The Alchemist; A Measure in Measures (Updated 6/10/16)

Agrinand is a land in a new era, after a brutal civil war. Led now by the Emperor Wilherd val Cetaja, the once ostracized Alchemist population is seeing many new opportunities available where they were blindly persecuted a quarter century before. It is here, in this land, in this time, that you are born. Will you strive to increase the public’s opinion of your people, or will you become the epitome of everything they feared an Alchemist to be? Will you be mollified from historical transgressions by the new and more caring regime of your Emperor, or is it too little too late and it is time for you to take the Empire into your own hands?

When it becomes time for your political ideals to matter, what will have become of your personal ones? You could live life happy with the mundane features of alchemy, or delve into the taboo and attempt your craft on living flesh. Be a paragon of alchemical creation, or a destructive pariah. Or perhaps you will try to spurn your alchemical blood, and see where a life ignoring your powers gets you.

This is my first game, after many years of playing and reading others I figured I’d try my own hand at it. I hope that other people find my ideas interesting and help me learn Choicescript with their feedback.

Bold = Done
Italics = Not Done

To do (short term):
Add Star Signs
Add Appearance
Add Naming
Add Childhood
Finish Prologue

To do (long term):
Add romantic interests
Add to the coded plot.
Add inventory.

Here is the current game build as of 6/10/16 6:54am CST :


I’m excited to see where this goes!

I have to say, even though it’s just a taste of the story, I really enjoyed it. I always like a story where I can play the underdog :smile: I’m sure you’ll delve more into it later on, but I’m quite curious, what style of architecture does Agrinand have?

Agrinand is based on Germanic themes, and I will definitely expand upon them further.

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I can see the beginnings of an intriguing and promising new world! And I’m curious about the Emperor and what his true motives and feelings are, as well as how alchemy works in this universe. Can’t wait to see how the MC can grow!

Sounds awesome! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your story continue :slight_smile:

Star signs have been added, I’ve really got to figure out how to code naming now. Progress is progress!

Curious as to how this is gonna go but can nobles or peasants become alchemists?

Fuck i am calling my character either Alphonse or Edward. I just freaking remembered that.

Yes, the MC is an alchemist regardless of background. It just changes the circumstances of your birth, Were your parents Nobles/Peasants/or Alchemists still running from an era of hate.

However you don’t necessarily have to use your alchemical gifts.

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Oh hell yes! This is probably the closest I can get to playing as a mad scientist. Despite the short amount of content, I very much enjoyed reading what you have so far.

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So far, very well done. Seems like the Main Character can take many different paths, even from the start.
Well done.

The tone of your childhood is now in the game, and so is naming

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:open_mouth: that moment when you had like the exact same story idea and nearly exact same title as an idea for writing something…
Guess I will have to apply some changes to my potential story idea

I look forward to seeing where this goes, so far it seems well planned and has the makings of a good game :slight_smile:

I’m fascinated by alchemy, so this definitely sounds fun.

i found an error .

That error was because I indented wrong at the current dead end of what’s coded. It’s fixed and appearance is in.

Was I the only one who wanted a third option between “You’re parents spoiled you rotten,” and “Your father beat you like a rug,” along the lines of “You had a normal childhood, you guess?”

I guess I forgot to put it in when I added appearance but it should be in now. Neutral is a lesser boon instead of a firm break in either extreme.

Like I said, childhood is still very much in development and I would love feedback for things people feel are missing or could be improved.

The prologue is now mostly finished, with one more piece to go before the transition to chapter 1. I’d like opinions/thoughts on what’s there now and if anyone feels something should be changed or added.