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I’m not sure if this is right category to ask this but here I go. So I have some questions about publishing games specifically under the Hosted games.

  1. I know the word count includes code but is just the main game chapters or does it also include the startup and stats file?
  2. For the images what programmes do you use to create the images?
  3. For beta testing how long do you wait before making changes (for instance do you wait for a chosen date and to see what people think or do you do it as the ideas come in) I hope that makes sense?
  4. Again for beta testing after making any changes do you have to beta test it again or do I only have to do it once?

I hope these questions make sense and thanks.

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let’s see:

  1. all code iirc. so stat files, etc
  2. How to make quick and easy chapter headers here’s a thread on chapter headers, but you can use each graphic prog that can save in png etc. jut make sure the dimensions are okay.
  3. Most HG game have their WiP threads here on the forum to get input while th game is built up. With the beta of a finished game I think many people gather a small group of trusted testers in a PM thread or on discord (etc) and change things once the feedback came in.
  4. If it is bigger changes, I’d say yes. this includes overhauling the stats, adding/removing options, or adding/removing scenes.
    I don’t know how it is if you want to add something post-submission/while it’s in queue. @Mary_Duffy any input on that?

I mean, you should submit your game for publication when it’s complete. After you’ve conducted a beta. At some point during your beta you’ll feel you’ve done enough, presumably. But frankly, I am not in any way, shape, or form involved in publishing Hosted Games.


Thanks for the info but a couple of other questions that I’m unsure if they’ve been asked.

  1. How do you set up a beta-test? I know I can post the files on dashingdon but where would I put the link or how to do it so I can get testers?
  2. How often would I get paid (I know it’s when someone buys the game) but depending on how often that is would it be daily, weekly, monthly etc?

Thanks for the help

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You would create a post in this forum. You’d title it something like “NAME OF GAME - WIP - BETA TEST THREAD.”

Royalties are paid monthly.


Ok great thanks

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