Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Dear Lord, you went full robo didn’t you? I confess I have been trying to not go overboard with that kind of chatter at the moment for fear of driving the reader away. (Treating the AI like a virtual “assistant” like Jarvis or Gideon from Legends of Tomorrow.) So far nobody has commented on it until what you just did.


Dates AI. Flirts with Lynx. X. Robot apocalypse confirmed.


Went at it From a Military AI Standpoint.
it weighs actions to the objective and the user safety and advises through probibilities
if both you and the objective is at risk and there is a alternative that is safer the alternative is suggested.
if the risk to the objective and person is minimal (below a Certain percentage) it will not Comment unless requested

was my suggestion for a little to no humanity ai


Out of curiosity, have you played any game from the Command and Conquer series?


Is that Doctor Who I see? TARDIS CONFIRMED


Dun Dun Dunnnnnn

Ill just edit that…

yes, yes i have
and most of the dune games


My condolences on C&C 4, you can join my support group if you wish. Alright so I think of continually low-humanity AI will probably end up like CABAL. CABAL didn’t utilize overly technical language 24/7 but did “predict” GDI’s movements and such. Otherwise he just spoke with a great deal of maliciousness (and went rogue, deciding to kill everyone).

The concept of Legion might make an appearance in the game somehow, if I can work it in seamlessly.


CABAL…okkaaaayyy Full overlord mode.
yea he had the same thought processes just didn’t give probabilities just suggestions and descent into madness


Well at best you can have EVA. Pure analysis without the psychosis but without any shown humanity. If this is the eventual destination, I think the best way to track it would be AI humanity plus your own.


Well you are the influence on your AI
So its Gradual Humanity plus your actions to increase or decrease it over time makes sense


Though now that I’m thinking of it, @augustus27 and CABAL would be best friends.


Who or what is CABAL?


Evil AI that seeks to eradicate humans and rule the world with its units.


Oh cool, yeah I would be friends with it (then betray it)


If he doesn’t betray you first. :wink:


Details, details
20 characters


That sounds great, kinda give me a Mass Effect vibe.


Less Reapers, more Skynet and you’ll have the right idea. I don’t picture this “worst case scenario” happening in this book unless you intentionally pursue it. It will be considered a bad end that will NOT carry over into the future.


It might detect your stress levels and such and realize the deception
I’m sorry Dave…


does that mean your planning on making a second book?


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