The best quality writing you read in a host or choice game

I’m not going to include a work in progress Because there are yet to be released. My two picks are @Cataphrak infinite sea series, and @Goshman Lords of Aswick


Choice of Robots and Creatures Such as We.


Study in Steampunk and Tin Star.


Tin Star, Choice of Robots and Samurai of Hyuga.


For me it would be Study in Steampunk,Choice of Robots and Mecha Ace I have others but i’ll have to list almost every game I played.


I relate so much to that.

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Max Gladstone’s works (Choice of Deathless and City’s Thirst)


Tin star, Deathless and choice of robots.


Best written games…

  • Creatures such as we
  • Choice of Robots
  • Study in Steampunk

I have cried with each one of those three (I am not ashamed to admit that, well, maybe a little bit), and that usually only happens with a fantastically written game/book.

I guess I could also throw “Tin Star” and “Evertree Inn” into the list, but I haven’t read the first in a really long time, and I am still to create some distance/objectivity to the second.


Definitely Samuai of Hyuga and then can’t really decide there quite a few good one. If we were including WIPs then choice of rebels and freak amidst the neon lights.


The lost heir series, community college hero, and sabers of infinity


Creatures Such as We, definitely.

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Affairs of the Court: Choice of Romance, Unnatural, and Creatures Such as We.

What I like about Creatures Such as We is the content of the dialogues, things like debating NPC consent… with NPCs.


Well, you know me, Choice of Robots and Cannonfire Concerto.

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Am I allowed to say it’s one that hasn’t come out yet? (trolololol /jk)


Now by best quality writing, do you mean the story that hit me hardest, the stories that I’ve replayed the most, or just the best handle on the written form of the English language?

The story that hit me hardest is by far Creatures Such as We. I’ve only played it through twice, but it’s a concept that hasn’t ever left me.

I’ve replayed Heroes Rise and Choice of Robots about an equal amount, trying to find different ways of doing things (Choice of Robots by far seems to have the most paths). Tin Star is up there, too, but it can be a bit lengthy in unnecessary places, so I just start skipping entire pages of what I consider to be fluff.

And the one that has the best handle on the written language, from what I can recall…is actually probably anything by Sergi – Heroes and Versus are both fantastic. Though they have some poor grammar here and there, in general, nothing is so bad that it distracts me from the story itself. And there’s a good balance between length and number of paragraphs and actual story content. 10/10

In terms of engrossing prose? Anything by Devon Connell the Samurai guy.

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Apex Patrol and Choice of the Deathless, definitely.

It’s definitely Deathless for me, both in terms of world-building and romance.

The tone of the game is both witty and serious, and the scene where you and your paramour finally meet at your place and embrace has literally been stuck inside my head since I first read it. Easily the greatest romance scene I’ve ever read, and I’m including books too.
Besides that, the magic is just so interesting and the world feels really complete somehow, like the way that everything is slotted together just really makes sense. I’m sure that a part of that is that it’s set in the universe of a book series the author has, so the world is already fairly built pre-game, but it’s still a lovely effect.

For the hosted games, I think I’d have to argue for Way Walkers. Honestly, I’m a huge sucker for characters and romances above everything else, so the easiest way to make me fall in love with a game is to give me characters that are three-dimensional and genuinely interesting, and then maybe even let me date them. Way Walkers really delivers on the character front – I cant really think of a character I don’t find interesting in some way.