Keeper (back burner project)


An idea I want to keep in mind but can’t focus on completely. Thing is I don’t want to let it wither while I work on My Imaginary… And the fundamental idea is half baked and needs a little structuring and building.

It’s a sci-fi story centered around a large sanctuary of sorts.

The keeper is somewhat foggy 9n the details. It can be one of several archetypes;
-a Darwynistic shape shifter. A super intelligent alpha predator.
-a cybernetic human the interfaces with drone technology to manage observe and defend the sanctuary and all the systems in place.
-a custodial android… very advanced and adaptable with a fully formed AI.

The sanctuary is also foggy. Could be and underground dome or entire planet or anything in between.

So if you guys want to help discuss this please do.
I won’t be moving on to it for a while but am happy to brainstorm and share this idea.

It’s a sci-fi type story


I’d like it to be an entire planet (sorta reminds me of halo 4.) Is our character the keeper and if so I’d make a pretty badass android.


Yep the main character gets to wild the awesome power of the keeper.

The android in particular would seem kinda knight - ish in appearance. Abilities dependant on the chassis it’s loaded into. Thinking a different body for different tasks.

Was also considering the keeper caring for a tribal society within its domain. Think galactic conservation and endangered species protection.


Or future galactic conquest maybe?


Some may try to pillage your planet for the rare things hidden away there. Hell even the Keeper itself could be one of the things hidden in the sanctuary. Dangerous and valuable stuff:)


Are we THE keeper or A keeper?


You are THE keeper.
I think the solitary nature of it would be more interesting.


What kind of sanctuary are we dealing with?

For some reason I keep thinking “artificial planetoid nature preserve”.


Perhaps a moon among an asteroid belt. Hard to get to.


perhaps I could employ ‘three’ types of Keepers in the over-all story, three story arcs.

The shapeshifter:
Called: P-0-SS aka the Amnyx

-a protean based shapeshifter

-consumes living tissue and immediately re-purposes all biological materials of said organism as a base genetic foundation.

-the Amnyx is a humanoid species, or ‘was’ a race of predators.

-can never become ‘smaller’ than it’s base humanoid shape but can restructure its entire form into any biological combination, aka it can take the shape of any ‘animal’ form but cannot ‘lose’ mass.

-in cases of larger shifts the Amnyx requires a ‘host’ creature or large source of ‘protean’.

-the Amnyx’s cells consume and replicate via an osmosis like processes, which envelops both host and Amnyx in black scar tissue… a large cocoon.

-with enough protean the Amnyx can shape and mold its body into any shape it wishes combining the genetics and bone structure of any creature it has consumed in the past.

-its limits are based entirely on the raw materials it consumes.

-can make minor alterations at any time, briefly modifying organs to make use of senses or abilities for a specific task ei) an acidic mucus gland, or heat sensing pits, larger ears, and many many more.

-the Amnyx cannot ‘copy’ creatures exactly, its own genetics interfering with the finer details like pigmentation or facial features.

So that’s our shapeshifter, I’ll be back later to describe the other two when I’ve time to put a little planning into them


Was thinking on the reason this planet oil needed guarding.

Then I came upon all the old myths about treasures and guardians and curses ect… Maybe a new twist on that could be fun. Call the planet Eden have a tribal species there whom has been hunted to extinction because their cells are highly adaptable and regenerative in nature.

Perhaps a biological keystone. Their DNA modified could heal fatal wounds and illness and re-write genetic disorders and even return lost limbs. But lastly reverse the effects of aging. A sort of fountain of youth. Makes for a precious prize.

Now imagine that species once being plentiful and the rich and powerful prospering until that resource runs dry. Dun DUN DUUUUUUNNNNNN! Drama :slight_smile: