Teenaged Wasteland (Nuclear Apocalypse WIP)

Note: This is mostly a brain child I will still focus most of my attention on The Drifter
In the not so distant future: You are a senior in high school who recently moved to the rural Midwest a month ago. While at a party with fellow teens the world enters a nuclear war and it looks like ur stuck with these clashing personalities for the duration.
Social Groups/ Class
Rednecks, Athletes, Outcastes, Nerds, and Populars


Isn’t the title, the title of a song already?


Actually that surprisingly is not the songs title. It’s the nickname? That’s what my pop culture teacher says

Baba O’riley is the actual name of the song, it’s by The Who


Don’t cry don’t raise your eye it’s only teenage Wasteland!!!


Sounds cool, I’m interested.

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Thank you!!! This will be just a side project but I have developed some characters in the MCs group

“Teenaged Wasteland”.

I thought we were talking about an apocalyptic world, not college.

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I assume this has died?


Well yes and no. While I’m not working on it now since I’m busy with two other projects I plan on one day coming back to it

Nerds/Geeks: Nerds/Geeks are skilled in the use of technology, trivial knowledge, sciences, general intellect and references/witty humor that nobody else quite understands. However, they are athletically flawed, with little survival skills (Knowledge, perhaps, but not experience.) endurance and strength. They also tend to have low charisma and be not so popular…

Rednecks: For what they lack in intelligence, charisma and electronics knowledge, they make up with they’re great survival skills, spot-on firearms proficiency and driving/mechanics/crafting.

Jocks: Jocks are pretty dumb, but are the most athletic, fast and strong class, plus have slightly higher then average charisma.

Preps: Preps have superior charisma, can tarnish the reputation of nearly anyone they wish and pretty good academic skills (To balance out general uselessness.), though not even close to the level of Nerds/Geeks. Sadly, they don’t put make focus on much else (Athletic ability, survival skills, electronics, etc.)

Emo/Goth: Emos…well…there isn’t much I could think of other than enhanced empathy + possibly perception and/or intimidation…eheh…can’t thnk of anything.

Class President/Student Council President: They have the useful ability of being able to lead other students through nearly anything that comes they’re way (Or at least put in a good effort to do so.) and are brimming with just the right amount of authority to boss others around. They know CPR and get good grades in generally every subject too. Despite this, they don’t have the proper survival skills, they don’t… OK weaknesses were hard to come up with…so see the below.

Hall Monitor: They have the same leadership and managing skills as the above, plus have good grades and know CPR, but…they don’t have the proper survival skills, they have poor charisma, they have a hard time empathizing with others and they may or may not be hesitant to ‘break the rules’ and stress in anarchic situations even after the end of the world.

Just some ideas. A class system could also be based on clubs rather than cliques, or just throw away classes as a whole.


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