Temporal: A Work in Progress


I’m feeling rather confident from talking about my plot for Under Dog, something I came up with a week ago, so here’s something that’s been in development hell for a few months:

At the edge of time, past the Abyss, lies the Sandglass Outpost, a place nearly uneffected by the passage of time, and home to the Timekeepers.

'Keepers have the all-important mission to defend and repair the space-time continuum from their greatest adversaries: the Anomalies.

You are a newly ‘born’ timekeeper who is to fight alongside your fellow 'keeper.

Confused and possibly in over your head, the question stands:

“What will you do?”

Thank you for all the support towards Under Dog, I’m super happy for how many people seemed to like my conscept!

In other news:

-Play as male, female, or androgynous, straight, gay, bi, or asexual.

-Play as a picture-perfect angel, someone who was probably a hellspawn in their past life, or something in between.


This sounds like a really cool concept, since we’re repairing and defending the timeline will we be traveling to different eras or will the main problem take place in one era


It will most likely take place at the Outpost itself and in ‘reflections’ of various eras, since I’m really not prepared to dive headfirst into ‘real’ time travel and ‘butterfly effects’.


I love the idea, it sounds so awesome!!!


Have you heard of the Legends of Tomorrow? It’s a tv show with a similar concept, especially the second season.