended in atomic flame. You are a lone warrior on your way to the mythic Crescent City - a center of civilization and even democracy and the degenerate wasteland. But to get there, you must first barter for the right to cross the Bridge. Will you collapse under the weight of mutant beasts and conniving wastelanders? Or will you prove your mettle and fulfill your mission? Be prepared for tribals, mutant gators, possible furries, and giant enemy crabs.


wouldn’t it be easier for you to upload to dashingdon in private mode and then create a private chat here in the forum and distribute the link there?


Could we get a blurb or summary? Or are we just jumping in blind?

It is a post apocalyptic story in which the main character is trying to reach the legendary Crescent City, the last bastion of civilization, but must first barter to cross the Bridge. This sends them on a quest that includes swamp tribals, mutant Gators, giant crabs, and changing geopolitics. Not to mention romanceable companions.

Thanks! (20 thankful characters)

@Michael_Meillarec Can I suggest you take down your email and run via PM, or write it with spaces and “dots”. What you’ve done it a great way to get inundated by spambots.

I also agree with Logan, setting up a private test on Dashingdons is a fantastic resource and allows you to easily update the files as needed.


This was good I like it

Thanks! What did you like about it?

I was wondering who are ROs so far ive only been able to romance Sojourn

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There’s also Cassie (the hunter). Not sure about any others.

How do you get the option to romance cassie

It only unlocks if you manage to impress her on the way to the hunter base in the swamp. Selecting another romance in front of her overrides any progress you made with her.


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To get sojourn you 1. Cannot flirt with others in front of them and 2. Must get the peaceful resolution.


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