That concept came from the moon!

Hello, world!

During my sparse amounts of free time I was able to whip up two small concept pieces. These are both very small, but I am wanting to gauge potential interest in either.

The first is about ‘Super-Heroes’? I mean, I guess it is. Who is to say what turn it takes, aside from me. My goal is to hit at least three major tropes in the first chapter and then downhill from there! Okay, joking about the saturation of hero tales (I am looking at you comics!). This concept gives a base view of the theme, but the actual direction will not be easily found by the concept alone.

The next one is a breath of fresh air, truly. Tired of playing tales as humans? Well even if you said no, this next one is a departure from reality into fantasy, but not one where humans take center, or are even possibly in the story at all. This concept, unlike the other, gives a fair view of what one might expect from the work overall. What exactly are you playing as… I’unno. It shares some similarities with other creatures in fiction, but as of now… No defined name.

These are both simply concepts with what is given not representing what will go in a final draft(but i like them enough so maybe). If interest in one is great enough I might start to flesh it out to a full demo. But, I am currently working on another WIP, that is 98% done. So just for now this is simply for interest gauging and giggles to post this.

Oh and as always, I am sorry for any bad grammar. I swear I checked these over, but I am mortal. Forgive me.