The Beast in the Castle (WIP 09.25.16)


I kind of wish he would have taken my advice to not bother getting me anything, but I guess I can’t hold it against him. I’m not even really that disappointed, honestly, since general logic dictates that whenever you’re in a prologue everything will always get worse if someone does something other than nothing at all. I can’t really complain about this, it’s my own fault for being in a prologue in the first place.

I suppose it’s nice to know that I’m at least worth a flower. Flowers are pretty, I guess.


If he had to pick something forbidden my mc would have rather had a literal forbidden fruit, at least that would have been edible, a flower is pretty, but useless when you’re barely above starvation level poverty. :wink:
Then again my mc also didn’t like her previous life much, where there was far too much emphasis placed on being pretty, but useless (well only good for marriage) as a rich girl.


I could be remembering entirely wrong, but I think that in the fairy tale the dad was like “please don’t kill me I just wanted a flower for my daughter” and the beast was like “okay, a flower for your daughter I’ll pick her up at eight” and the dad was like “wait no have the flower back I really want to keep this daughter she’s the nice one” and the beast was all “too late no take-backs or else you all die” and the dad just went :worried:


Yea but, I mean, not trying to tell you what to do or anything, but you really should look on the positive side of it. The beast took the offer, which means he probably thinks we’re worth more than a flower, which is pretty nice when you think about it. He probably won’t eat us in that case.
Or at least, if he does want to eat us, he thinks we’ll be deliciousness enough that it’s worth sacrificing a flower. That’s a pretty nice compliment. Really, after you think about it like that, it would be pretty rude to run away when he thinks so highly of us. I think I’m actually alright with being eaten right now.


That’s pretty much it.

The Father asked all his daughters what they wanted him to get while he attempted the journey to reclaim their wealth; the Daughter (who we are likely playing) only asked that he returned safely rather than asking him for a material object like her sisters. But the Father cared deeply for her as well and wanted to get her at least something. He came across a hidden mansion and stayed there for shelter; someone even seemed to be giving him food and preparing him a place to rest, as though knowing they had a guest. The next day, the Father decided to explore the grounds some more and came across a beautiful garden. He saw the rose and picked it for her, feeling it was the perfect gift.

What he hadn’t expected was for the mansion to belong to the Beast; he was furious that the Father seemed to take advantage of his hospitality by taking something from his garden and demanded compensation. The Father begged for his life, as he still needed to return to his children, one of them being the Daughter who he picked the rose for. Hearing this, the Beast agreed to let him live (and in some stories, even offered to give him something that will help the man return to his wealth once more). But there was one condition: The Father was to give the Beast the Daughter who he intended to give the rose to (or just one of his daughters in general). The Father begged him to ask for anything else, but the Beast refused.

When he returned, he told his daughters about the deal. Hearing this, the Daughter who he wanted to give the rose to chose to be the one to go, in order to protect her family from the possible consequence of refusing the deal. At least, that’s how some versions of the story went.


Your mc is weird, @Interestedparty .
My mc is a hunter herself, remember, so if anyone gets eaten it’ll be the Beast himself, serves him right for being a kidnapper who’d leave our family to starve without us.

And out of three choices with my mc he picks the one who likes her current lifestyle, if not her current earnings, more than her old one.
Really that Sorcerer and the Beast are pretty poor judges of character as both her sisters would like living in a castle or country estate again, whereas my mc really doesn’t.

Well that’s certainly different in this game, where my mc is the one who doesn’t want to go because her family depends on her working.
She’s also the one who doesn’t want her old life back so much, instead she’s simply like to earn a bit more doing what she currently does, or a variation thereof.


It wasn’t really a matter of the Beast being with someone who WANTED to live in a castle again; it was a matter of the Beast being able to be with one who had a pure heart and could possibly love him, even if he looked monstrous and terrifying to others. The fact that the Daughter herself didn’t ask anything of her father aside from his safe return and was the one who willingly went to live with the Beast was a reflection of a heart brave enough to be a part of the Beast’s life (even without knowing what could possibly happen to her) and pure enough that she could possibly come to care (maybe even love) the Beast with time.

But yeah, we do have a chance to play the Daughter in a different way (from personality to why she makes certain choices) compared to the old fairy-tale. It’s one of the reasons that this game has caught my eye. :slight_smile:


Very true, and my mc certainly hasn’t got a “pure” heart, if being pure means being naive and/or a sexual virgin.
Sina seems pure, in the same way GoT’s Sansa does, at least more pure and ladylike than my poor mc.


Your definition of pure is pretty restricted…


About as restricted as the Disney things I grew up watching, chalk it up to deficiencies in my childhood. :wink:
I just could never stand the hopelessly naive female protagonists of those old children’s movies and cartoons.
My mc is also no believer in fairy-tales or a hopeless romantic, more a practical woman who believes the only way to advance in life (and feel good about it) is through one’s own hard work. And for her hard work means hard work in the work sense (as in trying to become on of the best hunters or academics of the country), not “working hard” to bag a rich husband. :sweat_smile:


This is not the disney version. And taken for itself “pure” is a rather wide concept with various potential meanings.



But Beauty and the Beast isn’t a original Disney story; it’s an old French fairy-tale. I remember coming across it when I was really young.


True, but I only started reading the real, old fairy-tales (the ones Mara likes and definitely aren’t always suitable for children) near the end of highschool, so in many ways the Disney versions will always be baseline, normative for me, even if I did not always like them.

@Okami-Nora you replied before this post, yes, I know the original now, but see above.


As much as I love my animations, I started off as a bookworm myself and was reading books that most my age weren’t really able to get at. Some of my teachers would joke and say I was the only kid in class that they had to tell to STOP reading :laughing:. So I was first exposed to a good deal of old fairy-tales and was confused at times why the story and movie were so different (until I later learned more about adaptions to different fairy-tales and myths).


Sounds like we had exactly reversed experiences, while i did love reading as a child it was mostly more then contemporary fantasy and comic-books.


Ah! I recognized this story too!! I’m so glad someone else recognized that part of the old fairy tale :smiley: And I also read your post about being a bookworm as a kid: literally me :stuck_out_tongue: when I got in trouble when I was little my parents took my books away :joy: and I had the same confusion with the fairy-tales and movie adaptations


@Interestedparty the beast chose… Not the Father…


Regarding the rose discussion, roses are synoptic in the tale of Beauty and the Beast, but, iris makes sure to let us know it was crushed. I am guessing there is some symbolism to that for her tale in particular… Maybe a metaphor for her hopes and dreams for the future, maybe something more we’re yet to learn


I should remove my head from gutter lol


Making who bleeding? Poor old useless dad or the sorcerer, or just whoever? :joy::joy::joy:

This made me giggle