Talons Help With Games Store


Im starting this to help writers. Here is a list of what I help with.

Since I can not make my own game currently I have tons of time to help others
Just post what kind of help you want and give me some information and then we can start working. Currently 5 availible spots.


What kind of help with characters…?


Names,Personalities,Attributes. Generally everything.


Hmmmm can you help me build a personality for a character or two of mine…? Like pre-existing ones not creating an entirely new character.


Sure. Give me the gender name and age. Then we can get started


yo @Talon5505 I sent you the info can you tell me if you got it?


Got it. Any types of personalities you will reject? I also need to know her role.


Hmmmm Fighter, her weapons should give you a clue how she fights (Hook blades, and Katar) personalities I will reject? Tell me what you got first and we’ll go from there. PS pm me k? Btw she’s a romance option so plz take that Into acct.


Ey Guys if you guys need help Talons Da maaaaan seriously he did a wonderful job rating: 10/10