WIP - TIP - The Adventure Of The Beardless Trickster (rus => eng)

TIP - translation in progress.

First theme about this game - click.

This game online-version with pics - click. (rus)

English version - now I have translated only the begining of the story - click

I need your feedback. Can you understand in-game text or not? How terrible this translation for you? :wink: And I will happy if you will write 1-2 words about most horrible mistakes.

I just do not want this game die like this. So… I will be happy if you will point my mistakes in this translation.

Vesrsion from 1 february 2016 - added daydreamsincolor’s translation edits (thank you!). Next version will contain translation of next 3 areas of the game - Naiman’s camp, Irtysh river and Caravan encampment.

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Briefly skimmed what you have so far. Surprisingly few mistakes. I’ll go over each page and detail basic fixes in a post.

This seems like a very interesting game, very different premise than most. :smile: Good job so far.

Some edits:
‘Aldar Kose traveling on horseback’ should be ‘Aldar Kose is traveling on horseback’ or ‘Aldar Kose travels on horseback’
‘a knife in one’s belt’ should be ‘a knife in his belt’
‘has seven-year-old stallion’ should be ‘has a seven-year-old stallion’
‘Now that’s is spring…’ Doesn’t really make sense. Did you want to say ‘Now that it’s spring’?
‘The main thing not to frighten the bird’ should be ‘The main thing is not to frighten the bird’
‘My father knew that you close’ should be ‘My father knew that you were close’
‘Aldar Kose knows him since childhood’ should be ‘Aldar Kose has known him since childhood’
‘the most reasonable tactic is move near habitable areas’ should be ‘the most reasonable tactic is to move near habitable areas’
‘Where caravans - there goods; where the goods - there is money’ should be ‘Where there are caravans, there are goods; where there are goods, there is money’

Also, are you writing in present or past tense? There are several instances where the verb tenses switch with each sentence.

I wish to write in one sentence. In present sentence, I think.

Present sentence - this is Present simple and etc?

Tnx for all mistakes!!! I will add you to authors of the game (like all testers before) and will remake all things, that you have find in next version of translation.