Slavic Drama

I thinking of a ideal of starting a project calld “Slavic Drama”.The Story plot is based in parallel world.In the East Europe the Story has Four main faction which include The Poles,Russian,Swedish,Cossack and some other sub faction like mercenary that my ideal .So give me feed back i will begin work when i have enough time to start.Oh and the year is about 16-18 century so there’s gfoing to be unstable politic in the main faction.Give me feed back if you have a suggestion.thank you for reading this message.

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i need a help with the coding so could anyone teach me Please?
The main stat that i can think of is
and two sub stat
The main stat will effect you in some scence like in a sabre duel you may got injured or dead.Leadership is effect how you command the group of people in later i will try to explain.Intrigue will let you doing some thing that is outside of the box.
the sub stat will effect how the npc will react to you.

Sounds interesting, don’t have much experience with coding so can’t help you there but seems like a good premise.

Sounds cool, Slav Epic. Slavic history doesn’t get enough exposure imho, so I look forward to it. There are a number of good coding aids on this site, use them to get started.

Project will start develop within 5 month due to my office work

Here is the Prologue for read only it will be turn into a choicescript game when i have free time.
Your name is …
“Player name or character name”
*Player name* this is the story of your you’re one of the Slav let’s the story begin
It have been 5 years since you left home.Now you’re on you way home.You’re from …

2.Polish Commonwealth
3.Russia Tsardom
4.Ukrainian Cossack

Now let’s the story continues shall we.Oh but first may i ask you.You’re …

You’re long way from home but is that snow.right it is winter right now you better find place to rac
*Look for the Shelter
You spot a town nearby.You enter the town and it appear they have a tavern in the town
1.Enter the tavern
2.make campfire “Better to stay on the street than waste the money”
*If Choice number 1 chose*
You began to lay down to sleep [you have a flash back].You saw the memorie of yourself your parent are
*If choice number 1 was chosen*
Yes,you are the "Son/Daughter of Noble from “Select Nation”.You have been educate with the best tutor your parent can found
you are masterd in art of …
5.Try to master all of skill [improve all your skill for 15]
*If choice 2 was chosen *
You are the son/daughter of commoner you hve hardship during your young age at least you manage to educate yourself in art of
5.Try to master all of skill [Improve all your skill only 8]
You wake up and get dressed ready for another day on the road home
1.Sharpen your sabre
2.Reload the Pistol
3.Clean your boot
You walk back on the road.
@“it took me about 2 month to get home” you Murmun

the story be like historical but women have equal right in this game.the story will begin telling of your time when you left home on the prologue on the chapter 1 will follow the character while he at his home until his or her military enlistment on chapter 2 and i planing to set the player character age about 20 years old

thinking that should there be the chapter for player to struggle or upsurp the throne of their kingdom

now i need help with the saving system how did you use that becuse i will need your help to make code after you finish each chapter cause player may die a lot in chapter 2 and 3

after the chapter 1 is ready i will release the beta

It sounds great and I think for motivational perpases you should not wait the five months and should start now. Just type like you have been doing and just copy and paste into choice script later.

Another thing is maybe i should change the period to Russian Civil War instead or you prefer the 17th Century adventure?

And the game some of the part is based on the polish history “The Deluge” and Russian “Time of Trouble” and Urkrainian Cossack Revolt which is partly based on “The Deluge” the Swedish will not be based on history due to my low knowlegde of their history at the time except the military and ther territory

The Second Chapter will mainly revolve in player home town and end with the announcement of the king law to enlist all able man to join the army and the 3-5 is mainly about the battle player join how do they fight and survives on later chapter you get to command the army

Russian civil war!!! Join The Reds!!! kill the Whites!!!

Got a new idea after the 1 is the one i’m writing.the 2nd will be about Russian civil war
and the 3 is about your character from 2 send to doing some thing in poland during Nazi German Era or known as a side note the 1st is the trainning my skill with code and it have nothing to do with 2 or 3.the 3rd one actually is you come to Poland to train the “Resistance” against the German it’s going to be a lot of “Chaos” in the Third

The few chapter are going well no need to spoil cause i spoil the prologue chapter already

Good new the second chapter plot is half past quarter finish due to my spare time before the speech i made

Why join the reds ? Join the whites,kill the reds,still become communist

I mean the first game not the second{The Russian CIvil war Version}