Ten years of Choice of Games: What are your favorites?

Oh wow. Ten years already!? How the time flies…I still remember discovering Choice of the Dragon back when I was in high school! Anyways, here are my top 10 CoG/Hosted, in no particular order:

  • Choice of Robots
  • Choice of Rebels
  • Choice of Romance
  • Choice of the Deathless
  • Sabres of Infinity
  • Crème de la Crème
  • A Study in Steampunk
  • Heart of the House
  • Fallen Hero: Retribution
  • Tin Star

My top CoG is probably Choice of Robots. It was one of the first games that felt ‘endless’ to me, because it felt like there were so many different ways to customize my robot and many different ways for the story to go. My favorite Hosted Game is Sabres of Infinity for its writing style, immersive world, and serious sense of consequence.


I only started reading cog late last year but I already have a few favourites. I tend to veer more towards stories with romance and mysteries.

  • the wayhaven chronicles
  • breach: the archangel job
  • sordwin, the second in the evertree Inn series (I liked evertree inn but preferred sordwin’s storyline)
  • fallen hero
  • choice of romance
  • guenevere (although the series seems to be on an infinite hiatus, which I understand bc life haha)
  • keeper of the sun and moon
  • sos: the mortal coil (a wip but extremely detailed and good and sm romance options)
  • rent a vice, even though it seems short imo
  • a pirates pleasure

I do need to read more, tally ho and a study in steam punk are on my list as well as some upcoming ones in 2020 :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t seen them mentioned here or on the poll, so I’d like to thank the writers of Sixth Grade Detective and Cannonfire Concerto. Orpheus Ruse also seems underrated.


Tin Star, Study in Steampunk, and The Evertree Saga are my favs of the decade that I’ve played countless times. I’d consider them a few of my favorite games of the decade just in general.

In terms of older games that I mostly don’t recall, I remember especially loving Affairs of the Court, Zombie Exodus, and Way Walkers.


Favorite games (in no order):
-Archangel job
-Great tournment 1&2 (the first COYA that i played and will always have a place on my top favorite)
-Heroe rise : The Prodigy
-Los heir Trilogy
-Keeper of the sun and moon
-Fallen Hero
-Zombie exodus & Safehaven
-Study in steampunk
-Lords of aswick


In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, Jason made a cool poll based on the responses here! I wonder which game will take top spot of the decade…? :eyes:


Aw, too late to suggest I, Cyborg? Definitely one of my favourites


My favourites, in no particular order…

  • Dragon Racer
  • Heroes of Myth
  • Evertree Inn/Sordwin
  • Mecha Ace
  • The Superatives: Aetherfall
  • Heroes Rise trilogy

With honourable mentions to Fool!, Heart of the House, Choice of Robots, and The Last Wizard. Here’s to lots more great games in 2020 :fireworks:


Favorite COG

  • The Last Monster Master (The first COG I played)
  • A Wise Use of Time
  • Ratings War
  • Heart of the House
  • The Hero Unmasked!
  • Deathless: The City’s Thirst
  • Diabolical
  • Heros Rise series
  • The Daring Mermaid Expedition
  • The Eagle’s Heir

Favorite Hosted Games

  • Double Cross
  • Breach: The Archangel Job
  • Community College Hero
  • Evertree Inn
  • Sordwin
  • Apex Patrol
  • Wayhaven Chronicles
  • The Last Wizard
  • Zombie Exodus

Jean just updated his Tumblr today, and Guenevere is still being worked on slowly! It may be a while before it’s updated, but it’s not abandoned! :slight_smile:


My favourite out of the past decade? Only one game comes to mind out of my library of games. Zombie Exodus Safe Haven, the one game I can always trust myself to go back to. Even if it’s awaiting its next chapter.


My list goes : (no order)
Good for role-playing :
Choice of Robot (introduced me into this community)
Tally Ho
Heart of The House
Evertree Inn/ Sordwin
Tin Star
Keeper of Sun and Moon
Heroes of Myth
Creme de la creme
Pon pa ra
Romance :
Creatures such as we
Breach: Archangel Job (should have been on the very good role-playing list but my, Gabriel is too good)


It’s pretty interesting in its own right I think but I’ve personally never been a fan of switching up the perspective the story is told from when not necessary as you don’t play as your character from the first game

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Tally ho is a fantastic example of romance and mystery both mixed with a little bit of action and a lot of comedy. It really is a great one :grin:


I have played nearly all the CoG and hosted games which is released. My favourites are:

  • Tin Star

  • Lord of Aswick (My First Game and I loved it)

  • Fog of War

  • Sabres of Infinity

  • The War for the West

  • Kepler’s Colony

  • Mecha Ace

  • Choice of the Star Captain

  • MetaHuman Inc (I would love to have more games to play like this. This was one of the amazing games I have played)

  • Stronghold: A Heroes Fate

Adding few more in the list:

  • Ironheart by @Wiwyums

  • Breach: The Archangel Job

  • Apex Patrol


My favorites are:

  • Samurai of Hyuga (all of them)
  • The Wayhaven Chronicles
  • Heroes Rise (also all of them)
  • Affairs of the court
  • The Courting of Miss Bennet
  • Fallen Hero Rebirth
  • Community College Hero: trial by fire

I obviously like superpowers, romance and character centric stories :sweat_smile:


Top 5 for me:

  1. Samurai of Hyuga series
  2. Waywalkers
  3. The Grim and I
  4. Heart of the House
  5. Heroes Rise

i really freakin liked tin star :bangbang: the customization blew my mind when i first read it. i also liked a wide use of time and Choice of Robots for sure


My top 10 would be:

  • A Midsummer Nights Choice
  • Choice of Rebels
  • Choice of Alexandria
  • Fallen Hero
  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • Evertree Saga
  • Creme de la Creme
  • So, You’re Possessed!
  • Keeper of the Sun and Moon
  • War of the West

And the special mention would go to Psy High bc that was the first CoG/HG I’ve ever read and started me off on the road of becoming a fan.


Choice of Rebels: A magisterial debut, this author has managed the rare feat of creating both a compelling dark fantasy novel and well-balanced game experience.

Choice of Magics: A gamebook with excellent replayability, creative endings, and a perfect balance of gravity and levity.

Pon Para: An action-packed heroic fantasy with a unique and well-made character customization system.

Tin Star: The stats system is by this point, dated and clunky. But that shouldn’t deter you from picking up this well-researched and eminently enjoyable Western.