Tale of Two Princes - Feudal Samurai Warfare - [26K WORDS] [UPDATED 01/29]

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After skulking the Choice of Games forums for years I’ve finally decided to post my own work on here.

Tale of Two Princes is a historical fiction about two twin heirs of the Amago clan during the Japanese “Sengoku Jidai” or “Warring States Period”.

In the full book you will be able to:

  • Customize your character and their personality

  • Play as your character as they grow up during the tumultuous Sengoku Period

  • Immerse yourself in the life of a Samurai

  • Develop your skills and person

  • Partake in massive battles

  • Grow your clan to prominence or watch it turn into dust

At the moment I have about 25 902 words written, code excluded. The demo contains the entire first and second chapter, and ends shortly after your 13th birthday in 1554.

I intend to update it with entire chapters, each chapter being roughly 10 - 20k words. My ambition is for a new chapter to drop every other week but I’m limited in my free time due to my military service which ends in June and so it might stretch to upwards of a month in between updates.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to @kckolbe who is contributing heavily to the mechanical side of the game.


  • Sentences that just sound wrong or weird - I’m not a native English speaker which means that I tend to splice sentences, among other things, just simply due to how my native language writes.

  • Tonal inconsistency - if a section gives you tonal whiplash, please tell me.

  • Spelling errors

  • Historical or cultural inaccuracy - while this book isn’t indending to be a one-to-one replica of sengoku-period life, if something is blatantly wrong or just feels strange I would like to know.

  • Plot content - Is there any context you feel you miss? Any characters which you would like more depth to before proceeding? It’s difficult as an author to keep track of what I’ve made explicitly clear and what I just know myself.

And that’s it, enjoy the demo!


After years of relative stability, the region of Chugoku reached a meltdown in the period between 1540 and 1570, seeing massive and ancient clans overthrown, subjugated, or eradicated.

This is when you are born, you are one of two twin sons of the leader of the Amago clan, considered to be one of the most powerful clans of the region. Can you maintain that power, though?

Surrounded by ambitious warlords, whose reputable skill and guile live on to this very day, it’s a race for survival to grow up and begin your conquest as your neighbours build up their militaries.

Your move.






29/01/2024 - Update 2 - 25 813 words

  • Expanded chapter 1
  • Added chapter 2

02/01/2024 - Update 1 - 9 946 words

  • Added chapter 1


Hailing from a lesser-known branch of the venerable Amago retainer clans, Tomoe was a prodigy in the arts of polearm combat from a tender age. Even as a child, her spirit could not be confined within the castle walls. Fueled by an insatiable thirst for mastery, she would often escape into the village under the cloak of dusk. There, she challenged budding warriors to duels with wooden sticks, turning innocent contests into fierce battles. Few could withstand her prowess; many left the duels bearing the scars of their encounter, while others were not fortunate enough to recount the tale.

Tomoe’s presence is as foreboding as a gathering storm. Her life, though brief in years, is densely woven with tales of conflict and strife. The battlefield is her domain, where her fierce demeanor and unmatched skill with the polearm command both respect and fear. Her name is whispered in reverence and trepidation, for it is known that to stand before Tomoe in battle is to dance with the specter of death itself.

Tomoe is an onna-bugeisha/onna-mushi, a warrior woman. A future scourge of the battlefield, you meet her rather early in her development as a warrior. She has an intence, menacing demeanor, even as a child. She will also be fully available as a platonic ally (or enemy…? :smiling_imp:)


Sounds interesting


I’m looking forward to more. Silly question I’ll admit is there romance in this at all? It seems like if there is it will not be very important.


Glad that you enjoyed it! And please, there are no silly questions.

It’s not something I thought a lot about when writing, the story I wanted to tell had a lot more to do with the overarching conflicts of the period

Romance is a tough nut for me to crack because if I were to include it I’d want it to feel plausible for the story and immersive for the time period, and frankly I don’t consider myself all that good at actually writing romance.

That said, it’s not out of the question, I just hadn’t thought a lot about it before you asked. If it’s something people would like to see then I’ll weave it into the story in a way that contributes to it.


I like this interesting game and I’m looking forward to the story ahead.


So this is male MC locked?


Really like it so far but it would be nice to be able to decide the relationship between yourself and your brother ( I know it’s the first update so you might already be planning that ) and I think that promise to explore the castle with your brother is gonna come up right before the civi war for who is going to inherit it or something like that so have you considered making that a choice for example

I promise (lie)
I promise
No stop believing story’s

Something like that


Will we be able to get boomsticks in the near future from the portuguese?


Awesome to hear!


Unfortunately, yes.

A big reason for that is just the fact that if I were to try and add a female route, either by going ahistorical or by trying to ground it in the world, it would feel really cheap to try and just slap it on with an extra character creation option; it’d have to be narratively involved that you’re a woman, and that can come with a LOT of branching, sometimes borderlining on an entire parallel story.

It essentially just comes down to either putting in a lot more effort or half-assing it, and between those I’d rather focus all my effort on the quality of the story I’m telling right now

Hope you’re still able to enjoy the story!


Thank you for the feedback! Reading it again, I totally see what you mean. It wasn’t my intention to rob the player of their own character and put words in their mouth, I just got too carried away with writing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give the player more options in that conversation!

A big point of the story is the dynamic between the two twins and so it would be remiss of me not to let you affect that more yourself.


Oh yes… hordes of cavalry will fall before the might of the gunpowder…

The adoption of the firearm was a big part of the Sengoku period, you can bet that we’ll be seeing teppo-tai and hojutsu.

You’re not gonna save the existence of your clan by refusing to change…


It’s pretty interesting, and the writing is solid too. I might not have guessed that you weren’t a native English speaker if you didn’t mention it.

It’s still too short for me to give any real feedback, but I’m keeping my eye on this WIP.


Oh dont you worry. It may not be for me but others will surely enjoy it. Enjoy writing and good luck!


First the first chapter is amazing second how does the wisdom and pysical stats work and thrid will we be able to grow stat as we continue


thank you so much, sorry that it wasn’t for you :heart: :heart:


Thank you for reading, warms my heart that you enjoyed it!

The wisdom and physical stats are basically your natural affinity for physical pursuits and intellectual pursuits whereas the skills like kenjutsu or strategy is when you’ve learned something specific. The idea, something that will be more relevant in future updates, is that your success in skill-checks is based on a combination of your natural talent and your trained skill. This means you could pass a skill check for spearfighting despite putting most of your time into swordfighting, simply because you got physical by training swordfighting.

And yes, you’ll be able to grow these stats as you continue, though the opportunities will decrease over time.

It’s important to note that right now, the numbers for stats aren’t as balanced as I want them to be. The idea in the future is that you’ll be able to train yourself to be good at several things, but great in fewer. Meaning you shouldn’t be able to be both a master swordsman and a master spearman and will instead have to choose where to specialize.

I hope that made things clearer!


yes it does ans will this be a series or just one book


also if you plan on specializing the sword duel could it transfer to another skill


So are we going to have to fight our brother for control of the clan or could we figure something out that doesn’t result in bloodshed?