The Black Prince (Prequel to The Order of the Rose)- WIP

You are the Black Prince. The Rebel King. The Master of Discord. You have been given many names by your enemies over the years, among them Kinslayer and Traitor. Despite your infamy in the empire, not many people know who you truly are. To the vast majority of the empire you are a faceless figure that embodies evil, to be hated and feared. Your name brings terror to the nobles in the high courts of Girton, and your armies are the epitome of savagery. You know everything about everyone, your vast spy network ensuring that you are always one step ahead of your foes.

But it wasn’t always this way. Once, you were just a child with dreams of greatness. You played as other children did, and knew laughter and joy. But something happened to change all that. Whether it was your own hubris, the machinations of others, or perhaps the intervention of a greater power, you became one of the most powerful (albeit hated) beings in all of Girtonia.

Write the story of the Black Prince in this game, following him/her as they shape the future of Girtonia, whether for better or for worse.

This game will follow the story of the Black Prince, the rebel who destroyed a dynasty and caused the Order to be created. The game will not be gender-locked, as the actual gender of the Black Prince is actually a little ambiguous. My idea is to make this a game that you play before engaging in my other game, and will set up the state that the world is in, and will determine who is on the throne, the state of the rebellion, political factions, etc. For now though, its still in the early stages but I’d like to hear what you guys think about this.


@TheWoodSprite I don’t know if you’ll put this in the main game,but if you do then maybe you should put it as a choice for the player if they want to play the prologue and then give them a little backstory on how the Order came to be.

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Its going to be a bit long to put this in The Order. My idea is to release this before I release my other game, allowing players to be eased into the world, and letting them set up their world state for their characters.

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Alright,I get that much…so you’re going to release it as a standalone game?Or just on the website so fans can get a taste of it?

P.S what happened to the main game I thought it was going into beta?

The main game is currently being worked on. The scope changed dramatically, and although I believe wholeheartedly that it will be finished and testing ready eventually, right now its too much of a mess in terms of coding, missing scenes, variables, etc. Depending on the length of it(and I’m pretty sure it’ll be quite long), the Black Prince will release as a standalone, hopefully by hosted games. The reason it will not take as long as The Order of the Rose is because it follows a single character and the story is pretty linear, with far less paths available than the Order. this doesn’t mean I’m making it a “locked” narrative, it just means that there won’t be like 20 different endings and all that.


It sounds interesting but I think you probably should complete the game it is a prequel to first.

Also, Starting something new when you are getting overwhelmed is not a great idea, You are going to be overwhelmed x2 because you will have to work on this and The Order of the Rose, You can’t just go on hiatus with one game and start another.

Good luck though.



This prequel sounds awesome. I love the idea that I can shape the state of things for the Order. Will it be possible to make things unwinnable in this game for the protagonist of the Order of the Rose?

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No. I have someone working out the coding issues while I provide them with the narrative writing. It’s coming along, this game is just a side project.

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while it might increase the difficulty by an enormous amount based on your choices, the point is more to allow you to set up the world. After the first play through of the black prince you’ll unlock the world editor option, where you can just pick and choose the world state you want without having to play through it again.


So while I can make the journey much more difficulty, all options will still be open to the protagonist in the Order of the Rose. I like the addition of a world editor.


Not all options. dependong on your choices, certain tasks and quests will not be available. Even some cities may not exist in The Order of you destroy them in your war. In fact, the state of the Capitol city will reflect the state of the whole empire at the end of your game, and the MC in the Order will see the effects.


So I may inadvertently take away the option I want because of the events in the Black Prince… I love this more and more.

Exactly. So do be careful, cities can be very fragile, people even more so.

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I’m interested but I have one question. Will you be able to play as a good prince and make it that the order of the rose doesn’t have to exist or at least they work for you? Because I don’t like to be disliked even in games. I’ve started over games multiple times because of this mindset of mine.

Will you be able to compleatly take out races? because that could really effect order of the rose

Genocide is an option. But that depends on your play style and choices, obviously. This would affect the world greatly, as would the enslavement of a people, or their undying loyalty(meaning they defect from the empire). You could be a “good” prince, relatively speaking. But you will always have people who dislike you. There isn’t really an option to be considered a hero by the masses, as you are a rebel to them. So, ultimately, there’s not really a good or bad, its just how the people in the empire will see you. This game will also bring about the origin of the daughter of the Black Prince, and she’s one of the RO in the Order. Depending on how you raise her, her attitude will change in the Order of the Rose.


All of this sounds very ambitious, but of the sort that can be achieved if you and your partner have lots and lots of spare elbow grease and patience.

A short demo of the first chapter of this will be up in a day or two.

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Demi will be up before the end of the week.


so this is supposed to be kinda lika Interactive prologue ? Sound good, if you need help with alpha testing PM me, while i offered several people that i will alpha test for them, all of them disapeared of the radar {well except Jeantown but there it was more like offer of creating Ballads and song and/or speeches, you know Poetic and Speeches)

So TL:DR Im offering to help test the game, and to create Ballads or Songs etc if you think you could use it in story (Exampel Ballad of the black prince, that would change based on what you did, and would be showed to you in the ending.)

I admit upfront throught, that my weakness is grammar.
Still hoping you give me a chance Old Chump :smiley: