The 8th Continent-Interest Check

'Sup everybody, it’s your friendly neighbourhood dictator/king, and I have a concept for a CoG. The basics are, it is the year 2055, and underwater volcanic activity has caused a new landmass to be formed, in the heart of The Pacific. You are the leader of this country, and your decisions will affect the globe. Make allies, fight wars, rig elections, and further your own goals. Will you try to make your country rule the world? Or will you put an end to several centuries of war and create a new world order?
The stats I have so far are global fear/reverence(How much the world fears/loves you), colony leadership(How likely the rest of the world will listen to your decisions), military might, charm, leadership(How much other world leaders are likely to listen to your decisions) and deception(How much you are able to do sneaky things ex. rigging an election).
I’m new to choicescript and have a lot of work, so I plan to have a demo up in about 2 months. So…whaddya think?


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait.

I love games that allow me to conquer the world, or anything really. This sounds like a really big and ambitious project.

In CK2 my Finnish Empire spans most of Europe :smile:

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Sounds good! Some things though. First, you rule the continent, or a country inside it? Why would people want to go ? If it were me,I wouldnt leave my own country for a little upstart. Other nations would also probably also target the nation. Other then that, I would definetly pay for this! :slight_smile:

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New start, escape from the law, cheap land, different government, etc.

You rule the continent, but there’s only one country in it. Actually…how would you guys feel about a bunch of other countries in the same continent that you could work or go to war with?

Geologically speaking how old is this landmass, what kind of tech level is the world, are there valuable trade minerals and wealth in the earth. How did the people of this continent get there? How did the leader come to hold that position? How big is this continent?

These kinds of questions come into play and boggle the mind. If you can answer these without a hitch I believe you’ve got a solid hook.


Landmass was created about 3 years ago when a massive underwater eruption happened and then cooled, rising to the surface. Tech level is slightly more advanced than today(still working out what kinds of tech I want in my story), there are valuable metals underground, but not a lot, total is equivalent to about 30000-40000 dollars, people got there by ship, leader came by election, but can change government to dictatorship/oligarchy, and the continent is 800000 square kilometres(about six times the size of texas)

Your first typo correction as a potential author:

effect → affect


Sounds like a cool idea, I say go for it! You’ll have to find me a counterpart for our grammar discussions though…

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[quote=“LordOfLA, post:7, topic:13860”]
You’ll have to find me a counterpart for our grammar discussions though…
[/quote]Got two: you and yourself.

I only have enough ego for one person :frowning:

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I’ll give you some of mine, just send me all your bank account names and passwords.

I recently played an interactive book app called The Eighth Continent. So be careful; there’s already one with the same name out there.

(Unless you’re the same person who did that one?)

In fact, there are already at least two. As I was looking up the one I’d played previously, I also came across this one.

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So the mass of land just happen to rise to the surface? It grow six times bigger than Texas in 3 years?! A volcano in the Pacific Ocean, is it in the ring of fire or over a hotspot?

Suppose you did have a huge eruption under the ocean, It wouldn’t just rise to the surface…it would probably just add on to the ocean floor and recycle back into the earth;

but if it did manage to rise to the surface, the formation of land doesn’t happen very fast, it would take thousands maybe even millions of years to get a land mass near the size of Texas alone.

Sorry to break it to ya but there is a lot of science behind volcanoes lol.

Timey-Wimey Hand-Wavey plot sized reality distortion fields are a thing :smiley:


I’m going to guess that this game is going to require us to suspend some of our disbelief.

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FOR SCIENCE!!! (extra words)

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No problem; the title is simply a placeholder until I come up with a name for the new continent.

My science isn’t perfect, but I believe Hawaii is a chain of islands formed by a volcano, the islands move and the volcano creates another island while the oldest island disappears. Is there 5 islands at all times, but this happens slowly.

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