Tales of Aurora (WIP)

Hey, everyone! In an effort to take a small break from my main WIP, and because I was just in the mood, I decided I’d make a bit of an intro/prologue into a sci-fi adventure game I’ve been planning for a bit. The brief synopsis is:

Aurora station was a fairly peaceful installation, albeit dull. Despite being a new addition to the galactic frontier, the station quickly became an important trade route as well as the chance for people to have a fresh start, or explore the unknown.

However, an attack by an unknown force destroys the progress Aurora had made in an instant, nearly destroying the station and claiming many lives- you only barely managed to escape the chaos yourself.

Now, with this unknown force pressing further into civilized space, the entire galaxy may be in grave danger. Someone, somewhere has to do something to stand against the rising destruction and chaos…

It might as well be you, right?

The demo, as it stands, can be found here: https://dashingdon.com/go/2630

As a note, this entire demo was made in one night. I apologize in advance if it’s overly-short, and I apologize if it’s a bit of a mess; I intend on cleaning it up a bit, and probably adding a little bit more, when I can find the time.

Please, give me any feedback you may have!


Interesting start! While there is quite a few sci fi games and WIPs, I do feel yours has a fresh take on it! Focused on one station on the forefront of an encounter with an unknown force. I also like the multiple races! Looking forward to learning more about this!


I’m glad you liked it! I was admittedly a little worried that it wasn’t long enough to be worth anything.

To be fair, the entire story won’t be on the station. Though it’ll likely stay fairly local- maybe an outlying planet or two. I did want it to be an adventure, albeit a fairly localized one.


Oh, sci fi! :blush:

To echo Jees, interesting start, yes.

It was a bit difficult to pick a race, since you can’t put in too much information in a choice… A codex or something, where we can read about them? Just a thought, at any rate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Easy to read and no big hiccups that I saw, so please keep at it. :grin:


I’m intrigued~ could you explain more on the alien races? I just chose human cause I didn’t know much about the other races.


Yeah, I think I’ll try to explain them better when I go back to touch up the demo. I like @Taylor_Enean’s idea of adding a codex, so I’ll likely do that.


Seem interesting I’ll play demo soon

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Fascinating. Looking forward to seeing more!


Now all we need is a Human Terrorist organization,synthetics seeking to wiping out all life in the galaxy and some one man army


No, no, that would be silly. What we really need is a group of plucky, roguish outlaw-heroes that fight each other, then band together and have a dance-off to save the galaxy.


And the hive mind species who possibly are insectoids seeking to consume everything or assimilate it.


Since everyone is making connections to Mass Effect, I would enjoy an Asari type race. I would have played one if I had the chance in Mass Effect, but we never did outside of the multiplayer. Just like they never let Samara be a RO. She was my favorite.

Edit: The Kril are slightly of like them. Their connection to the cosmos is the only similarity I can find tho. I’m assuming this is kind of like biotics.


Essentially like biotics, yeah, that was the idea behind it.

As far as making an Asari race? Maybe… I will say that there are most certainly more species than the ones on the playable list. Whether or not I would add more playable species, though? Not sure, I don’t want the list to be too bloated.

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This wip is the start of something beautiful

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That was fun hope you keep on going

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Hey guys! I added in one of the main things I wanted to; there’s now a small blurb describing your character’s past based on their profession, and a follow-up question to help form their personality.

It’s only one extra page, but it was one of the main things I wanted to add. Once I have the chance, I’ll start work on that codex next.


Interesting. I get Guardians of the Galaxy vibe in this one. Hope to see more of this :smiley:


Guardians of the Galaxy? No, no, that’s… That’s silly…

Hides the script

Seriously though, I’m glad you think so! Guardians was actually my inspiration for making this, so I’m glad I’ve hit a right note somewhere. :grinning:


kinda has a star trek feel to it…with a bit of MOON Movie lol

So that is a : It’s GOOOOOOOOOOD ! me want Moar! :grin:


The codex has been added!

So far, the only thing in it is the listing of the species, but I do intend on adding in more whenever it becomes relevant to.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the entries so far! If something is still confusing, needs explanation, or just doesn’t make any sense, let me know and I’ll edit the Codex. The same goes for if you have any other specific questions you want answered- I’ll do my best to add the answers in!