Thanking our favorite authors ❤️

I thought I’d make a topic where we can discuss some of our favorite authors and show some gratitude for the worlds we get to explore.

In general, I am really grateful to every choice/hosted author that contributes. Without y’all we wouldn’t have all this. Even though not every game can be every person’s cup of tea, the fact we have such diversity is a beauty in and of itself. The stories I read in this community have allowed me some very beautiful and poignant experiences as well as a lot of fun, so I wanted a chance to gush about that.

As well as to see what makes everyone else here love their favorite games and authors. :slight_smile: So let’s goo


Thank you to Dan Fabulich, Adam Strong-Morse, Heather Albano, and Jason Stevan Hill. When I discovered Choice of Games in 2011, there were only four titles in their entire catalog, but those four titles seized my imagination, illustrated the rich possibilities of a new storytelling medium, and made me a fan for life.

Thank you to Natalia Theodoridou and Felicity Banks, for writing amazing stories and allowing me to have a tiny part in making them even better.

Thank you to Jo Graham, Amy Griswold, Elena Hearty, J. Leigh, William Loman, Katherine Nehring, Morton Newberry, Melissa Scott, Mike Walter, and Lucas Zaper - for stories that have captivated my mind and heart.


The ones that come into my mind immediately are Kyle Marquis for one. Without VtM - Night Road, I never would have been introduced to this medium by my friend, and never would have gotten introduced to the series that was one of the biggest inspirations to me.

Bringing me to my second one which is a huge thank you to Mishka Jenkins, I’m sure we all know and adore her as the author of The Wayhaven Chronicles. It had been a very, very long time since I enjoyed a book like I enjoyed Wayhaven (I was never much of a reader). It made me think, “Wow, this has been such an escape for me… I want to do it too, and provide that for other people and myself!” It is the reason I started making my IF and that WiP has been a healthy coping mechanism and a wake up call that people do actually enjoy what I have to put out.

Also shoutout to @Peonyb and their WiP The Marked, and @herbington and their WiP Checkmate in Three Moves. Both of these concepts stood out to me immediately when I read them and I cannot wait to see where they go and to see them succeed when they eventually, and innevitabely, get published as fantastic IF’s.

Keep up the amazing work, all the authors out there with a story to tell. It’s worth telling; always is.

EDIT: If someone could link those two WiP’s for me I would also be very appreciative. I want to bring them to more people’s attention but I’m not sure how to do make the link all neat and stuff.

Those are the ones, yes! Thank you!

Also, thank you very much for the kudos, it is very appreciated!


Thank you to @malinryden for writing a story that contributed to me figuring out my transness and deciding to finally “do something about it”, and generally for writing my favorite piece of IF.

Thank you to @ThomB for writing not only a fantastic series with the Evertree Saga, but also for creating my favorite RO of all time, and one of my favorite characters in all fiction. I’m currently in a very bad place, and being able to escape to my changeling and solely focus on them is keeping my head above water and helps me forget everything else for a while.

Thank you to @Gower for writing a story that made me laugh out loud until I was crying, something I didn’t know at this point in time I was still capable of, because it had been so many years.

And also thank you to @Carawen, @natalia.theodoridou and @heather for writing some of my favorite choice games.

Edit: Replaced names with handles, because this seems the way to go now in this thread.


Oh this is a big mood, this thing right here could start a whole topic of its own.

I gotta say FH is a game I can’t stop playing at all and it’s one of the stories that is so beautifully written it hits all my favorite points of really poignant and expressive literature. Just makes my heart crunch.

Choice of Deathless had a similar effect on me. The prose is gorgeous, and I love the character the MC can become. Another choice game I can’t help but reread occasionally because it’s such a comforting experience to read something so beautifully written. There are scenes and words in so many of these games that still stick out in my mind as really beautiful and makes me emotional when I think of them. At the end of the day these are all authors who are doing a project out of love and passion and I think I would be a very different person without these experiences of reading them over the years.


I hate this. Now I’m going to forget to kudos some people and then feel terrible about it. :frowning_face:

@ViIsBae These? The Marked (WIP) and Checkmate in Three Moves (WIP) (A Drama in which you Inherit your Family Name) (11/03/21) ?
And I suppose I can start by kudos’ing you over The Bureau, even though it’s in its infancy. Time to Criminal Minds all over the place.

Also, yes, yes, almost all of us are going to kudos Seraphinite. She doesn’t get @'d at, because you can only put 10 @s in one post, apparently, and she’s going to get enough kudos here anyway.

Kudos to @Eric_Moser and the CCH series, the game that got me into CoG in the first place. My wallet curses your name, and so do I over Origami. You bastard.

Speaking of names I curse, here’s to you, @Schliemannsghost . I’m not going to say WHY, because the game in question isn’t out yet. But you know why. It’s the most accursed choice I’ve ever had to make in any game. Relics 1 is absolutely great, and Relics 2 is pretty much perfection. But seriously, still hate you over having to make THAT choice.

Kudos to @Moochava , and the amazing world-building in Pon Para. One day, we’ll find wth is up with those tablets, and why they’re never where they’re supposed to be. Also, snaaaaaarrkkkk!

Kudos to @wildelight , for Mind Blind’s MC that is in a shitty situation but isn’t forced to depressingly mope around the corners over it. If I wanted to be depressed, I’d watch the news a lot more than I do.

To @Gower , for having the absolute nerve to tackle SATIRE, of all genres, and the absolute skill to pull it off, successfully and repeatedly. Also for Fitzie, who’s just amazeballs.

To @Jjcb , because FINALLY somebody who understands that “bond with other characters” and “increase your skills” should NOT eat up the same timeslots, because WHY?! Also for Aki, who melts my heart every time. :pleading_face:

To @Parivir , for A Mage Reborn in general. We died, but we got better. Also, for absolutely NAILING it exactly why I’m totally pissed at Param making my execution a holiday. Fuck that country nine ways from Sunday.

To CC_Hill , for the heroic horror entry that is The Midnight Saga. Finally, some horror stories in this biz!

To @milaswriting , because I still feel that Golden’s MC is the most human (in spirit, not biology) MC in available responses.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go hide under the covers to deal with the anxiety of being ABSOLUTELY SURE that I’m missing some names in that list.


Thank ya very much Paul Wang for both some of the most direct simply fun games like crypt keeper, mecha ace, and kendrickstone, and also the mind boggling political war drama that I’ve seen with infinity.

Got me into choice of games and keeping me firmly in there with every new addition. Love every work


I would like to give my thanks:
To @Jjcb, for writing such an amazing story about superpowers genre, and have such a creativity in a romance route that will come as a surprise for many new readers in the future ( you know what i mean wink wink )
To @Parivir, because long live the king! long live Param! and because you have created such a lovely RO ( Lady Ilya Magritte de Alviar )
To @Lucid , for creating a legendary trilogy, The lost heir trilogy, i replay your games like… a lot .
To @Goshman , medieval is a big yes for me, so thank you for creating such a masterpiece.
To @FatedFlame, because for me, this is the first time i have seen a reincarnate medieval in this forum, and it is well- written, so thank you for such a great wip
To @Cataphrak, for having created one of the best scifi stories
And many more authors for creating such amazing games and wips for us ! Cheers for all of you :clinking_glasses: :beers:


cataphrak is amazing. the infiniverse and tin star are both objectively the best games on this site.

speaking of tin star, thank you to allen gies for that masterpiece.

havestone also deserves praise for choice of rebels, very good series.

jim dattlio is one of the og authors that got me into all this. zombie exodus may look a bit rusty when compared to the stories above but it’ll have a little comfy hole in my heart thats slowly leaking blood out of it

fuck you jjcb you never gave me my forlorn romance but atoh is pretty cool.


I have to mention Jean Townsend (Guenevere) and Jo O’Connor (Mind Blind) in this!! I despised reading for a long time, and their books re-introduced me to the joy of it.

Edit: forgot tags exist, oops! Not sure if they’re active on here but @jeantown @wildelight


First I want to give my thanks to @Lucid . Your Life of a Wizard was my gateway to ChoiceofGames, both regular COGs and HGs, and is still my favorite HG/COG. All the other HGs made by you that I’ve played except Paradox Factor, are in my top 10 list of HGs and COGs. I really enjoy the extensive opportunities most of your HGs give me for customising my character and their rpgy feel of them where you can “level up” and enter into different character classes or learn new powers or develop the ones you already have further. I also really appreciate the way you usually makes it completely clear to us which of our skills or abilities are being tested, which I think more HG and COG writers could learn from and for the really cool “Life of a…” concept, that I also hope more writers will draw inspiration from. And also big thanks to you for (nearly) always including at least a couple of ROs that are my particular kind of ROs

Next I want to thank @Gower for writing the funniest and best written COG and HG so far, Jolly Good-Cakes and ale, a smorgasbord of funny scenes and funny writing, which has many me laugh out loud several times more than all the other COGs and HGs that I’ve played combines. I also want to thank you for the way you make it so easy to make so many different kind of characters that I feel I can get into character with and hte many funny and interesting minor and major characters that my MC can meet in your games.

Also a big thank you to @ThomB for writing the series that IMHO represents the best balance so far of story elements and game elements, the Evertree Saga. I really appreciate how that series combine cool RPG elements like character classes with ROs and other major NPCs who are multidimensional and feel real to an extent I haven’t seen in many other COGs or HGs. I also really appreciate how you allow us to choose between several Fantasy races/species and the clues system that makes soving the mysteries fun, even when you’re like me and have actually turned your back on Crime fiction.

My final thank you goes to @Moochava for being perhaps the greatest world builder out of all the COG and HG writers. Although I feel it didn’t fully come together until the Pon Para series, your COGs are always interesting and I do enjoy the may twists you make both on Fantasy and Fantasy tropes, alternative history and Sci-fi. And I want to thank you for making one of the best series, the Pon Para series which combines fun rpg features with your usual exellent world building and plenty of interesting twists and turns and a narrative with plenty of epic scenes.


I know I’m gonna miss people who aren’t on my mind ATM, but I’d still like to do a few. This is gonna be self-indulgent.

Thank you @malinryden, for your wonderful story about becoming a person. It’s one that resonated my inhuman past self and still resonates with my current, even more broken, but human self. Literally no one will have any idea what I’m talking about with that, but still. It helped, and I love the story. Also Argent. She’s pretty neato. And Ortega. And both of them. That scene with everyone angrily kissing everyone has it’s own corner in my brain.

Thank you @Pheo, for a story that made me feel emotions I thought long lost. The intensity of everything in your story is wonderful, even if the current demo ending leads me to anger, it’s an anger that makes me want to keep going, to keep seeing more. I can’t imagine how much it’ll be when done, as it’s so long and in-depth already and I think we’re barely into it.

Thank you @pimenita, for making one of my favorite stories on premise alone, and then having the gall to make it really good. Then you add Roach into it, and it’s just insulting. No cosmic-horror-made-flesh should be allowed to be that adorable. And I really love the unhealthy broken relationship can form with them, truly.

Thank you @Sel_Lee, for that twisted broken relationship I crave, for a protagonist that deeply speaks to my truest self and all of its ugliness, for not holding back in allowing your horror story to be taken as darkly romantic.

Thank your @Franzinyte, for all the work you’ve done making a story where I can live the childhood I never had, a story I’ve followed since 2015, and for showing what’s possible with the ChoiceScript language. You’ve truly pushed it beyond what it’s designed for, and all of that effort and love shows in every little detail. Get well soon :slight_smile:

There’s other authors that used to be here that I’d like to thank in this sort of fashion, but obviously they’re no longer here. Still, mental thank you to the various authors who’ve since left the forum/community for their own reasons.


I’d like to thank @YHGS War of 2022 is very good, but considering current events it probably won’t be easy to Google.

I’d also like to thank @hustlertwo He’s a good mentor.

Other ones are @122B who was good to talk to/bounce ideas off of,

and the people I’m working with @rinzygreye and @Gilbert_Gallo


Thank you to David Monster & @JimD for making a beautifully explicit gay sex game. While I didn’t care much for the wrestling part, the whole experience was hot af, the replayability insane and it allowed me to live out some fantasies other games tiptoe around, and that’s exactly what I bought it for. Realism be damned, the world needs more of this, and it definitely deserves more love!


Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

I agree!


Big thank you to @pimenita for creating a piece that I find myself consistently going back to. You’re a fantastic writer and I just find so much comfort in your work and especially in your characters. You’re a crazy dedicated writer and you better believe I’ll be coming back for the released version of the game!

A thanks to @Parivir because how could I ever forget the story that had me uncontrollably sobbing at 3am. This is a fantastic WIP that I don’t think I’ll ever forget because it is just jam packed so full of emotions. The characters are just inexplicably real and the writing is phenomenal.

I can’t forget @M.Zhou for the fantastic piece that God of the Red Mountain was. You’re busy with life at the moment but your piece holds a very special place in my heart as one of the very first WIPs on Dashingdon that I really got attached to! Your character creation is just amazing and I don’t even have words to explain how much I enjoy your writing. I didn’t know I needed this WIP until I had it.

@bumfuzzle Oh my god I shouldn’t love your WIP this much. I follow your Tumblr and just love reading about the characters and the story. I’m always excited for update. Matias could have my heart if he wanted it.

Also! A big shout-out to all of the fantastic writers who moved to Twine! I definitely could never forget works like Greenwarden by Fiddles and The Northern Passage.

Edit: I forgot to mention Nyehilism who created Project Hedea and Sentinel! Glad they found their preferred medium and switched over to Twine! Love their work with a passion.


I still do till this very day


Shout out to @Schliemannsghost for writing Relics, without it I would never have got into CoG and met some really nice people because of it. I wish you luck with working on Relics 3!


thank you to uh @Seraphinite for making the wayhaven books and i really like Ava ehehe


She is probably not on here anymore but I just want to express how talented of a writer @LacetheDisgrace is. It was a privilege to read your stories, thank you for sharing them with us