The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


Eh, forgive me, but what do you mean by trans girl here? The mc having boy parts and wanting to be a girl, being physically intersex and wanting to be a girl or being a girl or non-binary person wanting to be a boy or man? Or a girl wanting to be non-binary, so many options and they all make my head hurt.

Well in my mc's case we can safely cross, courtly graces, ladylike conduct and even feminine beauty off that list, and that just for starters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Being hot always helps :sunglasses:

The only thing that matters is that the protagonist identifies as female. What genitals the protag may or may not have has nothing to do with the story-- just how she feels about herself.


You mean aside from the fact we gave the least "rude" welcoming?


"I have always wondered...Why me? Why not Sina, or Yiana?" You ask softly.

"Because," Rosha said quietly as they took your hand in theirs, "you aren't a little shit."


Lol that's what I said originally! :laughing: I sooo can't wait to get to the castle, super excited to see even more of this story!! :heart:


I am glad to know that we are both indeed very hot :dancers:

So, @iris, I meant to ask a couple days ago but I noticed the names you chose all have Arabic/Persian/Turkish origin (I say it like that because we all use similar names). Does that mean this story is set near or around the Middle East?


Wanna bet, just for that maybe I'll make another exception and make this mc of mine shorter than average at least, this one time.

So long as it doesn't prevent my mc from wanting to wear practical, read mostly male clothes, that's fine since female mc is pretty much a requirement for this game. Just so long as the Beast gets it through that thick skull of his that she's no meek little (Disney) princess.


lol Nope, that's me :smile: Wonder if I'll get to sing songs about dreams and true love :blush:


Well, women that enjoy to dress/present in a way that is more often associated with being a men (for various reasons) exist, so that really shouldn't be a problem...


Y'all are killing me :joy:

UHHHHH... sort of. It's ~fantasy~ and not really set anywhere. The empire this takes place in is sort of based off of the Ottoman one, which will be touched on later in the game. That said, Khalid is the only one that I intentionally gave an Arabic/Turkish/Persian name, since he's part of that fantasy-Ottoman ethnicity.

The protag and her family live in a province that used to be it's own country awhile ago. It's inspired by a lot of things-- Georgia, Northern China, and the Pacific NW primarily. Your sister's names are sort of a combo of Chinese and Georgian names, which might be why they sound like they're from your area.

I made up everyone but Khalid, though, so... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, don't worry, you can! And anyways, the clothes people wear in this game are less gendered than ours. Anyone can wear robes, pants, skirts, and any combo in between.


Oh good. I don't think fine silk dresses get along with fur very well. I think scales are even rougher too.

Oh. Almost forgot about claws but that shouldn't be as much problem as with normal animals. Right?


This WIP is really interesting so far (I freaking love Beauty and the Beast <3). ^^

My "main" MC so far would best be described as sensible and practical. She sees no point in dwelling in the past, because it won't help her and her familiy's situation. She also doesn't know if she resents her father or not. She got irritated when the beast and the sorcerer arrived, refused to leave and tried to reason with him. I didn't play her as paticularly angry (she doesn't have time for that...super healthy I know), but I have a feeling she's mainly going to be angry in the future story. At least for some time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how the the MC's "personality" flavors the scenes. For example when I picked a lot of aggressive options, and demanded an explanation from the sorcerer, it mentioned "the anger in your voice is like venom", which didn't happen with my less aggressive MC.

Also the scene where I picked I felt angry, when the beast arrived, cracked me up. Because the scene was basically.

Sorcerer+Beast arrives
MC: Who the hell do you think you are, coming into my home!? Fight me! (ง •̀_•́)ง.

I just didn't expect the MC to outright (mentally) threaten to take on the beast in a fight. xD


@Adam_VanCleave_Perro I don't think silk would go too badly with fur? Slides right off, yeah? :wink:

@Ventura Non-nonsense protags are so popular! Haha. She seems interesting. Hopefully, when she has the 'time', she can unleash her full fury.

There's quite a bit of flavor text in the last scene, since I finally got enough information to shove it through. It depends on a lot of different things-- how you react to the beast, your sisters, how you feel about your dad and how you feel in general.

And, you know, you're not limited to just thinking about fighting them. If you choose the run option, things get a little bloody. It's... kind of my favorite.


Not all coats are created equal but it's not like our beast could have "I can't believe they aren't quills".


Haha, normally most of my mc's at least try to stay reasonable, but I just love the scene where we try to run.
Of course once we're in the castle my mc will consider herself a prisoner whose duty it is to escape forthwith. :laughing:
On that note what is this "bed" we awaken in, they had better not have undressed her, or somebody is going to pay. :rage:


Is it bad that when I read this all I could think it "cuddles!"? :laughing:


Is it bad that when I read your comment all I could think of was how great it would be to cuddle Rosha?

Man this site needs strikeout text

i'm sure that the sorcerer and the lady are nice to cuddle too but only one of them may possibly have nice soft fur...i'm sad ok let me have this


I absolutely loved the demo! And I'm not saying that lightly; I dig through the WIPs nearly every other day trying to find new ones, and this is the most realistic and enthralling of a 'fairytale' story that I've come across. I like the basis of the original story that you added, and I was excited to see that we have a say in how our beast looks.

I myself am satisfied with how the personalities have been so far, and I think that the introduction's been going at a decent pace.

Minor misspelling, but during the Sorcerer's visit it says 'heis' instead of 'his.'

Looking forward to the next update!


Totally what I was thinking! So soft :heart_eyes:



Very TL;DR ramble-y mess ahead (it's midterms and I'm dying)

Replaying the game again, and out of curiosity does the mayor -- if you work as a scribe -- come back? Especially since he made a pass at the character? I'm basing the assumption on the Disney canon so is he the unwanted suitor :))

As to suggestions for pacing of the whisking away scene, I like the tenseness of it should you choose to run away (also very nice use of a tight action sequence) :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I like that Yiana is the only one protesting your decision and actively protects you (if you choose to hide) :)) it makes the sibling dynamic so much more interesting and dynamic given their character introductions. Like is she freaking out because she cares about you or for practical/selfish reasons? Or both? I like that kind of ambiguity :>

[I feel she might be the one to launch a rescue attempt later on in the story -- for better or for worse]

Having said that though, I think the shortness comes from the transition of looking at the beast + sorcerer and deciding on going? Like if you choose to study/ask the beast/sorcerer a question or demand an answer, it feels short? Said shortness gets exacerbated if combined with choosing to go quietly.

Comparatively though to say shirking away -- because Yiana steps up and tries to defend you, which adds fuel to the tension in the room -- and choosing to run. That sequence is super fraught with tension :)) --> though even if you choose to shirk and go peacefully, it's still very charged (at least in comparison with other options)

I'm still thinking of what to add/take away as suggestions though to help with making sure all options carry the same weights?

also please forgive if I'm not very coherent/this isn't helpful, it might just be me nitpicking after been sleep deprived for month now