The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


She likes to make the sorcerer bleed, because he is a big jerkface


New name. Noted. He nearly was just initialed instead but ummmm


There is actually a reason Rosha points you out and it's not because she is looking for a date or a maid or a hostage or anything. She feels badly that things went down like they did which is why she bows her head.


You see, this beast is starting to sound nicer every time he's mentioned.


Well to my mc it rather appears as the date or maid variety, though while my mc's cooking and cleaning is likely passable the joke's on him cause it will never win any awards and she just plain isn't interested in a date. A similar story with the cooking, keeping it simple, nutritious and healthy but five course dinners, not so much. Of course she has no interest whatsoever in cooking or cleaning for her kidnapper(s), regardless of her skill level.

Nice people don't kidnap other people and then feel bad about, genuinely nice people don't kidnap other people at all, particularly not if their victim is the only reliable provider for her whole family. :unamused:


They felt bad about it before they took "you" but the sorcerer demanded it.

"I" agreed to go to get a better look at the situation and maybe comfort those the sorcerer has been a jerk to in the castle before attempting an escape.


Which is all well and fine but my mc cannot think about strangers while her own family may be starving without her.
Whatever these strangers needs are that need comforting, at least they're not starving in the streets.


I think @idonotlikeusernames and I finally found a wip where our mc's are mostly in agreement. Mine still misses being rich, and is generally less pessimistic (because really no one can beat you there my friend :smirk:) but I gotta admit my character has been enjoying her life hunting in the woods and will be trying to escape at the first opportunity. If she gets another chance to bleed the sorcerer on the way then all the better. It's going to take more than puppy dog eyes before this daughter even considers forgiving the beast.


Well now that would get Yiana off her bum wouldn't it? If she becomes a "woman of low moral fiber" by the time "I" get back we can have a good laugh.

Oh and I didn't say I was forgiving the beast. I might stroke their ears or something till they beg me to stop (It worked in FLCL).


Fooly cooly i miss that show


Well, in the old fairy-tale, the Beast was often portrayed as a gentleman to the Daughter. He was already taken down a peg from his arrogance after how he had acted toward the Sorcerer that cursed him (who was either a guy or a girl, depending on who told the story), and just wanted to rid of his loneliness while also finding someone who would not be so afraid of him and possibly break his curse. And while the Daughter was brave enough to come, she was still at least a little afraid of what his motives for keeping her were. So The Beast was very kind to her and kept a somewhat respectful distance while also interacting with her as much as possible so that she would become more comfortable around him. He'd also let her do whatever she pleased around the castle grounds and even listened to any request she made of him (with the exception that she couldn't head back to her family at the time). The only time the Beast ever makes the Daughter uncomfortable (in some versions of the story) was when he confesses feelings of love for the Daughter and tries to propose after a while, while she is still uncertain about her feelings toward the Beast herself.

:grinning: !!!

Welp, I'm heading to VA; clearly my long lost twin has been hiding there this whole time.


Can you eat pride, Stark?


When your life truly hits bottom sometimes pride is all you have that's worth anything.


"In the end, all we our dignity."
-Some guy from a video game seconds before dying, with dignity


_ (:3」∠)_

Please… never change…

Yep! Since the daughter isn’t static and ‘pure of heart’ or whatever, the reason the beast and the Sorcerer took you is not the same as the original tale. It’s one of the first things I had to nix for the game adaption.

That said, there is a reason. It’s been… slightly hinted at.

Yeah, no purity. It’s just a social construct-- I don’t think it’s really a thing, so much as an idea, like justice or evil. My rule is that if there isn’t a set definition of something then it doesn’t really ‘exist’. Also, I’m pretty sure Sansa is a deconstruction of the purity mythos (it’s why she’s my favorite).

La belle et la bête is a pretty old story in France, true-- from the 1700’s I believe? But since it’s such a simple story it has roots in lots of different places. My favorite old version, which I’ve actually stolen quite a lot from, is the Cupid and Psyche myth. There’s like a million though, from all over the world.

In a way, they both did.

Shhhh, he’s not the worst. He tries not to be a jerkface. I mean, he utterly fails of course… but he does try. :joy_cat:


That actually does make me wonder what the policy on character development is

I mean, I'm fine if I have to stay this way, it's a rather peaceful way to be. But I think I might like being able to grow. Maybe. I guess I won't complain either way, it's your game and all


This probably doesn't need asking but does the castle have any brushes?


Hello everyone! I'm trying to add a transgender option, but I'm a little lost as to how to implement it. I've reread the Transgender in Games thread but I'd still appreciation some advice! If any trans people have the time or the inclination, please PM me :kissing_heart:

@Interestedparty Oh, yeah, you can definitely grow! I was just teasing.

@Adam_VanCleave_Perro Unfortunately not :smile_cat: You'll have to make due with friendly pats.


Oh I hope so, or I'm going to :sob: ...I would imagine though that the sorcerer was smart enough to prepare to play host... Though I guess I have to factor in that he probably doesn't care...


Can you imagine if Sorcie didn't prepare though?

"Is there a towel I can use after my bath?"
"What about a nightgown?"
"I...don't have that either."
"...a toothbrush?"
" about a regular brush?"