Tan Noz: The Shipwreckers (FULL DEMO) Updated Thursday, 7 november 2019

To you who despair, who wander in this life like a sad soul, beware of stormy nights! Beware of shipwreckers, these coastal scavengers who spy on you, mislead you and attract you to better carry you away into an abyss of oblivion. Don’t be fooled by their bad trick. Beware of their mocking laughter, stay home and pray!

Hi guys. Another wip of mine this one will be the second projects. I will work on both projects as much as i can. Enjoy!

What am i looking for?
  1. "Low-level"typos and continuity errors. A continuity error is when a character’s gender flips, or someone comes back from the dead, or you run into a plotline that just doesn’t make sense. For these low-level issues, screenshots are very helpful. If you see a problem, take a screenshot.

  2. “Mid-level” things like grammar, word choice, or the use of commas.

  3. “High level” things like plot, pacing, and characters. “Scene A didn’t work for me because x, y, and z,” is useful feedback. “B character was entirely unsympathetic, because u, w, and v,” is also useful feedback.


As of now, the demo consist of the prologue and part of the first chapter.
Word count: Around 22000 including codes

Update 2
Finished chapter and added the beginning of chapter 2.
Word count: Around 44000 words including codes

Update 3
Finished chapter 2 and added the beginning of chapter 3

Update 4
Full demo
Work count: Around 54k words including codes.


Thank you :relaxed:

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This was interesting! I enjoyed the interview section and how the player can explore the MC’s character through the answers they give. I also really liked the growing tension if the player decides to go closer to the house, and how you don’t explain right away what the MC said that made them visit Coatven in the first place.

I do think, though, that it seemed somewhat wordy. I noticed a lot of metaphors and descriptions – there was so much information that instead of helping the player picture the setting it does the opposite. It also felt a bit like our choices don’t matter – when they see the abandoned house, I thought a high intuition MC might react differently compared to a high physical MC but everything remained the same.

Finally, there’s this line at the start –
Thus, you have 11 points to distribute in the following characteristics (with a minimum allowed of 3).
but when I was putting points into the skills it didn’t stop me from putting one or two points into one skill and the rest into another.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what that mysterious light is! :relaxed:


Thank you :relaxed:

I see what you mean but don’t worry, the next update will clear that problem. But i intend to do just one skill check that of intuition i will try to find a way to do another skill check of physical. But you might miss the difference cause i coded it on a way that chance is a factor for failure or success. But still if you have 6 or + in intuition you are more likly to succeed than someone who have 4 or less intuition.
To give you a better undurstanding, the code is like that

        *rand int 1 6
        *if ((int = 1) and (intuition >= 7))
          *goto echec1
        *if (((int >= 2) and (int <= 6)) and (intuition >= 7))
          *goto reussite1
        *if (((intuition  = 5) or (intuition = 6)) and ((int >= 4) and (int<= 6)))
          *goto reussite1
        *if (((int >= 1) and (int <= 4)) and ((intuition = 5) or (intuition = 6)))
          *goto echec1
        *if ((intuition < 4) and ((int = 5) or (int = 6)))
          *goto reussite1
        *if ((intuition < 4) and ((int >= 1) and (int <= 4)))
          *goto echec1

I noticed that problem too. It resulted on a bad coding. I implemented another one that will do the trick just fine. You will see that in the next update that i plan to do soon.

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I was a bit confused on why I can’t put more points for the physical stats, I was only able to put 3 points in physical.


wasn’t sure if the sentence still continue if not, you forgot a period.

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Oops! It could be i accidentaly deleted the rest of the sentence XD.

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Hi guys. The demo is updated today 1st november 2019. Finished the first chapter and added the beginning of the second chapter. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Since i can’t edit the main post yet: The word count is now up to around 40,000 words

Have a good day. :relaxed:


Hi everyone. Another update.

Finished chapter 2 and added the beginning of chapter 3.

Hope you will like the new contents. And let me know your toughts about the game as it stand now. Have a good day! :relaxed:

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I can’t seem to be able to progress past the stat distribution. As I put my last points, the game always takes me back to the stat distribution

Hey there. The minimum allowed to each skill is 3. Maybe it’s because you left one skill inferior to 3. Is that so?

If it’s the case, the system will take you back to the distribution of skill whenever you don’t follow that rule. Sorry for that incovenience, i want to make sure that no one will go past that point with one skill inferior to 3.

Ah. That may be it. Thanks for the info.

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You welcome.

Yeah XD. A friend of mine is helping me with the writing and the coding. That’s why

Glad you liked it :relaxed:

if the minimum allowed in each stat is three, wouldn’t it be simpler to start off with three in each stat and then just allow us to allocate two to our chosen stat(s)? I dont really see the point of making the reader put them there.


Truth be said, i didn’t tought about it that way lol. Thank you, i will change it in the next update.

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I liked the skill checks you’ve implemented in the new chapters, and how the choice options are starting to add new information and branches to the story. I also enjoyed the wounds and death ending the player can get, as it shows the consequences of the MC’s actions and curiosity in this horror setting.

I agree with the others about the current skill distribution being confusing. I also noticed that when I got that death ending, it acts like the MC is a man no matter which gender you choose.

Looking forward to seeing who that figure is by the wash house! :relaxed:

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I forgot to code something XD Thanks

Hi everone. Another update and the last one till i finish the whole story. Yeah we have arrived at the end of the demo. Thanks to everyone who take the time to read this story, and those who will in the future. I know you are probably wondering how is it going so fast? lol.

Well, truth be said i had already writtten this story a long time ago on papers. So all i had to do was transform it into a decent IF. And i have a friend who is helping me with the coding and the writing (A big thank to You whenever you pass here :blue_heart:). I spend around 8 to 10 hours everyday writing and my friends, spend around 3 to 4 hours (He have other things to take care too.) Trust me it’s not so easy to write an if book. It can take months, even years but it all depend on the author and how much time he/she is willing to spend writing. An advice: Never ever ask an author when he/she is gonna release an update :joy:.

All this said, i hope you will like the new content. When i finish the whole story i will move to the beta testing phase. Have a good day to all of you :blue_heart:


Also, i will reread everything and correct spelling mistakes as much as i can, and reword sentences for a better flow. So don’t worry on that point.

Hi guys. So, i’m thinking of changing the title. Feel free to vote the one you like. The poll will be available till i finish the book. Have a good day!!

  • Keep the current title
  • New title: Ankou: The harbringer of death

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Hi everyone. I just closed the poll cause i finished the game today. So, i’m gonna change the title to Ankou: The harbringer of death. Thanks to everyone who voted.

@moderators If any of you see this, can you close this topic. Thanks