Submitting to Hosted Games

Hi All,

It won’t be long until I submit my project to HG. Just got to tie a few things up with the title font for the promo splash images.

My game is relatively large. It contains many in-game images due to a shifting map mechanic.

My question is, can I submit my game via email but give HG a OneDrive link, to the entire project and bypass the limits to email size?

This link would include all the text and art assets for release too.

Thanks for any help and info!


It’s probably best to email Hosted Games to double-check directly.


Ok. Thanks!

EDIT: Um- would this be the right email for general queries?

I can’t find a general one. Or I have a hopelessly low Perception %.


You should be able to use, since your project is done and you have an intent to submit it. Just tell them that you’ve a finished project, give a description and say that you’d like to discuss options to send the files.


Thank you. I will do just that.


Good luck mate, hope it does well!


Thanks mate. Few loose ends to tie up and I will wait for a response to my query email. Hope I don’t have to wait too long! Then, it seems like I am finally ready to go through the HG publishing process.

Thanks, Basketball, for your support and positive comments throughout. Hope your project is ticking along nicely!


Looking forward to welcoming you into our ranks soon. Albeit likely not too soon given your word count;‘might take them a bit to check through it all.


Thanks, Hustler,

I am excited about joining the ranks! An old game, called Alter Ego (just recently found out the title) and the ideas behind games like The Parenting Simulator fascinated me and formed the basis of making a ‘life simulator’ style game where your MC ages.

I’m just waiting for HG to reply to my submission query before I finally submit my game. I worry a bit as I have never got a reply from using the submission e-mail, with queries, before. I know the folks must be very busy.

Thank you for the welcome into the shrouded Illuminati!


In all seriousness, I’d shrink the size of your files if you can. If they’re that large you’re going to get a tonne of complaints about the download size on people’s phones and the amount of data it’s eaten through to download most likely otherwise. (Another game had large image files in it previously and there were unhappy campers.) How big are we talking? (Or are they small files but just huge numbers of images?)


I love where you took that inspiration, and I’m glad Parenting was a small part of it. As for the email, I’d give them a few days before you worry too much. They don’t typically respond right away.


Is there a demo?

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Yes, it’s here:


Hi Jacic,

The images are not large individually, there are just a load of them (mostly for the map section). I reduced the sizes previously, though to do it too much, for the maps, risks them becoming a bit garbeled.

I will make a note of this as something to consider. Thanks for the fair warning.

EDIT: At present, the game is 374MB. (Mostly map images)

Oh wow! That’s huge for a CSG. I get it’s probably impossible to shrink them any more then, but it may be worth having a warning somewhere? (not quite sure where in the description, would have to be before you open the game) about the large file size as it will probably upset people and lead to negative reviews if they’re expecting a tiny download on their data and it’s that large.

Edit: For reference, I just checked and the game that had people getting upset about the images on the game size last time was about 94mb.

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That’s going to be bad. They might ask you to change them in jpg for less space.


I can batch-convert the map files and this might help. Some of the other images, character drawings in a simple style using few colours with transparent backgrounds, don’t always come up as smaller when converted to jpgs.

Ok, I have a little job on my hands. Thanks for letting me know.

Afterwards, I think it will be a good idea to note the game size in the description and be upfront about it.

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You could use limited-palette gif for those perhaps? If they truly have only a few colours.

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Hi LiliArch,

When I say few, I mean each I only use the base colour and a dark and light version of each main colour block, ad usually a very dark version for outlines. This means up to a dozen colours, more or less.

My knowledge is very limited in the graphics department. I use aseprite- love pixels! But not sure how to turn them into limited gifs.

EDIT: I have found a png-jpg converter which allows me to fiddle with the quality of the image which can cut down the size quite a bit. Will try this.

Yes, you’re definitely going to need to convert to jpg.

Also, look at the dimensions. Only so big of an image can show on phones.

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