The Adventure Of The Beardless Trickster (russian game in choice script)


As always - sry for my bad english ))

What is it?

Russian 52-k words game about adventure of the Aldar Kose (Beardless Trickster) - the hero of
tales and stories of the nomadic nations in Central Asia. Cunning and clever like a fox, he always stands on guard of justice, protecting the poor people from the tyranny of
the rich mans and the functionaries. In this book, Aldar Kose must complete an important assignment from the head of the native pastures. And you can help him. Along with the hero you’ll travel across the Great Steppe, the territory of the Kazakh Khanate and other states of the XVII century, choosing the path to your taste. Various contests of horse riding and
Jighitovka (traditional Kazakh’s dance), competitons of the steppe poets and musicians, conundrums of the philosophers, and the hand-to-hand fightings - all this awaits you on the pages of this book.

The game plot is completely finished and it’s almost cleared of bugs (I hope -_-).

Btw, this game game was made in the middle of the choice-games style and game-book style ( combat and peaceful situation and choices).

This game was made by my friend. Maltiez (story, illustration, game testing) and by me (adaptation to the choice-script and processing of illustrations).

What I want to say by this game.

In the Russian-speaking community of interactive games and books-games there are many people who write an interesting text games. Of course, not all of these games have a focus on character, his character evolution and his relationship with other people and society - but games of this type also exist. These people have experience in creating in-game mechanics, in it’s literary filling etc., but their English is not good enough to publish their games, even in the “Hosted game” section.

What I’m asking for.

Yes, yes, I know…This theme was raised many-many times. But… Maybe COG-team can create a another-languages section in “Hosted games” section? I will happy to see french, or germany, or spanish games first, cause I will know, that if this game already hosted, then games in russian will be host too one day! :wink:

I can translate “Make you own games” section into russian - to help future russian authors (and not only russians - for all from ex- USSR contries). And help them with simple questions on this forum.

Just…let not-only-english games be hosted on you site. When I saw and read this game-book first time in pdf-file, I understood - it’s too good to stay in that form. This book-game deserves something more. I hope, that COG-team will decide in same way one day - maybe not about this game, or russian section in Hosted games, but about all not-english games.

P. S. This game now exist in 2 forms - online (dropbox) and offline (need to download, with pics). I haven’t the upgaded dropbox acc and dashington service can’t upload this game - I don’t know why. -_- But there is already uploaded on this service another short russian game - “Another world”.

Online (without pics).

Offline (with pics).

“Another world”.

You can find original game-book on site.

WIP - TIP - The Adventure Of The Beardless Trickster (rus => eng)

@jasonstevanhill and the other owners(sorry I forgot your names) you might wanna check this out.


This is pretty cool that you converted it all to Russian.


I didn’t convert this game into Russian - this game already had written on russian language.


That is what I meant, my bad.