Tally Ho — Only a perfect servant can solve a perfect mess!



I love it! That is a very elegant servant.

If you want to talk in detail with spoilers, there’s a thread for that here called “Tally Ho Spoilers Discussion.”

And thank you so much for your supportive words. I’m just sitting down this morning to work on chapter two of Cakes and Ale and your post is going to fuel me with energy and good thoughts!


Can you tell us anything about the new game?


I can say this: Tally Ho is a game about balancing your own desires against the desires of those around you, and this game will be much the same. Whereas in Tally Ho, you are beholden really only to your employer, in this game you are beholden to your servant, your friends, and the club you become a member of.

I discover what my games are about as I write them, but I think I’ve discovered this so far: this game is going to be about finding and then wanting to preserve a place that completely accepts you and loves you for the person you are.


I hate Figs.

…that is all.


He’s not as bad as Fink-Nottle.


I love Figs and Fink-Nottle :pleading_face:

(The latter being a Wodehouse character.)


I’ve only seen the Jeeves and Wooster TV series but Fink-Nottle had the most odious combination of weakness and stubborness there; he might be more sympathetic in the books. Apart from Chuffy and Pinker quite a lot of Bertie’s friends were nothing but trouble.


I’m not sure who that is.

…but do I even wanna know if he’s worse than Figs?


Wow… could there be anyone worse than Figs ??


I really didn’t get the reason people hate Figs. Really, he is a gentle weirdo and seems to really love Mopsie. I felt a little bit sorry for him at some points.


I don’t mind Figs at all, he seems too dizzy to even realise what trouble he’s causing, and being devoted to one woman is a plus. Fink-Nottle was A LIBERTINE! who got entangled with various women, and didn’t seem to realise or care about Bertie’s consequent woes. Jeeves & Wooster and Tally Ho are so clearly playing for laughs I can’t even really hate Spode, the Oswald Mosley expy.


I know! Figs tries so hard… it’s not his fault he’s not very talented at anything… :disappointed_relieved:


I’ll admit that even I started liking Figs the more I played. He’s such a nice guy who
just wants to have a fun life with Mopsie. He also just happens to be really clumsy and bad with people and have a weird idea of art. I just thought of a sweet headcanon where Figs finally gets recognition for his work when he’s an old man.

Maybe the fact that Tally Ho is a comedy makes it impossible for me to dislike any character forever. I even like Inspector Ambrose’s over the top analyses.


He’s obnoxious, he has dunning kruger syndrome, he purposely gets in the way of MC so that they’ll help him with Mopsie and frequently gets MC in trouble.

Is he a bad person? No. Is he an annoying pest? You bet.


To be honest every character in game could be portrayed this way, except the syndrome perhaps. They all create troubles for MC.
At least Figs didn’t dump us, like Mopsie with the keys after robbery.