Surviving Wonderland (WIP) (Prologue & Chapter 1)

The first reported case of the “Wonderland Vanishings” occurred in rural England in 1865. While playing in her backyard, 7-year old Alice Dodgson went missing and was never seen again, devastating locals and the greater Manchester area. Since Alice’s disappearance, countless adults and children living in the region have disappeared in like fashion: without warning, witness, or evidence of criminal conduct. And you are the latest victim.

Waking up inside Wonderland, you must explore the expansive domain and meet the curious inhabitants, all of whom are driven by their own motives, most being less than honorable. You must decide who to trust, who to work with, who to love (or not), and who to sabotage. After all, there are no rules in Wonderland—no rules worth following, at least.

Will you solve the mystery of the “Wonderland Vanishings” and find the rabbit hole back to the surface? Will you overthrow the Queen of Hearts, or will she sentence you to decapitation? Would you give up everything you once knew to be with your new lover and create a new life? If you play your cards right, you could even become the new tyrant of Wonderland. All of these are possibilities if you manage to keep your sanity in check.

Thank you for playing and providing feedback. I hope you enjoy.

- Marquis

(Demo Only)
Surviving Wonderland - WIP

Chapter One: 25,500 (as of 10.17.22)

Chapter Two: (in progress)

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Short Character Biographies, TBD

Temporary Cover Art
Surviving Wonderland - World Map


I loved this! The worldbuilding you’ve set up so far is great. I like how it’s present in the narrative – like the MC noticing the tattoo – but you allow the player to decide how and when they learn about this strange place. I enjoyed Marmalade’s dialogue, as her welcoming but bloodstained character is so interesting in a story set to be a thriller. It’s easy to be both distrusting of her, as she is among the highest class, while pitying her due to the Duchess’ abuse. I also liked how replayable even this one chapter was, and the way Cheshire was introduced.

My only complaint was the paragraph that starts with “Marmalade continues to be an anomaly.” If the player chooses the tattoo question first and then gets to that page, the MC hasn’t interacted with Marmalade enough yet to state that sometimes she’s confusing while other times she is rational.

Also, attempting to view the map causes infinite loading.

Looking forward to chapter two! :relaxed:


Just found this bug



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Looks interesting.Good luck on this project man

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Thank you for your encouraging feedback! I’ve adjusted the anomaly comment, too. Thanks for the heads up!

Fixed! Thank you.

Fixed! Thank you.


Hey, another story that focuses on the more disturbing/eldritch side of Wonderland, just like mine! Though it does seem that we are taking it in dramatically different directions. Best of luck to you!


I love that! I’ll make sure to check yours out!

I love the phrase Wonderland vanishings. Really adds horror to it


Adore the writing! Feels like it’s really matched the feeling you’d expect of Alice in Wonderland style writing and it’s a really fun twist on an old narrative with it being the Wonderland vanishings.

Curious about the Manchester thing though? Is it a more rural place in England in this world


this looks interesting

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Thank you for your kind words! The PC lives in the major city of Manchester but was visiting their father and childhood home located in rural England, which is where the PC enters Wonderland.

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I am so excited for this! I love reading most dark retellings or classical Disney, Alice in wonderland, Peter Pan, ect. I’m actually reading an Alice retelling. But I can’t believe someone is doing a Alice in wonderland themed game with gore! It reminds me of the game Alice they made a while back. (Alice: Return to Madness, I think.) I had a kind of idea of a Wonderland gore/horror game i would do, but i don’t understand how to make games like these so seeing this is like the world telling me “There are others like you”. Which is refreshing. Can’t wait till chapter two!


I am someone who ADORES the American McGee’s Wonderland games, it’s really close to my heart, but I’m not here to talk about those, I’m here to talk about this — and wow this captured me already! I’m already attached to the version of myself in this story, cause I tend to self-insert hah. I’m very attached to it because you’re great at making it very easy to feel included into the world for me~

This gives my Wonderland loving heart light up :triumph:

Also, I really adore the mirror scene, despite it being short. I just really like the concept of mirror/mirror shards/glass shards reflecting memories.

Welp I will await the next chapter, ready to survive Wonderland!!

Well, read to try.

Just make sure to have fun with writing dear author~

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I just saw this and i must say i love the idea and premise of the story. Amazing title too.

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