The Barrens (WiP)

@heyyoungblood yeah I’ve noticed that too. I guess my thought process was that it was a past event so I put in the past tense. I just think weird like that

Good concept but you need to polish this allot my friend.

As the car is rolling, you hit the back of your head on the back of your headrest.
How is that even possible?

In any case keep working on it and hope to see more

It’s cool you get to play as your MC’s grandma during the prologue. I found that really interesting actually! It’s not a lot of stories that do that. So it’s unique. I do like it,and the spelling errors are all pointed out as far as I can tell. It’s a really interesting idea,so don’t give up on it!

@StarScry thanks that’s what I was going for. I see a lot of wip that explain what the past was or events that lead to the present are but none that did this (I haven’t looked very hard so I could be wrong). I also wanted to show what life was kind of like before the world went to hell. If you could tell me, what was your reaction when you found the link between the MC and Hailey?

Thoroughly enjoyed what you have currently on offer and love the premise you have with this game. The opening was very well done, showing off the setting before and setting it up for the fallout-esque style you’ve gone for with this game. I really do look forward to more!

The only things I would discuss, which I must say are minor indeed, are that I’m not digging the name of the whole wastelands yet. It might be because I haven’t heard the term The Barrens enough yet, but when I did read it at the end it felt like a floating jigsaw piece. I like it as the name of the game, I just would say it doesn’t click in my head when used as an in-game term just yet. But hey, that’s a personal preference.

I hope the game is more open as it progresses, but of course that isn’t something to complain about in a demo. Overall I am impressed with what you have and hope to see more!

@BlazedStorm I decided to go with Barrens because just south of the in game location is a large forest called the Pine Barrens which cover over half of the state of New Jersey. That’s also why I decided to go with the raider band name as the Jersey Devils since it’s a very popular myth in that area. I guess I was going for the Easter Egg aspect of it all

@that1german Ah it makes entire sense why it would be called the Barrens, and I suppose it is one of those names that will grow on you. Its just a personal thing I suppose, I find myself okay with it the more I say it

The link doesn’t seem to be working.

Yea it dosent work for me either

Second that. Either an update to the game went wrong or there has been a deletion in the dropbox folder :confused:

I keep dying?? Like with each choice every choice for that matter…i choose my rifle, dead, i choose my knife, dead, i choose to play safe, end up with hell hounds, i choose to get the kill quick, rotters get me…help? Is it my stats?

yeah I was editing some things around and changed the name of the file for easier access. Sorry bout that and here’s the new link

Oh wait…well i guess i have to pick one offensive specialty then darn…D: nvm i got through the hellhounds or what not xD

yeah I’ve been getting complaints about that so I’m adding in an option in both scenes to use your wit to get out alive and hopefully the checkpoint system will work when I put them in

I had no trouble at all with that part

Love the game ;:wink:

@that1german My reaction was: Oh,that’s cool! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never seen something like this before. Why hasn’t this been done before? Reaction over. I know that switching MCs is something looked down upon if you pull it off wrong,but you did it. :stuck_out_tongue:

@that1germanYAY That would be awesome! yes please!:smiley: i kinda chose tactical, stealth, and medical as my primary specialty but that kept getting me killed xD
@Doctor Yea you probably didnt choose my three choices so you wouldnt have experienced trouble there~

Awesome game! :smiley: Looking forward to seeing more. I do love the post-apocalyptic setting. And MCs backstory is interesting. Especially playing the Grandma part. ^^

This game, so far, is epic as hell! I absolutely adore the “Fallout” setting, really enjoying so far! Also, the backgrounds are really nicely done ;D