Ten Million (WiP - Updated 11/18) Day 1 Complete

Have you ever wanted to be part of a reality TV show? Create alliances, win challenges, eliminate contestants, back stab friends, and even fall in love in, “Ten Million.”


	-Day 1 complete (Added Hero elimination/Villain Challenge)

	-Past sequence/ Questions 7 and 8

	-Added Mental Attributes (You & other contestants now have a talent…except Chuck)

	-Replaced J with…Jay

	-Added Pain Tolerance/ Gym Keys

	-Possible to win OR lose 1st challenge

	-Stamina effects challenge 1

	-Fixed coding problems

Author’s Note: I felt like my game wasn’t good enough and it was killing me why…but I finally figured it out. I was feeling that way because it wasn’t good enough. I realize now that I was way too excited to release it and I didn’t add much to the update, the game barely had any important choices! The positive responses had gotten me nervous about impressing everyone and I ended up trying too hard to release it in a certain amount of time. From now on, I’m going to work much harder with this game and release it on my own time. Starting on day 2, expect more choices and expect your stats to change the game a bit. I still have a long way to go, but I haven’t given up on Ten Million yet. I hope you won’t either.


Well that was fun. What kind of genre is the game?

I think you should add better character descriptions and more personal options,but other than that, good.


You might also want to mention you can only have one alliance, because I felt kinda guilty for teaming up with Miranda and then dashing her hopes without knowing.


I like this ^^
But i suppose you’re going to create more things about our background?

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That was interesting :slight_smile: But i’m curious, will we be able to define the stats on the background or it will increase with our decisions?

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@Xeno_King Thanks! And I haven’t decided yet, but I’ll make my mind up by next update.

@Tevin @derekmetaltron @Nael Adding those right now

@anon57826008 You’ll get options to higher your skills, but everything else is based on choices

wow… you catch my interest!! :grin:
there is no typo i noticed so far, but there is something at the contestant bio [spoiler]
Name: Kirk Sanchez (VILLAIN)

Gender: Male Age: 22 (i see the other contestant had their age profile below the gender, not at the same line :smirk:)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Bio: Evil mastermind. Will win the game by using others for his advantage.

and for my potential RO, its Max the blonde and Ryan the Host obviously XD (and Max already admit that he has no relationship with anyone at the moment :joy: so there i see the chance XD)

Good Luck with the game!! i’ll stick around :grin:

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“Irma.” Julie says instantly, her mind already made up. “Don’t get me wrong, she seems like a wonderful woman, but…in the end, she’s six years old.” Age regression?

I really liked what there is so far, Miranda is super sweet! It would be nice to have the orientations of the others listed as well since the show asked for them. I mean after all mine is listed in my bio, it’s only fair :slight_smile: Speaking of, is there a reason the show asked about that? Or was that just an easy way to get the variable set? I mean it’s not like I mind either way, as people around here may have noticed I’m not exactly coy about where I am on the spectrum :laughing:

@Curious_Boy how did you end up a villain? I mean I was going to pick hero no matter what, but it was my only option


no, there is no villain path atm XD that just a list of all contestant before we pick hero or villain. and its included all contestant.

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Oh! I didn’t read any of the boys :blush:

:sweat_smile: i read all the list just to notice that there is only 3 guys as the Hero and there is only one hot guy at that group :neutral_face:

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So this is basically Total Drama Island, but COG style.



I like this so far!:+1: its cool, i like the set up and stuff even though i think my mc going be you either hate him or love him because he is definitely going after Julie and Katie​:sweat_smile: And maybe my hero will be dipping in the villan pool too. ( mc so going get voted off​:joy:)


Well Katie’s whole not liking relationships/drama put me off her, I’m far too needy for someone like her, even if she does like girls :stuck_out_tongue:

@Curious_Boy Thanks for pointing that out! Fixing it while I add more to the bios. And I also noticed that I didn’t add too many male hero romantic options, but you’ll still get a chance to meet the male villains. Let’s just say…not all the attractive ones are as evil as they might seem.

@Lizzy Thanks for pointing out the typo, and I was planning on the characters to be the orientation the MC is, but that might change as I continue writing. Overall, the orientation question was for the variable set, but I can definitely think of a couple reasons why Ryan would like to know.


I can certainly accept that, just didn’t want to get to invested in Miranda just to have her say “Oh! I didn’t realize you felt…I’m sorry, but I’m straight…” :broken_heart:


:smiley: lol. well you could always romance Julie and if you want slide with katie​:wink:. That’s what im going to do​:joy:. Even though i doubt my alliance will like that and I’ll be in between their alliance. oh, heck im going for it, idk why i even acted like i wasnt.:laughing:

Julie has a boyfriend…and besides, orientation aside I want to be with Miranda most


This demo was lots of fun! Just a couple of notes:

  1. Does setting the player race really add anything to the story? As a mixed person, I found the choices very limiting. I know ChoiceScript doesn’t support a “choose all that apply” option, so it might be best just to omit it entirely, especially if it doesn’t change the way any of the characters treat you.

  2. It’s blond when referring to a guy, and blonde when referring to a girl, because it’s a loan word from French.

Other than that, this looks great! The game show politics seem really interesting, and I can’t wait to explore them more.

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