Temp Station (WIP)

Temp station
This is a… temporary title (get it), but I really wanted to share this game with everyone during spooky October. I’ve been a long time lurker so I thought this was my time to contribute to the community with something. Have fun with the demo!

Summary: Waking up deep in the bowels of an underground station was bad enough. But there’s other things moving here, and you can only rely on yourself to escape. Temp Station wishes you luck.

Play as male, female, trans or non-binary; straight, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual (although sexuality and/or romance is irrevelant at this point).
Atmospheric exploration of the world.
Customization of the player character.
A “horror-free” mode when playing as a child.

Sitting around 40k (unless you get a badend) and 70k in total, this is a game that’s only beginning. Discover the circumstances behind your appearance in this strange place and find your way back. There’s only the intro currently uploaded, with the beginning area and Temp Station to explore. Much more is planned however, so sit tight. :slight_smile:

Take several breaks if you need it, and read the trigger warnings list underneath if you’re unsure about the content


**TW- spoilers**

Trigger warnings: Graphic imagery, cannibalism, violence, metaphoric comparisons to hooks, blood. If there is anything you think should be added, please say so.


like it!

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I like it. It’s a good mystery. I am however getting some errors such as when I try to escape the woman. It will load the next screen but I can’t go forward as there’s no next button or choices


Thank you!

Ah, I see what you mean! Thank you. Got the same error when playtesting. Forgot a “}” at that point. Should be fixed now. And that scene wasn’t supposed to show if you didn’t pick to play as a child, so that’s fixed now, too!

I probably have a few more bugs at the later point, but they should be mostly fine now.

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I got this error when leaving through the gate. It’s fun playing as a child so far though.


i love this!!! Cant wait for more

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Got the same one

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Thank you

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Thank you! Will try to add more areas soon.

Really shows that I shouldn’t fix things before going to bed, hm? But it’s fixed now. There was a blurb scene I removed and forgot to take away the goto that led to it.


Is it just me or it’s impossible to run into the woman anymore? The first time I waited on the train until the second or third station & ran into her but now it seems like not matter how long I wait on the train or when I get off I always end up being trapped. I love a good mystery but I don’t enjoy having a super hard time trying to progress the story. Also I would recommend adding a save system as while the story is fairly short right now depending on the length it might be a good idea to do and people might want to save before making choices especially when trying to figure out when they need to get off the train

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I love it, but I came to report a bug. when you choose “Innocent”, in the characteristic count it as "Akwkard.


Is meeting the woman only available if the MC is a child? Also I’m not coming across any more errors so that’s nice but still easily ending with the trapped ending rather than the play again screen & I’m not entirely sure how I’m getting it xd

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Sure, I’ll add that to the list. There isn’t much right now, but after the next segment is written, the save feature will be a priority.

Good catch! Didn’t even see that. It will be fixed in the next update, so bear with me :slight_smile:

Alright, slight spoiler here, but yes, the woman is rather taken by the idea of a child suffering and will rush out to save them. Sorry to say this, but she really doesn’t care for the rest of the age groups.

And if you want to clear this intro… Temp station is rather insidious. It will do anything to ensnare you and will try any trick in the book. Try to resist, try to escape, and no matter what you do, don’t stay at the station.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Ah. K. Thank you. This helped a lot. I finally managed to figure out what to do to get to the play again page. It was just a little tricky trying to figure out when to get off the train xd

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Are certain choices blocked off because they’re still in development or because it’s part of the game? Also, are there only three endings? Because I know there’s two from the achievements and I keep getting the same one (that I won’t spoil)

…There are people who think 40 years old is “elderly”? Elderly to me means 80+…

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